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Every year millions of vacuum cleaners are sold in the United States, but due to various reasons, such as, the complexity (electronics, motors & plastics) of these machines and the lack of recycling options, the vacuum cleaners end up in landfills. We at GoVacuum find this very unfortunate.

GoVacuum has launched Vac-Recycle.com. After your vacuum becomes old or broken beyond repair, we want to offer consumers a green alternative by providing the option to send us the vacuum - usable or not - and we will, in exchange, give a store credit to be used on our GoVacuum.com website.

If the vacuum is usable or fixable, GoVacuum will sanitize, service, and repair the vacuum cleaner to be re-sold on our outlet website, GoVacuumOutlet.com or one of our other marketplaces. If the vacuum is too costly to repair, we will transfer the machine to our recycling partner, Forever Green Recycling, where the vacuum will be disassembled and *fully recycled as they have a 99% no landfill policy. For every machine donated, we will also have a tree planted in the endangered Atlantic Forest of Brazil in your name.

*Certain parts that are non-recyclable (old filters, wooden roller brushes, nylon brush strips, etc.) will be disposed of by Forever Green Recycling or their affiliate partners at their discretion.

The store credit issued can be used to purchase any item on our GoVacuum.com website; from a new vacuum and/or accessories, to steamers, air purifiers, and more!!

How much is your old vacuum worth? Click here to find out.

Go Green. Go Clean. GoVacuum.

If a store credit is not desired but you still have an interest in reducing your carbon footprint, please feel free to send us your machine and GoVacuum will ensure proper recycling.