Does anyone have answers?!? My vacuum sucks!

Many Consumers have this question and we at completely understand their frustration.  Trying to find answers to what’s the best vacuum to buy, which part is the correct one for my machine, or how do I replace this belt, can drive a person insane!!

That’s why has launched  A community forum where vacuum owners can finally get the in-depth answers, share ideas, and read how to’s from experts and/or with fellow community members.

Now consumers can step out of the abyss.  Follow the proverbial bread crumbs.  In this case, tell mary anne to go towards the light (Poltergeist movie reference) and use these tools to build your vacuum knowledge because in the long run, this will save you money.

How about that, a retailer trying to save you money?

I wished when I was shopping for my new used car, the dealers would of told me, “No, not that one, that’s too expensive for what you are looking for.”  Or tell me, “not that one, those typically have transmission problems.”

If only I would of had a forum where I could go for all of my car buying needs, questions, and even repairs. Wait a second…… is now launching Go-Car-Info, for all of your……ah nevermind.  I’ll just focus on one thing at a time.  Plus I don’t know anything about cars, at least to that extent. is the perfect forum for having discussions on quick fixes, cleaning and maintenance, or which vacuum is the best for the user’s particular preferences and needs.

Even if you’re on-the-go constantly, you can tweet us.

Not only will we answer your tweet, that correspondence will show up on the forum in case other consumers were wondering the same thing.

So stop the guesswork!

Vacuum info on the Go?!? How appropriate for a website called has just introduced a new Android App, which you can access and download in the Google Play market.

We wanted to ensure that when you’re standing in line waiting for your sandwich to be made, why not open up the GoVacuum app and watch this video where I play Santa.

Or, if you’re like me and just had a baby, there is even a Govacuum “vacuuming white noise” video that you can play at that wonderful hour of 4am, your wife has mistakenly had pizza as her last meal (tomatoes don’t make babies happy), proceeded to breastfeed – and now you’re pulling out all stops to try to soothe that baby to sleep.  Our app will be your shrine if that happens!

The new Android App. allows access to huge savings!!!!

Just go under the coupon section to view the different coupon codes available to be used on our website.

After saving big on our website, and/or exploring our huge library of comparison videos, reviews, how to’s, and well, holiday videos; guess what?  You can be even more saturated with vacuum info and updates by viewing our tweets via the twitter tab or our Facebook deals via the more tab.

There is no end to how knowledgeable you will become about vacuums after downloading this FREE app from the Google Play Store on your phone or tablet.  It may even seem silly now but when that “piece of crap” vacuum you bought from your local box store dies on you after the 3rd time of you buying a new one, a rush of thankfulness will come over you, an inner peace if you will, knowing now you’re equipped with the knowledge and savings to choose the right vacuum the next time around.

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GoVacuum Now Sells A Vacuum For George Costanza!!!

Okay… Maybe I’m becoming George Costanza a little more each day. While I might not live at home with mom and dad (plus I have my hair), old George Costanza and I both have trouble romancing the ladies, we both do the Costanza minimum at work each day and it goes without saying we’re both obviously very handsome. The thing we have most in common… velvet!

Yes, Georgie would drape himself in velvet and so would I! I mean velvet is soft, relaxing and just sets you at ease and makes you feel good. Which is why I’m loving the newest and one of the best vacuums on the market today (literally- they just hit the web today). The Miele Red Velvet S6270 . This vacuum is AWESOME!

It’s covered in velvet! YES! VELVET! I mean a German built Miele S6 vacuum cleaner that is made out of velvet is a reality! I don’t know if Miele knew about George’s and my obsession with velvet, but this thing is like the highlight of my week! Forget all the Black Friday Sales, this is the best deal on Earth.

Once again, a vacuum in velvet… OMG! I want to pet this thing all day, no really I do, so much so I even made a video of me… petting the vacuum (Really?! & I can’t figure out why I don’t have a girl friend!? hmm…)!

Nonetheless, BUY this vacuum, it’s lightweight, easy to use, quiet, very powerful and quite the looker much like George and I. ;)

You WILL love this vacuum, I personally guarantee it! Just make sure you buy it online from, because we have 60 day in home trials, free shipping paid both ways and we’ve got great customer service 7 days a week! Give us and The Miele Red Velvet s 6270 vacuum a try and you’ll be shouting GoVacuum!

Have a question about the Miele Red Velvet or a Miele Red Velvet Review? email me 41627029USA

The Ari Gold Rule For Buying A Vacuum!

Thank you HBO for letting me live life vicariously through the television show Entourage for the last several years. Ari Gold you sir have inspired me. Your witty one liners always made for a good laugh. You inspired me so much after the first show, I came up with the Ari Gold rule for buying a vacuum.

