Soul Searching Sabbatical… & A Hockey Game!

I’m back! Did you miss me or even notice I was gone? I’m sure you did as the last blog entry was for Mikes Birthday almost two weeks ago. The day after Mikes Birthday, I informed the big boss man I was having trouble coming up with blog ideas. It’s not hard to talk about how we sell discounted Eureka vacuum parts, but after a while the original blog ideas can be hard to find.

I asked him if I could travel the country doing “research & development” on my motorcycle. His reply, “go find inspiration Justin”, that was all the answer I needed. I kick started my 1970′s Honda CBR 750, filled the mp3 player with classic rock and I hit the road.

After about a week of research & development, he summoned me back to his office, but I was 4 days away from our vacuum store in Northern Virginia. Thus, I got back Friday evening. He asked if I found inspiration for the blog. I explained how my mind was still on the road and I can’t answer that until I returned to my office, in my three hammocks on Monday.

He said not to worry, as he had inspiration in his hands. He then gave me Washington Capitals tickets for myself and our webmaster. Whoa! Who does he think he is? I just worked for 10 days straight! Now, he wanted me working on a Saturday night? Yet, since I’m a team player and obviously a hard worker, I kept mum and agreed to go.

It turns out I had a blast! It was the opening game of the season and went into overtime, but the Caps pulled out the win! Plus, I even got to mingle with Elliot Segal, morning show host of The Elliot In The Morning Radio Show, Washington DC’s most popular morning radio show and as a listener of over 10 years, it was a true honor to meet him.

Yes, the caps game was the inspiration I needed for the blog. Now the creative juices are flowing and I still have a job as the GoVacuum blogger. If you don’t see a blog entry for a few days, don’t worry… I’m just in need of a few days off from working so hard. ;)

Do you have an inspirational story for the hardest working man in the vacuum business? Email it to me: