Daily Deals… No Thank YOU!

Okay, I get informed by big boss man yesterday, I would have to attend a product launch from a leading vacuum company last night. Grrrrrr… this would effect my hectic work schedule, but he informed me there would be an open bar and free food, two of my favorite things, so I was happy to go!

Just as I finished up my 11th piece of salmon and capping off my second bottle of red grape juice, I was informed by that said boss man, he wanted to “increase my duties” at the company…. :(

No… No… NOOOOOOOOO!!! I’ve worked hard to get to this point of slacker and he wants to ruin that with work? Before I could react, he asked me if I knew what a daily deal was. I tried to pretend my hearing aid battery was low, but he knew I had just replaced them, because we had a conversation about them a day before, as he suggested I should get rechargeable vacuum batteries to use in them (I said he was scary looking, never funny).

He wasn’t buying it, he told me I need to start a daily deal section of our website and everyday I would need to offer a new discounted vacuum deal. Needless to say, that third bottle of juice was finished off rather quickly. What could I do? I felt deceived, but no one else will hire me sit in a hammock and blog all day, so I’m left with no other choice, but to say… without further delay. Drum Roll Please…. Introducing GoVacuum Daily Deals!

Everyday yours truly will have one of the GoVacuum misfits rummage thru our warehouse and find a product we have too many of, then I’ll go ahead and write something witty about it and come up with a huge discount off the regular price (Woot rip off much?).

A lot of items we’ll take a loss on, but it’s better then paying rent stocking these items in our warehouse. Some items will be vacuum cleaners that are new in the box, some will be returned open box returns that are in like new condition with fully warranties, some might be robotic vacuums or whatever we might find in the warehouse!

The good news for you, our customers is you will have savings as high as 90% off the regular price! Just check our website everyday to see what’s being offered, but buy quickly and think later! Daily Deals will be limited in quantity and you have 30-60 days to return them and we even pay shipping both ways! Just buy the items and if you don’t like them return them, zero risk or cost to you! My theory is if enough people buy stuff to try it out then return it, our daily deals will make use loose so much money he will stop the daily deals and I can get back to slacking! :) The bad news for me, is now I currently have to work between Jerry Springer and Maurry… :(

Excludes Miele products. Think I can turn this in to a “weekly deal” instead? Have an idea about how I can get out of doing work? Email me: justin@govacuum.com

Step right up, everybody’s a winner… well… maybe not everyone…

Last night I decided to go to the local fair and heard a dentally challenged carny yelling at me to step right up and take his challenge, all while I filled my face with a deep friend Oreo (I just lost 100 pounds, I can eat reward myself from time to time with a gluttonous treat… don’t judge me).

Old man Justin is never one to back down to a challenge, so I stepped right up to his booth and took on his challenge. No, not the challenge of repairing years of dental neglect he endured, but the one of throwing a basketball into a hoop.

I took the shot… AIRBALL! At this point I’m questioning the angle of the basketball rim. I started to believe, it, much like this fine human specimen of carnival fair were as crooked as his two teeth. This was a simple shot, I could make it!

So I decided to walk away, because at $1 a shot, I would be broke soon as the fried Oreo was my last of the bakers dozen I purchased 15 minutes earlier (what? You don’t get to be 100 lbs over weight by eating healthy).

Yet, as I walked away he called me chicken… I stopped dead in my tracks, turned my head and in my best Marty McFly, I pretty much lived out this scene from Back To The Future 3: (without the door)

Chicken? I think not! I reached into my wallet grabbed a $5 bill and in my best Al Bundy impersonation, I turned my hat backwards and exclaimed…. let’s rock!

No basketball or sideshow character was gonna get the best of me! I grabbed the basketball and dribbled, while I heard this animated fellow talking smack and laughing as I proceeded to miss all 5 shots.

