Treasure Troving For Lost Items With Your Vacuum

Do you know that feeling you get when you’ve lost an earring or your favorite piece in Monopoly?  Are you always losing because you can’t find that gosh darn car or the cannon?   I mean seriously, everyone knows those are the best pieces!  Well you can buy another Monopoly game and waste all those monopoly dollars, or you can pass go, collect $200 and try a nifty little method I like to call, “treasure troving,” also known as, “Putting a stocking on the end of a vacuum to find a small item under your dresser.”

You are never going to believe how simple it is.  All you need is a vacuum and a stocking or if you’re a dude who owns dress socks, those will work too.  Now if you’re a dude and you have stocking’s… more power to ya’.  Just take the end of your vacuum hose, place a stocking over it – creating a filter-like effect, and take your vacuum on a treasure trove hunt.  You’ll find all the stuff you never really noticed was lost but always gave you the feeling of, “dang something is missing in my life.”

Who needs a metal detector, I mean seriously?!?  Have you ever seen a robber out at the park trying to crack a safe?  There are way more valuable items just laying around lost in your bedroom.  There is no better feeling than pulling your wedding ring out of the kitchen sink or shutting up your stupid brother in law in a friendly game of monopoly, Boooyaw!  So give it a try and don’t forget to refer to for all of your vacuum needs.

I’m Cliff and this is my first blog post, how did I do? Email me at and let me know!


Wine Festival & Vacuum Recycling Event Near Washington DC ( District of Columbia )?

Washington DC area residents, what do you get when you cross my two favorite things, wine and vacuums? Besides me and a lonely Saturday night as a bachelor, you get a fun filled Saturday! What are you doing on the 27th of October? No plans? Why not start the day off by visiting us for our vacuum festival? Okay, vacuum festival is a bit of a stretch, let’s call it a vacuum recycling event!

So hop in your car with your old vacuum, broken or working, and leave Washington DC to head down route 50! After selling us your vacuum and/or buying one from us at the BIGGEST SALE we’ve ever had in 35 years, why not drive a few miles down the street and have fun at a wine festival? We’re just minutes from many Virginia wineries. Why am I trying to suggest heading to a winery afterwards? Well besides the fact I’ll probably end up there after our vacuum recycling event, I fear you won’t show up just for the vacuum recycling event, so I’m trying to entice you with wine.

I don’t even know that there’s a wine festival this weekend, but I do know Chrysalis Winery is just a few miles away and it’s always beautiful countryside scenery that makes for a great break from Washington DC’s political landscape. Oh, plus there’s also the National Air & Space Museum just down the street if you’re heading over with family! The point I’m trying to make is this… If you live in or near Washington DC, please attend our event! I’ll even have the gold and priceless vacuums on display so you can get a photo with each for FREE!

So my Washington DC and surrounding area residents (that includes you too Maryland), please note there is no trick to Vacuums Unlimited’s (AKA biggest sale in 35 years. There is also most certainly a treat for customers and the environment this year with a recycling event just in time for Halloween. Vacuums Unlimited (of GoVacuum) and Forever Green Recycling are pairing up for a big recycling event festival in Virginia this October (just outside Washington, D.C.). This one-day only sale and recycling event will be Saturday, October 27th, 10 a.m. – 3 p.m.

Is this a wine festival with music for Washington, DC area residents? Hardly! There will be no wine at this festival and it’s hardly a festival, it’s a recycling event! Don’t worry District of Columbia area residents, there will be music playing (just no bands). What gives then?

Well, Vacuums Unlimited will be having their biggest sale on vacuums, air purifiers, carpet cleaners and more! Open boxed vacuums, customer returns, re-boxed, refurbished, rebuilt, and more, during this event only are being liquidated! No rain checks will be dispersed for items on sale as the sale includes only items in stock.

Who knew that recycling could pay off? And could even take that old clunker of a vacuum out of the closet to free up some space? For this recycling event, Vacuums Unlimited will be offering store credits for vacuums in any condition, that old clunker that has not worked in years can earn a customer a neat $20 store credit. The vacuum in the back closet that still sometimes works but makes a whining sound could be worth up to $50. This store credit can also be used towards the machines on sale!

Just bring the vacuum down to the parking lot of their vacuum showroom and warehouse in Chantilly, VA 20151; located at 14500 Lee Road, Unit G (just 20 minutes from D.C & 45 minutes from Baltimore). After the vacuums have been purchased by Vacuums Unlimited, they will try to rebuild your vacuum and give it a new home to clean up. In the event they can’t repair the vacuum, they will strip the vacuum for reusable parts. The parts that cannot be retrieved for reuse will be recycled next door with Forever Green Recycling.

