Recognized for excellence in vacuums by Amazon

We’ve Been Recognized!

We know it’s not nice to brag, but we recently got some exciting news that we
simply have to share with our blog readers.

Our Amazon Marketplace store was recently honored by Amazon for being one of the top sellers during the 2012 Holiday Season. This means we were not only tops on Amazon vacuum sales, but we also were among the top 25 percent of all sellers on Amazon in terms of sales volume. In addition, we also received an A+ rating on our customer feedback posted from those who bought our vacuums on Amazon during November and December 2012.

Amazon vacuum cleaner sales award
You may find it surprising that Amazon vacuum sales are high around Christmastime, as a new vacuum may not seem like a popular gift, but we’ve found
that sales of vacuums on Amazon and increase each year when people start Christmas shopping. This is not only because of gift-giving, but also
because many people decide to upgrade their vacuums to get their house squeaky clean before decorating. We also sell a lot of vacuum accessories and vacuum bags
on Amazon once Thanksgiving rolls around.

So what exactly made up our stellar sales of vacuums on Amazon? A lot of things, but our ZVac HEPA filters on Amazon sell particularly well. ZVac is our own brand
of generic HEPA filters, which are available for much less than many conventional brands. Our filters meet all OEM specifications and work with models from some of
the biggest manufacturers, including Hoover, Dirt Devil and Kenmore. We also have plans to start selling ZVac vacuum bags on Amazon and on in the
near future.

We’re very proud of our Amazon sales results and are hoping to have another strong year on our Marketplace store and our e-commerce store. We couldn’t have done so well without the help of our customers, particularly the readers of our blog who tell their friends and family about our Amazon sales on vacuums and our
great customer service. So from all of us here at to you, thank you for your support and for your business!

Vacuums: Not just for cleaning anymore

Think the sole use for your vacuum is cleaning floors? Think again.

A Green Bay, Wisconsin mother learned that lesson this Christmas when her children gave her a vacuum cleaner as a gift. Upon opening the box she was surprised to find over four pounds of crystal methamphetamine and cocaine valued at over $280,000. Police say that the drugs were probably put in the box by smugglers before it was shipped from Juarez, Mexico.

(Read the full story in the Green Bay Press Gazette here:

There are two lessons to keep in mind from this story. First, vacuum cleaners make great gifts! They may not be at the top of everyone’s wish list, but they are necessary for keeping a clean home and are always useful. If you’re shopping for a gift for newlyweds, new parents, or someone who’s just moved residences, they are likely in need of a vacuum. These Wisconsin kids were clearly on to something when they chose this gift for their mom.

Second, and more importantly, this story reminds us that there are many uses for a vacuum aside from cleaning. So dust off that old Hoover and get ready to put it to a new use!

Lull a baby to sleep

In the womb, a baby becomes comfortable with a lot of different sounds. Infants often need white noise in order to recreate that sense of security when falling asleep. The sound of a vacuum cleaner creates the perfect womb-like environment.

Stop a bug infestation

Got a fruit fly problem in your kitchen? One of the quickest ways to stop the rapidly multiplying invaders is to suck them up with your vacuum cleaner. The hose attachment will help you get them in all those hard-to-reach places!

Retrieve lost jewelry

Have you lost jewelry or other small items behind the radiator or under the couch? Consider using your vacuum to suck it out from wherever it’s stuck! Don’t forget to replace your bag with a clean one first so you’re not digging through piles of dust for your earring…

Manipulate your cat

Yes, it’s sad when terrified cats run for their lives upon hearing the vacuum. But if you need to prevent your cat from going into a certain area – perhaps you just painted your living room walls and don’t want them to rub up on the wet paint – it will do the trick every time!

And finally, just for fun…

Rob a bank

Thieves in France known as the “Vacuum Burglars” have used a powerful vacuum cleaner to steal money from 15 supermarkets over the past 4 years. The gang has stolen over 500,000 Euros by drilling a hole in the pneumatic tube that siphons money to the safe, then sucking out the rolls of cash with a vacuum. Creative, but we don’t condone this use!