It was not my greatest moment in life, yet, I tried to smile, but with black Oreo goo stuck between my teeth it made his $5 richer grin look better then my smile. At this point I walked away… feeling like a total loser.

I then decided to find happiness in my take home funnel cake. Yet, once home while feasting on even more calories and sugar, the strawberry topping dripped on the tile floor and only area rug I have. REALLY? I started to question could this night get any worse?

As I sat back as a unhappy single man on the “love seat” couch, I wanted to give up and cry… but I heard Joe Esposito playing in my head…

I had an epiphany. I couldn’t allow a rude carny to afflict my mood, I just couldn’t allow his toothless teasing to get to me!

After cleaning the dessert up off the carpet, I used the Lindhaus Velocity Pure Power stain remover to clean the fruit stain, then blotted it up with my Skoy cloth. Then I used my Reliable Deluxe Total Home Cleaning Package which has a Reliable T2 Steamboy (not the terminator T2) and the P7 Pronto hand steamer to clean the tile and touch up the whole carpet. Plus the Reliable P7 got the strawberry grim off the glass table top in in nooks and cranny corners. I then grabbed my Miele Galaxy Ariel s5211 vacuum cleaner with a certified HEPA filter and vacuumed up the carpeting and bare floor.

After that I felt clean, refreshed and… a winner… because… “Nothings ever gonna keep me down!”

Which reminds me… tomorrow, I have exciting news about how you can win a robot to clean your home! Yes, an actual real robot to vacuum your house!

Do you have a great story of how refreshed you feel after vacuuming your home with your Miele or other brand of vacuum you purchased from GoVacuum.com? Have a Miele Ariel vacuum review? Are you bored? Unemployed? Or just want to say hello? Email me… I need to keep up the appearance I’m busy or I’ll have to find a real job! justin@govacuum.com

GoVacuum Extends Its Business Hours!

When my boss Bill Anand shared with me a recent article he wrote about strategic partnerships, I was excited to read it. Afterwards I felt inspired about working with Bill, he then asked me if I knew the 6th element of success? I had no answer. He simply replied… “happy customers”.

It is such a high customer satisfaction rating that has enabled Bill to turn his little “retirement project” GoVacuum.com into one of the largest vacuum cleaner and commercial cleaning websites. This simple concept of making sure the customers are happy is often claimed, but very few actually have as high of a customer satisfaction rating as GoVacuum does. The reason for this is we go above and beyond what other companies do to please you, our customer. For example, we offer 60 day returns on our household products and shipping both ways is FREE!

The reason Bill was mentioning this to me was to explain, while it is great our customer service chat and phone support is available from 9:00am – 8:00pm EST, we are actually closed at 5:00pm to our customers on the west coast. He then explained how some customers are early birds on the east coast.

So he had a great idea, not only to extend our support and sales hours to 10:00pm EST, but to open even earlier at 8:00am EST. I said that sounds great! Yet, Bill being Bill and always trying implement things to make customers even happier, exclaimed “that’s not good enough”! “If we are going to provide great customer service, we need to do it every day of the week”, he said.

I started to wonder to my self, is it not enough that I go home and have to vacuum, yet alone when I sleep I dream of vacuums… now I won’t even have time to be home, because I’ll be working so much.

“We should be open Sunday as well”… BAM! THAT WAS IT! I think saw a flash of white light and started hallucinating vacuums, my vision was getting blurry, all I could see was Sebo uprights, Miele canisters and Vapamore steam cleaners circling around, my hearing started to go bad as well, I could only hear the loud noise of a broken Dyson vacuum. I had trouble breathing, this was no longer the EN1822 HEPA certified IQAir filtered air we breath in the office… Then, just as I was about to faint, he said the sweetest words I had ever heard. “We should hire more staff to help our customers with these extended hours”

Breathe in Breathe out, my vision cleared, and the sound of a bad Dyson clutch faded. “I think this is a great idea Bill”!