Customers can also bring in other various electronics to be recycled with Forever Green Recycling; click here for a more complete list of items. There is no need to fret over whether or not the vacuums and electronics will end up cluttering the landfill because of Forever Green Recycling’s 99% no-landfill policy.

Vacuums Unlimited and Forever Green Recycling have certainly come together with a different take on the idea of less-is-more, with less landfill clutter and more benefits for the customer and the environment. If you cannot make it for the event but still want to recycle your vacuum, check out their new recycling program.

There will even be a FREE raffle for a Hoover vacuum cleaner! No purchase or vacuum to sell to Vacuums Unlimited required, just stop by and pick up a ticket and they’ll email you if you’re the winner! So if you’re in the Washington, DC area and looking for a unique and fun festival event on the weekend to hit up, check out the first ever Vacuums Unlimited vacuum recycling event that’s just a 20 minute drive from Washington DC & just minutes from many wine festivals at local wineries!

For more information about the vacuum recycling event or local wine festivals in the Washington DC area, please visit our Facebook event page at:

Win A FREE Eureka Vacuum Cleaner, If You’re Social!, the company that brought you the world’s most expensive vacuum, is now giving you a chance to win a free Eureka! We know that not everyone has 1 million dollars lying around to buy a 24k Gold Vacuum to clean their house with. Thus, we’re giving away a vacuum for FREE. No, not the gold vacuum, but a Eureka 166DX vacuum! All you have to do is like us on Facebook or Follow us on Twitter.

For those of you who think liking us on Facebook and following us on Twitter will double your chances of winning the vacuum… it Will! Get your friends and Family to do the same! This Vacuum is Powerful, light as a feather, and portable. You can share this vacuum with them all the time without it being a hassle.

Just think about it: The Summer games are right around the corner, all your family and friends will be at your house watching the games! Why not clean up with a FREE vacuum?

Checkout the video of this vacuum and see just how awesome it is.

2 in 1

Just to name a few features that make this vacuum worth liking us on Facebook or following us on Twitter.

Think about it: for most giveaways and competitions, companies ask for your phone number, email, home address, and your 1st born child. Not GoVacuum! We simply ask that you follow us on Twitter & tweet a special message or like us of Facebook. No more junk emails, annoying phone calls during dinner, or post cards in the mail!

The contest ends on 08/15/2012. If you think this is the only FREE giveaway that GoVacuum is doing, think again – stay tuned for what’s to come!

(note: this blog was done by Paul. Paul is a GoVacuum misfit, that just celebrated his 1st year with GoVacuum yesterday! Our little man is growing up so fast, let him know how he did!

The World’s Most Expensive Vacuum Is Trendy, But Are We Serious?

With the GoVacuum GV62711 hitting the web yesterday our phone lines have been ringing off the hook and our website has been getting a lot of traffic.

Other websites have the Govacuum GV62711 trending and buzzing such as,, ,,, and many other’s, but I lost track. Anyhow, the $1,000,000 question on everyone’s mind is “are you serious”? Does the vacuum cleaner industry suck? Yes, to both!

Why is it so hard to believe there’s a vacuum cleaner plated in 24k gold and cost $1.00 under $1,000,000.00? A painting by an artist can cost $50M or $100M, and it just hangs on your wall. This vacuum is a work of art that will actually clean your home and do an amazing job at it. It’s the only vacuum, that I know of, that’s capable of being custom made and fully tailored to a Billionaires needs. Couple that with the custom features, such as, lazer engraving and a 10amp motor, and then maybe you’ll understand why it happens to be, the world’s most expensive vacuum cleaner!

Just to be clear. No, it’s not worth it’s weight in gold. No, we are not lowering the price: $999,999.00 is the cost.

The point is, when you can, you CAN! I “could” get a real job and not sit at home blogging, but I choose to blog while in my tighty whities… because I can!

So, with that mindset, to the Billionaire’s who simpily can… meet the capitalist vacuum blogger/slacker who simpiliy, can!

You’ve heard it before… Yes, we can! Yes, We can!

Well at with the world’s most expensive vacuum- Yes, we can and yes, we are!