Also known as the agent rule, but the Ari Gold rule sounds so much more awesome! It’s what’s known as a OJC, that’s short for Original Justin Creation. Yes, kinda like a Jersey Shore GTL type of abbreviation, because that’s just “The Situation” (although due to recent developments beyond my control (the new buffet down the street) my 6 pack of abs are more less a keg, so I guess my pseudonym is “The Complication”).

The Ari Gold rule of buying a vacuum is simple, Ari Gold always protected Vinny and his best interest. That’s his job. What did Vinny do for Ari? He paid him his managers fee, 10% of the total investment known as Vincent Chase, was paid to protect that investment. That’s it!

If you use the Ari Gold rule to buy a vacuum, you spend about 10% of the total cost of your flooring on a new vacuum cleaner. Let’s say you have hardwood, tile and carpet that totals $7,000.00 throughout your house. That means about $700.00 would be a reasonable amount to protect that investment.

Does that seem high? Not really when you think about it. For that cost you can buy a great Miele vacuum cleaner that should last about 20 years or more, about the same length of time your flooring should last. Furthermore a good vacuum will always have your floors looking their best for even 20 years from now.

Does buying a $100.00 Bissell vacuum really make sense just because it’s cheap to protect a $7,000.00 investment? Look at it this way, your home is your biggest investment, your flooring is one of the most expensive items in your home.

If you rent an apartment or only have about $1,000.00 in carpeting, then yes, a cheaper hoover vacuum about $100.00 might be a wise choice. Just remember most $100.00 vacuums won’t last 2 years, yet alone 20. Also note: most that claim HEPA filtration don’t truly filter what they claim. If you have bad allergies only buy an EN1822 certified vacuum if you have allergies.

In conclusion, Don’t forget the Ari Gold rule when buying a vacuum cleaner and remember… GoVacuum, your one stop source for all things vacuum related! Call us today at 888-468-2210 and a vacuum genius will guide you as to what vacuum cleaner is best suited for your cleaning “Situation”.

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I always loved the smiley face that grew popularity in the late 1960′s. I have smiley faces all over my refrigerator, a patch on my motorcycle jacket and I’m always using his face in emails. I don’t think anyone can see smiley and not smile… can they?

So after the reminder of where we were as a nation 10 years ago, I felt saddened for those who lost their lives in the senselessness of 9/11, proud of those who stood up and took action becoming hero’s and sympathy for the families who lost loved ones.

It was a sobering evening and morning, I was reminded that the future is untold and to make a positive impact as you never know when tomorrow won’t be there. I really didn’t feel like smiling at all when I arrived at work today, but that changed and thankfully so, because I really don’t like feeling sad and depressed.

Why was my frown turned upside down? It might sound ludicrous for a couple of reasons, but yes, I went to work today and I met many Henry’s… Henry makes me smile!

Is Henry short for Henrietta and stands 5’2? Nope, but he still brings out my crooked ear to ear grin. In my 14 years in the vacuum business I’ve only met Henry once and it was back in the late 90′s. So today when he remade my acquaintance, I felt happy :)

Who is Henry? Henry is known throughout the world as the happy smiling vacuum. His red face and playful smile makes me smile and happy. When was the last time your vacuum made you happy?

After a couple of hours of exhausting work at the at the GoVacuum office, I made the excuse that I was going to go take a Henry home to “examine” him and abruptly left (after all, I just had a hard day of 120 minutes of non stop work… I was exhausted!).

Upon my arrival home with my new toy, I was reminded of how fun Henry is. I screwed the hose to his nose, plugged in his 32 foot retractable cord winder and started to vacuum with his twinflo’ motor. Here is where the human psyche is interesting, but perplexing to me, as I went around the furniture I walked back to pull Henry gently, where as with a normal vacuum I would just yank the vacuum hose harshly. Why was I gentile? It beats me, but I think it has something to do with the smiling face.

Is this happy face the reason so many Henry vacuums last for 10-20 years? I don’t know, but I do know with the big eyes looking up at me the whole time I was vacuuming, I was happy, and anytime you can do house work like vacuuming and be happy… I’ll take it!

The Henry HVR200A is not alone in the line from Numatic a British vacuum company (this is where I start my bad British accent), oh nooooo! There’s Hetty which is short for Henrietta (but not 5’2) and is pink in color model number HET 200A. Plus there is his twin, yes he has a twin named… Henry (tell me that wasn’t confusing for the lads growing up). This Henry is model HVR-200m.