So here we are today, with a larger staff (it should be noted we only hire experienced vacuum industry professionals) and open 7 days a week!

Think about it… now, when you break that vacuum belt you can order it from an experienced representative at 9:39pm EST on Thursday night, then you can call us and we’ll explain how to install it, even if it’s on a Saturday night at 9:45pm EST! (We won’t question how thrilling your week was, that lead you to spending a Saturday night fixing and repairing your Hoover… honest!)

Now that we’re open Monday – Saturday from 8:00am-10:00pm EST and Sunday from 11:00am – 6:00pm EST, you can grab your new or recently repaired vacuum cleaner, put it in the hands of someone in your home and yell… GOVACUUM!

We are always looking for ways to make your experience better with GoVacuum. If you have any ideas, suggestions, or just want to say hi! Please feel free to email me justin@govacuum.com, I’m always willing to take your great idea to Bill and claim it as my own! :)

Home Steam Cleaning: Cleaner, Safer, Wiser

By Michele Kadison
I am a newcomer to the idea of steam cleaning, and now that I’ve done some research, it seems like this is the best way to go…. not just in terms of cleaning, disinfecting, and sanitizing the house , but also in terms of helping maintain the health of our families and the environment.

Steam cleaning involves vaporized water that is heated to over 200 degrees F and applied to surfaces via appropriate attachments.  The steam heat weakens the bonds between the surfaces and the dirt or stains that linger there.  Because all hard surfaces are in reality porous, the steam is able to dislodge embedded elements, killing microorganisms and sanitizing the area naturally.  With the heat creating an almost moisture-free cleaning agent, any type of surface can be wiped, rubbed, or scrubbed as needed, depending on the attachment tool you use.

Looking a lot like a conventional vacuum cleaner, a home steam cleaner is lightweight and easy to maneuver.  Units come in canister, upright, or hand-held models and include a wide range of attachment tools that make cleaning almost any surface a breeze.  You can use a steam cleaner on large surface areas such as tile floors and countertops, as well as on carpeting, upholstery, window screens, mirrors, car interiors, baked-on grills, toys, and everything in between, including removing dry cleaning solvent from clothing.  Steam cleaners are also highly effective in getting rid of animal smells, with no toxic substances that could potentially harm your pets.

Because the only ingredient used in a steam cleaner is water, you are able to do a complete cleaning without a single chemical.  Allergy free, this natural sanitizer banishes toxic residue, with nothing else but water washing down your drain into the communal water supply.

With better results than any other form of cleansing, steam cleaning your home eliminates bacteria, mildew, mold, viruses, toxins, and any other element that can cause infections, irritations, or allergies.  Allergens such as mites, pollen, and other microscopic pests are immediately killed once the surfaces on which they lodge are hit with steam heat.  This is the same for pathogens like E. Coli and salmonella, making a steam heat unit especially effective on kitchen surfaces.

I’ve looked at two steam heat cleaners, which are excellent choices once you decide to change your cleaning habits.

The Environmate Steam Cleaner T730A comes with a refillable built-in water tank with a light indicator to alert you when the water level is low.  This unit is great for tough chores and is made with a 1450 W heating system inside a stainless steel tank.  Included is an eleven-piece accessory kit, which means you have enough tools to clean the whole house.  The unit comes with a power switch on the handle, a pressure gauge for regulating power, and an automatic shut-off system for when the water level is too low for efficient cleaning.

The Lady Bug T2200S has a continuous water refill system and professional-grade cleaning tools.  This unit is made with an EPA-certified TANCS system, (Thermal Accelerated Nano Crystal Sanitation) that helps improve air quality as it removes chemical residues from the environment.  The system functions by heating nano-crystals in tap water, whereby they are activated to blast the cell membranes of microorganisms when initiated by heat.  This fast-acting disinfection is, according to Nelson Labs of Utah, ” thousands of times better than any directly applied water disinfecting system using chemicals.”

