Buried Alive?!? An upright and canister vacuum tag team has a solution.

For consumers overcome with pet hair and / or tasmanian messes, one company has found a way for you to dig your way out.


GoVacuum.com has devised a plan to tackle the pet hair and kid’s messes without having to hire a commercial contracter from the HGTV!



Presenting the Miele S2181 Titan Canister Vacuum and the Miele S194 Quickstep Vacuum!!!!!!!!!!

This Heavyweight Tag Team, Miele S2181 Titan and S194 Quickstep, could really use the same motto as Brett Hart, famous pro wrestler, when he was in the infamous Hart Foundation.

This is the “best there is, best there was, and the best there ever will be!”

Now I know what you’re thinking, “wow Mike, do you hype much?”

Well yes, but only for the items I think deserve it, like cheese fries, homemade apple pies, sweet potato fries, and now this ultimate creation of vacuum awesomeness!

The Miele S2181 Titan Canister Vacuum features a 1200 watt motor, HEPA filtration, and a SEB217 power nozzle for all medium to low pile carpet vacuuming.

The S2181 is designed to be a lightweight, versatile powerhouse, so the consumer can obliterate pet hair and dander no matter what domesticated or wild (your choice, I do not judge) animals you might have living with you, especially with the bonus STB 101 Handheld turbo tool that we have included!

I know that info just blew your mind but you’re going to have to pull yourself together!!! THERE’S MORE!!!!!!

I know, if you’re like me, sometimes you just don’t feel like getting up off the couch to get that remote left by the TV.

Well that also applies to when the tasmanian devils (children) make a small mess and you just don’t feel like getting the main upright or canister vacuum out to clean it up.

First, the main upright or canister vacuum is all the way down in the other closet that you just don’t feel like walking to. Second, you then have to get everything out and attach the right attachments to clean up the said mess, which also depends on which type of floor the mess is on.

I’m just hypothetically talking about the mess and I am feeling the angst!

That leads me to the Miele S194 Quickstep.

The Miele S194 is a powerful, versatile broom vacuum that can perform like an upright vacuum, especially with the SEB 236 powernozzle that comes with it, which can also be disassembled into a handheld canister vacuum.

The S194 is slim and very lightweight. This makes it easy to inconspicuously keep just off to the side of the kitchen or kid’s playroom and grab at a moment’s notice.


Now don’t hurt yourself running to tell your friends and family about this amazing combination of tag team vacuuming excellence, combining the best of the upright and canister worlds!



Feel free to send all of your “thank you” emails to michaelodell@govacuum.com




Quality ZVac! No its not a German guy saying “the vac.”

GoVacuum.com is launching its own brand, ZVac!

These are not just your everyday vacuum bags and filters either!  GoVacuum has designed and engineered the ZVac products to be mostly biodegradable and recyclable, made with earth-friendly materials to have the least amount of negative impact on the environment.

ZVac Discount Vacuum Cleaner Filters

Now I know what you’re thinking,

“Is GoVacuum trying to single handedly stop global warming?”

That’s so kind of you by the way, but no.

We do want to do our part though to help reduce, not just other people’s carbon footprint with our Vac-Recycle.com program, but reduce our own footprint by creating our own brand of vacuum bags and filters.

We didn’t stop there!!

ZVac having a tree planted for every 500 filters and bags manufactured

For every 500 vacuum bags and filters manufactured, we had a tree planted in the endangered Atlantic Forest of Brazil, and will continue to do so.

[wait for applause to end]

I know this is impressive and most of you reading this are singing GoVacuum’s praises, but some might be saying, “biodegradable, earth-friendly, the quality must be crap.”

We assure you, far from it!  We painstakingly and rigorously ensured that each bag and filter is manufactured to the exact OEM specifications of quality, size, and installation.


The ZVac brand of high quality and earth friendly products are a fraction of OEM and other popular Generic Companies retail prices.

So let me break this down for you because I’m sure I’m reaching the 96 second (on average) attention span for blog reading, or in case you skipped to the end:

ZVac brand, high quality, perfect fitting, earth-friendly, bags and filters at cheaper prices than anyone else, period!


Have a question about ZVac filters? Email me at michaelodell@govacuum.com

The World’s Most Expensive Vacuum Is Trendy, But Are We Serious?