Yes, we are the lowest priced online vacuum retailer. Yes, we sell all other products like vacuum belts, vacuum bags and vacuums cleaners at huge discounts for way less then any other websites!

We’re a small business that’s growing. Selling 100 of these would allow us to grow even more, boosting our economy and helping America! For was it not a great man whom once said, ask not what your country can do for you, but what you can do for your country?! So remember when you vote this November, vote as your official discount vacuum website- Whoa!

I just had an epiphany! I should be a politician! Okay… I got to go, but yeah- about the GoVacuum GV62711 we are 100% serious it’s a real product and we are really selling it (so real as in fact, the application to the book of world record’s has been submitted!) for just under one Million dollars, so Billionaire’s of America, buy one and help this great country of ours!

A Million Dollar Idea!? The Story Of The $1,000,000 Gold Vacuum

I’m going to start by stating the obvious, I’m not a smart man. Spend 3-2 minutes talking to me and you’ll realize this (or just wead this blog), but every so often I get hit in the head and a decent idea pops out. So with that intro, let me tell you about the Million dollar idea I recently had…

It was the wee hours of the morning. I was having the time of my life at a Washington, D.C. night club dancing with four very beautiful ladies and then, sadly, the dream ended. I woke up and realized it was 1:11am in the morning and I had to use the bathroom. As I turned on the lights, my eyes strained. All I could see was golden color lights for the first few seconds; so I quickly shut them off and took care of business. At that moment, it struck me like a freight train! GOLDEN VACUUM!

I rushed to turn the lights on! This time my eyes were fine. I washed my hands, splashed some water on my face, and went to flush the toilet. As I looked down to confirm I didn’t leave a puddle for the roommates, I saw a sign! The water in the toilet bowl was golden too (okay, it could just be I had started taking new multivitamins, but at the time I took it as a sign)! EUREKA! I’m a genius, which I announced to the whole house (although they felt otherwise at that moment)!

I booted up my laptop and got to work on the world’s first and only… Golden Vacuum Cleaner!

I help play my part at the leading internet retailer of vacuums, vacuum parts, air purifiers, and commercial cleaning products So much so, creating something like this, unlike anything before, would require a lot of work, research, and development. After all, creating something for the person that literally has everything is no easy feat.

Fast forward about six months later. I have negotiated one of the world’s top gold plating companies in Kensington, Maryland, to handle the 24k gold plating. I had a top artist write a very catchy theme song for the golden tanned vacuum and I even lined up for engraving to be done if desired by the purchaser. Yes, you heard correct- The Gold GoVacuum GV62711 has its very own theme song (it’s a Million dollar vacuum, what else do you expect?)!

Not only does it have a theme song, but it has it’s own rap song (once again… why not?)!

Understand, it takes a special kind of company to employ me. Fact of the matter is, the last time I walked in the GoVacuum office, was over six months ago (but it was an epic blog post . So that, coupled with this golden idea, made me assume it was fine to take a little break from work and still be able to just waltz back into the office last week, like nothing had ever happened and just start working again. Now that I’m back with all my “R&D” done, the time has come to unveil to the world one of the most mundane, utilitarian objects that I’ve transformed into one of the most exclusive items for sale on Earth.

I’m talking about the world’s most expensive vacuum cleaner, the 24k gold plated vacuum (yes, 24k gold plated) cleaner.

Does the gold serve any purpose here? Not even remotely, unless you count looking absolutely awesome as a purpose (I kind of do). This limited edition, one of a kind product is the ultimate in luxury. After all, the definition of luxury is, “purchasing something ridiculously extravagant just ‘cause”.

Gold Vacuum Govacuum GV62711 60893974724 $1,000,000 million dollar vac

Now, unlike other companies that would expect a gold plated vacuum to only sit there and look pretty, I know that having a stunning yet still functional vacuum is key. This beauty is a commercial grade upright vacuum with a HEPA type paper bag system, to protect those delicate sinuses of yours. A 14” wide cleaning nozzle, which can help thoroughly vacuum the carpet in no time. Also, just in case you decide to give it a whirl, it only weighs a little over 15 pounds. This means you won’t be so tired after doing a quick cleaning between your maids schedules.

As most Billionaires will only buy something that’s custom and exclusive, we’ve made this a limited production vacuum cleaner. GoVacuum will limit production to only 100. Period. Nothing like this will ever be made again (because really, thousands of gold plated vacuum would be… excessive). Custom made, you can also have your gold plated vacuum cleaner engraved at no extra cost, and with optional attachments you can easily clean your 30-foot ceilings with ease.