Though the initial investment when buying a home steam cleaning unit may be high, it evens out in the long run, and then some.  You won’t ever have to spend money on cleaning supplies again, which includes buckets, rubber gloves, disinfectants, polishers, glass cleaners, oven sprays, and the like.

The Right Kind of Monster, The Kind That Cleans – Monster EZ1 Steam Mop Review

The Monster EZ1 Steam Mop has impressed GoVacuum when it comes to performance, and value. Euroflex has just released the second edition of the popular upright steam mop, and have made some nice revisions to the new model. The only real complaint that I have heard on this machine was that the handle was flimsy, and was difficult to assemble. Euroflex listened to their customers, and completely redesigned the machine and added a metal telescoping handle to it, and simplifying the assembly. We have not heard a single complaint since this new design, and have done extensive testing of it ourselves.

The Monster EZ1 Steamer comes with a 1000 Watt Boiler, and heats the water to 266 degrees Fahrenheit. The unit can clean for up to 30 minutes of continuous steam before a refill is needed. When refilling the unit heats up to 266 degrees in only 3 minutes, and has a convenient indicator when the steam is ready, as well as the when the water needs to be filled.

Check out our Monster GoVacuum Video Review!

Unique to the Monster EZ1 Vapor Steamer is the four front mounted steam jets, which are activated by pulling the trigger in the handle. These jets are extremely helpful as they are able to loosen the dirt before the micro-fiber pad picks it up, usually getting even the ground in grease and grime up with one swipe of the pad. The Eurolex made Monster EZ1 also has a variable steam control, allowing to decrease the steam for cleaning delicate rugs, or cushioned vinyl floors. The pads on the Monster are also extremely easy to remove, and can be washed many times before having to replace them. The Monster EZ1 combines quality, and performance at a price that doesn’t break the bank. 4 Stars for the Monster EZ1 From GoVacuum.

So What Really Is The Best Vapor Steam Mop on the Market?

A growing trend in the Floor Care Industry currently is the use of residential steam mops. These eco-friendly products can not only clean just about any type of surface, but they also sanitize, and completely kill any germs, viruses, bacteria, almost on contact, all without any chemicals! Vapor steamers are also very effective in preventing the spread of colds, and flu viruses (even rumored to kill Swine Flu).

With their growing popularity, it may be difficult to choose the right steam mop for your specific household needs. As such, over the next few blog entries, we will be outlining GoVacuum’s favorite vapor steam mops on the market, specifically highlighting the features and benefits of each machine. In the meantime, we’ll provide you with some general information on vapor steam cleaners.

Vapor steam cleaners use a boiler to heat up regular tap water to temperatures between 200-320 degrees Fahrenheit within minutes causing the water to be transformed into a very fine, dry mist that drys very quickly.

Vapor Steam cleaners allow you to completely sanitize your home using only tap water, which allows you avoid using and storing chemicals in the home. As such, you no longer will have harmful chemical residues left behind when you clean your floors. Using a vapor steamer in your home may also help improve your homes indoor air quality since you no longer will be spreading harmful air molecules that chemicals can produce.

With the average consumer becoming distinctly aware of the impact they have on the environment, vapor steam cleaners also can help you reduce your carbon foot-print. Using such a machine will reduce your dependence on highly consumable products like sponges, mops, buckets, paper towels and expensive household chemicals.

Very Important! Please note that most Vapor steam manufacturers will make some claim that the machine can be used on carpets and rugs. Most will include a carpet bracket, sledge, or carpet tray that will be attached to the bottom of the steamer. Now the steamer can be used to sanitize and kill any bacteria or viruses in your carpets and rugs, but the steam cleaner is NOT meant to remove stains, or spills from carpets and rugs.  You will be very disappointed with a vapor steamer if you purchase it thinking it will do a great job on carpets and rugs. The vapor steamers are the most effective on bare surfaces.

-Chris Jones, Operations Manager