With the GoVacuum GV62711 hitting the web yesterday our phone lines have been ringing off the hook and our website has been getting a lot of traffic.

Other websites have the Govacuum GV62711 trending and buzzing such as TrendHunter.com, LuxuryLaunches.com, Cnet.com , BornRich.com, LaTimes.com, Tecca.com and many other’s, but I lost track. Anyhow, the $1,000,000 question on everyone’s mind is “are you serious”? Does the vacuum cleaner industry suck? Yes, to both!

Why is it so hard to believe there’s a vacuum cleaner plated in 24k gold and cost $1.00 under $1,000,000.00? A painting by an artist can cost $50M or $100M, and it just hangs on your wall. This vacuum is a work of art that will actually clean your home and do an amazing job at it. It’s the only vacuum, that I know of, that’s capable of being custom made and fully tailored to a Billionaires needs. Couple that with the custom features, such as, lazer engraving and a 10amp motor, and then maybe you’ll understand why it happens to be, the world’s most expensive vacuum cleaner!

Just to be clear. No, it’s not worth it’s weight in gold. No, we are not lowering the price: $999,999.00 is the cost.

The point is, when you can, you CAN! I “could” get a real job and not sit at home blogging, but I choose to blog while in my tighty whities… because I can!

So, with that mindset, to the Billionaire’s who simpily can… meet the capitalist vacuum blogger/slacker who simpiliy, can!

You’ve heard it before… Yes, we can! Yes, We can!

Well at GoVacuum.com with the world’s most expensive vacuum- Yes, we can and yes, we are!

Yes, we are the lowest priced online vacuum retailer. Yes, we sell all other products like vacuum belts, vacuum bags and vacuums cleaners at huge discounts for way less then any other websites!

We’re a small business that’s growing. Selling 100 of these would allow us to grow even more, boosting our economy and helping America! For was it not a great man whom once said, ask not what your country can do for you, but what you can do for your country?! So remember when you vote this November, vote GoVacuum.com as your official discount vacuum website- Whoa!

I just had an epiphany! I should be a politician! Okay… I got to go, but yeah- about the GoVacuum GV62711 we are 100% serious it’s a real product and we are really selling it (so real as in fact, the application to the book of world record’s has been submitted!) for just under one Million dollars, so Billionaire’s of America, buy one and help this great country of ours!

A Million Dollar Idea!? The Story Of The $1,000,000 Gold Vacuum

I’m going to start by stating the obvious, I’m not a smart man. Spend 3-2 minutes talking to me and you’ll realize this (or just wead this blog), but every so often I get hit in the head and a decent idea pops out. So with that intro, let me tell you about the Million dollar idea I recently had…

It was the wee hours of the morning. I was having the time of my life at a Washington, D.C. night club dancing with four very beautiful ladies and then, sadly, the dream ended. I woke up and realized it was 1:11am in the morning and I had to use the bathroom. As I turned on the lights, my eyes strained. All I could see was golden color lights for the first few seconds; so I quickly shut them off and took care of business. At that moment, it struck me like a freight train! GOLDEN VACUUM!

I rushed to turn the lights on! This time my eyes were fine. I washed my hands, splashed some water on my face, and went to flush the toilet. As I looked down to confirm I didn’t leave a puddle for the roommates, I saw a sign! The water in the toilet bowl was golden too (okay, it could just be I had started taking new multivitamins, but at the time I took it as a sign)! EUREKA! I’m a genius, which I announced to the whole house (although they felt otherwise at that moment)!

I booted up my laptop and got to work on the world’s first and only… Golden Vacuum Cleaner!

I help play my part at the leading internet retailer of vacuums, vacuum parts, air purifiers, and commercial cleaning products GoVacuum.com. So much so, creating something like this, unlike anything before, would require a lot of work, research, and development. After all, creating something for the person that literally has everything is no easy feat.

Fast forward about six months later. I have negotiated one of the world’s top gold plating companies in Kensington, Maryland, to handle the 24k gold plating. I had a top artist write a very catchy theme song for the golden tanned vacuum and I even lined up for engraving to be done if desired by the purchaser. Yes, you heard correct- The Gold GoVacuum GV62711 has its very own theme song (it’s a Million dollar vacuum, what else do you expect?)!