Brand GoVacuum – Model Number GV62711 – UPC 60893974724

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After 15 years I’m Leaving The Vacuum Industry & Becoming A Hair Stylist!

I tend to wear fancy British newsboy caps and hats everyday, not because I’m bald. Quite the opposite- I have a thick set of hair (I won’t complain as some of my friends are balding), but I’m just too lazy to style it. Plus, being the cheap “thrifty” person that I am- I only get a hair cut every so often. They want 800 pennies at the barber school I frequent and that’s a rip off! Especially when I can now cut my own hair, myself, for free!

Yes, free! How? I’m the proud owner of a Hair Cutting system we sell at The RoboCut R-28 is really neat! It allows me to sit in a chair and cut my hair- all while catching up on old episodes of Married With Children!

I love R-28 RoboCut so much I pressured a victim I convinced a co-worker to let me cut his hair for a GoVacuum YouTube Review Video! Check it out!

So on this day, June 15th 2012- the 15th anniversary I celebrate my presence in the vacuum cleaner industry. I quit. My obvious calling in life is to become a hair stylist with the RoboCut R-28. To infinity… & Beyond!

Things Are Really Getting Twisted At GoVacuum!

First it was, I have to run a daily deal and a blog at the same time, I only have 24 hours in a day and I don’t want to waste them with work, darn it!

I’ve managed to turn the daily deal section into a deals only section at our home page, thus I can update 4 products we have the lowered price on only once a week. I even managed to get away with not blogging in about a week… or two. All was well in the life of Justin, I slipped under the radar of the big boss man for a long while. Until today…

Miele decided to allow us to offer the Miele Twist s7 upright vacuum cleaner at an insane price of only $399! What the heck? Only $399! These are the same Miele S7 upright vacuums that cost hundreds more for an entry level model just a few years ago!

Are they co-conspirators with my boss in trying to get me to work more? I think someone needs to check the grassy knoll, because I spent all day lowering the price, making the S7 Twist s7210 a deal on our homepage and writing this blog (it’s now 12:45am and I’m exhausted from all this work).

They had to know offering a German designed and German built S7 Twist at the sale price of only $399 would cause a buying frenzy, especially before Black Friday, Small Business Saturday & Cyber Monday. I mean how can anyone not buy the Miele S7 Twist at this price of just $399? This thing is a cleaning beast and has on-board tools, a chevron roller and a great long life belt system, plus it has the Miele made Vortex motor with a 7 year warranty and it also received Good Housekeepings seal of approval!

Well I refuse to do any more work on telling people the Miele S7 is just $399! Plus lucky for me its for a very limited time so this whole “work” thing wont become a permanent routine in my daily life.

Next thing you know he’s gonna want me to show up to the office and film a video for the darn thing…
Miele Twist Sale For Just A Limited Time At Only $399 From GoVacuum

GoVacuum Helps Students At A Local School

There is one reason I was born in to this world- my sister needed a friend and playmate. As she was a “pleasant surprise” and my parents didn’t want her friendless, thus… Justin.

Fast forward 30 some… ahem… 20 some years later, she is still my best friend and when she needs something I try to help her out. About a week or so ago she was telling me about how she loves her school she teaches at. She loves everything about it, the new principal, the new building, the new students, etc. Yet, she said the kids don’t have calculators.

“Why should they? We never did? How will they learn to add and subtract?” I replied. She then explained the students use them like we did in high school (I had the fancy Texas Instruments TI-86). At the grade level they are at they don’t need a graphical calculator, but they still need a basic calculator to assist them (she assures me they will still learn that 9-5=4).

After speaking to her I really wanted to help these students as they will one day be paying my Social Security and they better know how to figure out inflation, cost of living and all that stuff I know nothing about. So, I knew what I had to do for my future and the future of all American’s.

I was on a mission, so with the attitude of I won’t take no for an answer, I marched in to the big boss mans office and demanded 500 calculators for her school. He looked at me with a stare that made me rethink what I had just done. For he could make me do real work and have to vacuum the showroom with a Sebo Felix vacuum cleaner if he didn’t like my tone.

Just as I was about to explain I was sorry for my approach, he smiled and said, “Sure! I would love to help a school and the students”.

Yeah, he better be willing to help! I figured I was on a roll so why stop? “Plus, I want a raise… NOW!” I exclaimed… needless to say that didn’t go over so well and I was abruptly told to leave his office, but that didn’t matter.