In conclusion if you have a kid, husband, wife or housekeeper who abuses vacuums, go ahead and try one of the Henry or Hetty vacuums at 10% off! Risk free for 60 days, if you don’t like it, return it, we’ll even pay shipping both way! Yet, I have faith you’ll keep yours and you might be surprised as how long a Numatic vacuum last in your home!

Own a Henry or Hetty? What do you think of yours? Email me! :)

JD Power & Associates Ranks Miele Best in Customer Service…Again

J.D. Power Associates Award Best Dishwasher 2011
Well it’s no big surprise to us here at GoVacuum that JD Power & Associates has named Miele best in class for Customer Service for dishwashers in 2011, but for the second year in a row Miele has won this coveted award, scoring particularly high for performance, reliability, and warranty, with a total overall score of 814.

GoVacuum has been a Miele Diamond Dealer for their vacuum cleaners since 2007, and Miele continues to be GoVacuum’s Best In Class for all Vacuum Cleaners, including Miele’s new S7 Series Upright Vacuums for Best Upright.

To Read more on this, you may visit J.D. Power and Associates Press Release or check out how other brand dishwashers stacked up by viewing their detailed dishwasher ratings.

It Should be pointed out that J.D. Power & Associates does not yet award Vacuum Cleaners, but we at GoVacuum can safely bet if they did, Miele would win this award as well.

If you’d like to Test Drive a Miele Vacuum Cleaner In Your Home and see for yourself just how good Miele products are, GoVacuum offers a Risk Free 60 Day In-Home Trial on All Miele Vacuum Cleaners.

How To Understand Vacuum Cleaner Motor Suction Ratings

One of the most important aspects of vacuum cleaner is its motors suction rating. Over the years there have been many different terms used. Do you understand any of these terms? I am sure most people feel that a 1600 watt motor simply uses 1600 watts when vacuum cleaning a room. Not quite. Here is a rundown of the terms used over the years.

Amperage or Amps: the maximum amount of electrical current that can flow through the vacuum cleaner’s electrical system. Amp ratings are not power ratings; they are however a part of the formula for computing the input power of the motor.

Peak Horse Power: the peak horse power rating has pretty much disappeared in recent years. It was an inflated rating found by taking the suction motor without any fans and adding as much load as possible without burning it out. This was the peak horse power.

Air Watts: air watts measures the output power of the vacuum cleaner rather than the input power. This rating is mostly used for rating central vacuum system.

Sealed Suction: sealed suction is a measure of water lift of a vacuum cleaner and is a good indication of how well it will perform.

Air Flow: air flow is a measure in cubic feet per minute. While the air flow rating is not a direct rating of the power of the suction motor, it is affected by its suction. Air flow does not take into consideration any obstacles that may impede air flow.

Wattage or Watts: wattage ratings are simply a mathematical formula found by multiplying the amperage (amps) by the voltage (volts). Wattage is a measure of the input power of the motor.

A vacuum cleaners suction rating is an important aspect to consider when comparing vacuums prior to purchasing. However, don’t assume that a higher rating means better cleaning. Cleaning can be affected by the surface being cleaned, the vacuum cleaners maintenance condition and the condition of the various components such as filters and dust bags.

Before buying a vacuum cleaner talk to those who can best advise you. They will take into account all the conditions under which the vacuum cleaner is to be used and make recommendations. are vacuum cleaner specialist and will be only too happy to answer any questions and point you in the direction of the right vacuum cleaner for your needs.

What is the difference between a canister and an upright vacuum? GoVacuum Explains.

When considering purchasing a new vacuum, many factors come into play. But the most commonly asked question is whether you will be purchasing an upright or canister. If you were to shop in one of our retail stores in northern Virginia, one of our professional salespersons would find out your cleaning habits and needs. When choosing between a upright and canister, the type of flooring in your house is the most important consideration. Traditionally, homes with wall to wall carpeting are most easily vacuumed using an upright. This is because uprights generally have a strong beater bar that always spins when the vacuum is on. The beater bar is then able to dig deep into your carpet to get the dirt and grime out.

Canisters, on the other hand, are better for homes with both carpets and hard floors. Canisters generally have power heads that can be turned on and off depending on whether you are vacuuming carpet or hard floors. Power heads are turned off when vacuuming hard floors so to avoid scratching or damaging the surface.

Most people who have any kind of experience vacuuming have an opinion on canisters and uprights. This is usually because people feel one way or another about how maneuverable uprights and canisters are. Some enjoy the fact that uprights utilize direct maneuverability, where one unit is simply pushed where you want it to go. People say canisters can be cumbersome because they feel like they have a dead weight dragging behind them when they vacuum. Others enjoy canisters because holding the power head part of the vacuum is lighter than holding an entire upright machine with one hand.