Not only does it have a theme song, but it has it’s own rap song (once again… why not?)!

Understand, it takes a special kind of company to employ me. Fact of the matter is, the last time I walked in the GoVacuum office, was over six months ago (but it was an epic blog post . So that, coupled with this golden idea, made me assume it was fine to take a little break from work and still be able to just waltz back into the office last week, like nothing had ever happened and just start working again. Now that I’m back with all my “R&D” done, the time has come to unveil to the world one of the most mundane, utilitarian objects that I’ve transformed into one of the most exclusive items for sale on Earth.

I’m talking about the world’s most expensive vacuum cleaner, the 24k gold plated vacuum (yes, 24k gold plated) cleaner.

Does the gold serve any purpose here? Not even remotely, unless you count looking absolutely awesome as a purpose (I kind of do). This limited edition, one of a kind product is the ultimate in luxury. After all, the definition of luxury is, “purchasing something ridiculously extravagant just ‘cause”.

Gold Vacuum Govacuum GV62711 60893974724 $1,000,000 million dollar vac

Now, unlike other companies that would expect a gold plated vacuum to only sit there and look pretty, I know that having a stunning yet still functional vacuum is key. This beauty is a commercial grade upright vacuum with a HEPA type paper bag system, to protect those delicate sinuses of yours. A 14” wide cleaning nozzle, which can help thoroughly vacuum the carpet in no time. Also, just in case you decide to give it a whirl, it only weighs a little over 15 pounds. This means you won’t be so tired after doing a quick cleaning between your maids schedules.

As most Billionaires will only buy something that’s custom and exclusive, we’ve made this a limited production vacuum cleaner. GoVacuum will limit production to only 100. Period. Nothing like this will ever be made again (because really, thousands of gold plated vacuum would be… excessive). Custom made, you can also have your gold plated vacuum cleaner engraved at no extra cost, and with optional attachments you can easily clean your 30-foot ceilings with ease.

Brand GoVacuum – Model Number GV62711 – UPC 60893974724

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Earlex RayCop Mattress Vacuum Cleaner

By Michele Kadison

I’ve been doing some research on dust mites after my cousin came down with serious allergies apparently due to a proliferation of microorganisms in her home.  We all have mites and pathogens nesting in our furnishings, actually, but often their effect is not that obvious.

The truth is that the average dust mite lives for 80 days and produces approximately 1,000 allergenic waste products that can cause asthma and other similar irritations.  Up to 2 million mites can live in our mattresses and other soft furnishings, feeding on our dead skin cells.  It is a frightening picture, isn’t it?

In addition to dust mites, soft furnishings attract all sorts of bacteria, viruses, and other pathogens such as the influenza virus, E coli, Staphylococcus Aureus, and Candida.  Spraying with anti-bacterial products is not that effective for removing pathogens or dust mites, and even the highest end vacuum cleaner will not successfully get rid of them.

But… there is one solution and that is a brilliant new antibacterial vacuum that functions with a UV-C light, which is a germicidal light that damages the DNA of mites and pathogens at close range.  The unit comes with a vibrating pad that loosens dust mites from their territory, whereby they are then stricken by the UV-C ray and then sucked up by a vacuum that moves everything through an anti-allergenic filter.

The Earlex RayCop kills 99.9% of the microorganisms that live in our mattresses and other furnishings.  It comes with two settings:  one that vibrates and the other that does not, which is great for use on harder surfaces where it is not necessary for loosening mites and other debris from their homes.  The unit weighs only 5 lbs and has a sleek design, making it easy to hold and operate.

So, if you want to keep your home dust mite and bacteria free, do what I just did, and that is purchase yourself an essential tool that will keep you and your family microorganism free.

Electrolux: Contributing to the Pleasure Principle

By Michele Kadison

Electrolux keeps surprising us with its ability to move vacuum technology even further ahead of the curve.  Their Ultra Silencer model is exactly that.  When you look at their advertising, you see a baby curled up on the back of the unit, implying that the machine is just that silent, never waking the child.  If you are the type who gets the urge to vacuum at odd hours, such as 3 AM when you can’t sleep, then this is definitely the model for you!  Vacuum away, knowing that you won’t wake a soul.  The unit comes with an 1800 watt motor and claims to be four times quieter than most vacuums on the market.  It is created with optimized suction that can be controlled, high tech sound absorption material, along with seals that prevent air leaks.  With a low noise floor nozzle, soft wheels that never scratch, a shock absorbing bumper, and an easy grip soft rubber handle, the Ultra Silencer is the vacuum of the future.  Or at least the immediate future, for there is yet another Electrolux model that looks like the very next future indeed!