What does matter is when I retire the youth of America will not only be working to pay off my debt I create today, but they will know how to increase my Social Security payments… retirement here I come!

Check out the letter I got from the principal! Sure she can’t speel vacum corrwrect, but I’m sure it’s just a typo… if you have any ideas for me to take to the big boss man!

Happy Birthday To Brian, CJ & Me!

I get a text yesterday instructing me head into the offices of the leading Bissell vacuum belts website – This was the second day in a row I was to go there to do, like real work… just what I want to do… WORK!

Once I got out of bed and hit the road, I felt pretty good! Here it was just 12:41pm and I was already awake! Shortly thereafter I got to the vacuum warehouse office and I felt even better! I was presently surprised- my fellow Libra co-workers Brian and CJ had Birthdays within the last few days and I just celebrated mine this past week, so the other misfits at GoVacuum decided to throw us a 3 for all Birthday celebration!

There was cheesecake, Chinese food and even a synthesized birthday music playing in the background. We all danced around a little and wished Brian, CJ & myself a Happy Birthday.

Here are two of GoVacuums most important misfits. While they are both young, they already making their impact in the vacuum business. CJ is the final quality control specialist and is the misfit responsible for making sure your orders arrive correctly and in a timely manner. While Brian is a Jack of all things vacuum related, one day he is helping our Spanish speaking customers, then next he is implementing quality control inventory systems or he may just be there telling a funny joke. If it were not for these two young vacuum experts, I would have to do real work around the office. Thus, my British cap is off to you two fine lads, I look forward to working with the two of you for many years! Happy Birthday Brian & CJ!

To celebrate the Birthdays big boss man gave Brian a Bissell PowerSteamer, CJ got a really cool Bissell Little Green Machine, Earth Friendly Edition and me? I got the greatest gift of all, the rest of the day off!

Have a question about which Bissell vacuum part you need? Call us at 888-468-2210 or email me:

GoVacuum Is Featured In The Wall Street Journal Newspaper!

I had to wake up yesterday and head in to the GoVacuum office for a meeting. Uggggh, a Monday meeting… I loathe them, but this is usually a fun event with the misfits at GoVacuum as it was a brain storming session. These are great ways to start off the work week and the eclectic crowd of misfits I work with always keep the meetings fun and entertaining with their whacky ideas.

After the comical meeting was over boss man told me to stay in my seat, that he needed to have a word with me. Nooooooooo! Last time he “needed to have a word with me” he forced me to start a Daily Vacuum Deal and that takes a lot out of my leisure “work” schedule everyday!

I held back and once it was just he and I, he smiled and shook my hand. “I know what you did Justin… thank you”! I was frozen, stuck looking like a deer in headlights. I smiled back, “Your welcome, I thought you would like it”, I replied. I still had no idea what he was talking about, but I’m always one to take credit for something positive I didn’t do (Shameless, I don’t understand the meaning???).

At this point he pulls out the October 19th edition of The Wall Street Journal that contains an article about how homeowners can fix their own household appliances. They write what I’ve known for a long time… is the best place to buy all your vacuum parts and everything vacuum related!

I then had a real huge smile… so much so he snapped this goofy image of me with the paper!

I explained how I had been working on getting us in the newspaper for a few months and it was an endless back and forth with the reporter. I went into detail of how it was an idea I had while “working” at home. I was even able to incorporate how doing things like this to promote the website is why my workload might not allow me to run the Daily Deal Promotion every single day. He mulled it over for a moment and said, “Then you can run a weekend deal for Friday- Sunday and a daily deal during the other days”.

I gracefully accepted his offer. He was so happy with the publicity in The Wall Street Journal he even offered me have the rest of the day off! I took him up on this offer too!

I do have a confession to make… I had absolutely nothing to do with the article in The Wall Street Journal, but who am I to break his heart? He looked so happy and why should I ruin his joy and excitement? I’m just to caring to do such a thing!

Turns out, the writer for the newspaper found our website to be the most complete vacuum parts website that offers great phone support and discount prices and decided to include us in the article! While that is really flattering and awesome that is considered the best vacuum website in the country offering live chat and phone support 7 days a week and open till 10:00 PM EST all while maintaining the lowest prices and offering free shipping, but even more awesome is that yours truly gets the credit and got to watch the sun set while enjoying my Pandora radio station in my backyard. :)

Have a creative idea on news ways I can get out of working? Post a comment or email me