The good thing about canisters and uprights is that that the technology has improved tremendously over the years. In terms of maneuverability, some canisters have seen improvements through the introduction of new wheel systems. For example, the Miele Canisters have 3 independent wheels that let the vacuumer push or pull the machine around in any direction without any friction. Check out the maneuverability of the Miele Callisto Canister wheel system in the video here.

Uprights have also seen significant improvements. The Sebo X series uprights automatically adjust the head of the machine to accommodate different types of floors. The machines actually automatically lower and raise the head of the machine depending on what type of floor it is vacuuming. The problem of breaking belts is no longer a concern on these machines. If something gets vacuumed up into the machine that isn’t supposed to (a sock or small toy, for example), the machine automatically shuts off the beater bar to avoid damaging the belt, and potentially overheating the engine.

In the end, the final decision between a canister or upright can really be about personal preference. Some people hate uprights and swear by canisters, and vice versa. Interestingly enough, canisters are the most popular machines worldwide; meanwhile, uprights remain king in the United States.

If you can’t decide which upright or canister you want, feel free to check out our GoVacuum pages for both categories with research and comparison tables available.

Research Uprights

Research Canisters

For Commercial Cleaning Use A Commercial Wet Dry Vacuum Cleaner

A vacuum cleaner may seem like one of your more basic household appliances, however there is nothing basic about a commercial cleaner. Commercial wet dry vacuum cleaners need to be robust and reliable given the amount of work they must do.

Commercial vacuum cleaners, unlike home models, don’t get used for 30 or 40 minutes and packed away until the next day. They are rather often used for several hours at a time, particularly when it comes to cleaning large office spaces.

In one building you may find a wide variety of surfaces ranging from the smooth timber or vinyl finishes to carpets with various pile lengths. For the need to occasionally remove stained areas with commercial cleaning fluids and water, a commercial wet dry vacuum cleaner is a must.

As for reliability, select the right model of commercial wet dry vacuum cleaner and you may find that it has an engine life in excess of 2500 hours. This can equate to four or more years of use and with care and frequent servicing, this can be extended.

Commercial wet dry vacuum cleaners have the ability to clean dry material such as dirt, debris, dust and other allergens as well as wet areas such as small water spills or larger flooded areas. With the flick of a switch, the wet and dry vacuum cleaner can go from one mode to another without hassles. The design of the wet and dry vacuum is simple; a hose that comes standard with several attachments plugs into a large tub canister that is usually on wheels. As with any vacuum cleaner, once the canister is full it gets emptied before moving on the next task.

Commercial wet dry vacuum cleaners come in many different shapes and sizes. It is simply a matter of choosing the right one for your needs.

What is the best canister vacuum, really? GoVacuum puts the Miele Callisto and the Kenmore Canister to the test.

How often do you turn to places like Consumer Reports for advice on what to purchase? We know many consumers do this, as evidencedby the number of customers who come into our retail stores in Northern Virginia with Consumer Reports in hand, asking us if we carry the # 1 rated Canister or Upright. For the most part, the Consumer Reports number one ranking for any vacuum category is largely different than what we’d recommend to our customers. I can’t comment on why we have such differing opinions with Consumer Reports. But I can say that for us it leaves us with greater piece of mind to sell a vacuum that will last a long time and truly make the customer happy (as a result of a clean house) rather than simply sell a vacuum that Consumer Reports claims to be the best.

Since our view on what the best Canister is in the market is contrary to the “mainstream” opinion, we decided to put together a video demonstration comparing Consumer Reports’ best canister and what we consider to be best vacuum canister available.
The Canister that we recommend is the Miele Callisto S5280 . For years the Consumer Reports magazine has rated the Kenmore Canister number one. The Miele Callisto S5280 has been ranked by Consumer Reports at 5 or 6 over the years.

Having many, many years of industry experience, the Consumer Reports ranking has left us baffled because theMiele Callisto is one of our best canisters because of its high quality, unbeatable performance and long life.

In order to compare the vacuums, we are performing three tests with the machines. First, the machines’ filtration systems are being tested with the use of a laser particle scanner which calculates the number of particles being emitted from the exhaust filter on the canisters.

Second, the machines are tested on their ability to side clean, meaning how well the machines’ power heads can clean when against a wall or any other surface.

Lastly, the machines are tested on their maneuverability. One of the things that people complain most about when considering canisters is how difficult they are to maneuver, especially when you have the feeling that you are dragging a dead weight behind you.

All in all, the Miele Callisto S5280 definitely came out on top as the winner. But you will have to check out the video below to see the results yourself.