Welcome the Musical Vacuum Cleaner.  This model is based on the Ultra Silencer, but comes with an iPod dock and integrated speakers.  It seems that the designers of the Ultra were so inspired by its silence that they decided to let ardent vacuumers and music fans combine their passions.  The dock is built into the front of the unit, allowing us to listen to music while we vacuum away the dust.  It’s the “whistle while you work” concept, which I can verify as making cleaning a true pleasure.  Product line manager, Cecilia Gustavsson corroborates by saying that listening to music while we clean helps us stay focused, reduces our stress, and gives us a feeling of well being.  Who would have thought that vacuuming could be part of our pleasure principle!  Well, thanks to Electrolux, now it is.

Cleaning for the Cure

By Michele Kadison

Oreck , one of the leading companies in the vacuum cleaner industry, has been working with the Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer Fund on a campaign called Clean for the Cure, helping to find a cure for cancer. By donating $25.00 from each purchase of the Oreck XL Upright Model U3671, consumers can rest assured that they are also doing their part in helping women fight and hopefully win against breast cancer.

Since Oreck got on board in July 2009, $1.3 million has been raised by selling the pink Special Edition vacuum cleaner in conjunction with the Susan G. Koman Fund.  Started by Susan’s sister, Nancy G. Brinker as a testimony to Susan’s fight against cancer and her vigilance in helping other women in the same condition, the fund has seen a $1.5 billion investment since its inception in 1982.  It is now considered the largest grassroots network of activists and survivors with contributions from a wide spectrum of supporters, sponsors, and partners such as Oreck.

The Oreck XL Upright Model U3671 is frontrunner in the new wave of vacuum cleaners on the market.  With its MicroSweep technology, it is able to move from thick carpeting to bare floors with equal efficiency as it adjusts to each surface.  It comes with dual-edge side brushes that effectively clean edges such as moldings and baseboards, with antimicrobial protection embedded in the roller brush bristles to handle the miniscule particles that can contribute to allergies and disease. Its additional IntellaShield technology fights odors, mold, mildew, and bacteria, even when the vacuum is turned off!  A powerful hypo-allergenic filtration system eliminates 99.9% of allergens to assure that your home is as free as it can be of irritants.

The Oreck XL comes with a dirt-search lighting system that illuminates debris, a disposable bag attachment dock with a “Saniseal” that traps dirt and dust inside, and an inner bag that traps odors.  It boasts an ergonomically designed handle that keeps you from having to bend or twist your wrist uncomfortably during use, which has been recommended by the Arthritis Foundation as being especially helpful to those who suffer from arthritis.  At a mere 9 lbs, the vacuum cleaner is easy to maneuver, especially with its 30-foot power that allows for a long range of movement.

Along with all of the exceptional attributes mentioned above, the Oreck XL U3671 comes with a five-year warranty and its guarantee that you are doing your part in helping find a cure for cancer.  Need I say more?


Robot Vacuuming with Roomba

 By Michele Kadison

Ok, ok, so I can’t stop talking about these robotic vacuums!  Its just hard to get over the fact that I don’t have to do it myself anymore… that I can have my own personal cleaning device to do all the work more thoroughly than I ever could.

I’ve just checked out the Roomba vacuum, which is a state of the art cleaning “angel”invented by the geniuses at IRobot.  This is the future looking us square in the face saying, rest… relax… enjoy life… let me do the work!

The Roomba is made with patented technology that makes this state-of-the-art vacuum cleaner one of the best around.  Picking up hair, dirt, and debris from any type of surface, the Roomba comes with a special anti-tangle technology that allows it to vacuum even fringed rugs and electrical cords.  Imagine all that dust accumulating in that fringe and around those cords… effortlessly and finally gone!  The Roomba includes a spinning brush that cleans corners, edges, and along walls, and also incorporates two counter-rotating brushes that whip away large debris.  Because it is so compact, the unit easily glides underneath furniture, going where any man or woman might fear to tread.  And to top it off, the Roomba has an infrared sensor that keeps it from falling off stairs and ledges along with two sensors designed to direct the vacuum cleaner towards especially dirty areas in a room.

And just when you think you’re jaw can’t drop any further, here’s the best part: the Roomba has 15 sounds that speak to you, advising you on the tasks it has accomplished and are about to do like “done,” “back up,” and “found charger.”  Found charger just threw me for a loop because this means that the unit goes back home on its own to recharge once the battery is low.  Some of the newest Roomba models are now created to clean up to four rooms on a single charge, making this mighty household appliance a true force.

The Roomba has a memory.  It will remember the layout of a room for all cleaning moments to come.  Newer models even allow you to program the unit to turn on every day at a specific time so that you can return home to immaculately clean floors.  There is even a special ‘pet series’ which is specifically designed to pick up hair balls, dander, and any other type of pet debris.

This time saving wonder is not expensive, and well worth looking into if, like me, you would rather delegate floor cleaning to something that is infinitely more talented at it than you can ever be!

Maintaining an Allergy-Free Home

by Michele Kadison
When it comes to your pet, make sure he or she is groomed properly and has a balanced diet to prevent dry skin.  Brush your pet  outside your home.

Vacuuming is Key
One of the most effective ways of maintaining an allergy-free home is to vacuum it frequently with a HEPA vacuum.  This is a vacuum that has been tested for particle emissions.  A HEPA unit consists of a filtration system that captures microscopic particles and prevents them from being re-released into your home.

Choosing the Right Vacuum Cleaner
Finding the right HEPA vacuum for your particular home is essential for thorough cleaning. Choose a vacuum cleaner based on what type of flooring you have in your home.

Canister vacuum cleaners are ideal for use on full carpets as well as cleaning drapes where many irritants can lodge. This type of model is also effective when cleaning bare wood or tile floors as well as stairways, corners, and ceilings where dust traps love to collect.  Upright vacuum cleaners are great for deep cleaning, especially on deeper carpet pile where heavy suction is necessary for pulling out dust and debris. If your home has rugs and/or low pile carpet, you may want to consider a turbo model for extra help in pulling dust out of the fibers. Test the vacuum you are considering for strong suction power as well as ease of use.  Make sure filtration is of the highest quality.

Maintaining Your Vacuum
Maintaining your vacuum cleaner is equally important.  Make sure your filter is cleaned on a regular basis and that you throw away your used vacuum bags just before they become completely full.

Staying Allergen-Free

Keeping your home free of allergens is not difficult.  With the right equipment and the discipline of keeping a regular cleaning schedule, you and your family will be breathing free and clear as you enjoy a mite, mold, and dander-free lifestyle!

Recall On H20 Mop Steam Cleaners

Last week the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission annouced a voluntary recall of the Thane International’s H20 Mop Steam Cleaners, affecting a total of 580,000 units sold between June 2007 and December 2008. The Thane International company has received upwards of 18 complaints regarding the machine’s electrical cord shocking or burning consumers after repeat use. Consumers are asked to stop use of these products and contact Thane to receive a free repair kit. Although GoVacuum doesn’t sell these H20 Mop Steam Cleaners, consumers should be aware that they may have purchased these steam cleaners through Thane’s “television infomercials; on the Web at www.thane.com; by QVC, through its televised shopping program; and by retailers nationwide.”

For those who are unsure if their machine is affected, the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission gave this description of the machine’s: “The H2O Mop is an electrically-powered appliance for cleaning a variety of floor surfaces that uses microfiber or disposable cloths on a cleaning head through which steam is dispersed. H2O Mops are white with a purple water tank with the “H20” and “M” symbol printed on the top of the cleaning head. The model numbers of affected units are 808.092 and OEM-TV-001. This recall only includes H2O Mops with the following reference numbers printed on the label on the back of the product: 200709198 to 200803148 or H20M1000 to M-H20M1198.”

For those looking for more information on this recall, please contact, Thane anytime at (800) 485-0017 or visit the firm’s Web site at www.h2omopservice.com