iRobot. A do it yourself guide to doing……..nothing.

Have you ever stopped in the middle of vacuuming and wished you lived a 100 years from now so a robot could do the housework while you relaxed? 

Welcome to the future.

iRobot is a company on the cutting edge of robotic design. The company designs military and home robots. The home robots are a popular vacuum product line known as the Roomba vacuums.

Roomba are hands free robotic vacuums that will clean your carpeting as if you were vacuuming with a traditional upright or canister vacuum. With just a push of a button the robotic vacuum will clean the room designated and even return itself back to its very own docking station.

Now I know if you’re like me you are probably asking yourself, “So when is the mowing the lawn, doing laundry, washing dishes, taking care of crying baby, rub your wife’s feet – robot coming out?”

I’m still waiting!!!


Until then at least you have a fantastic solution for cleaning your carpets.

That’s not all!!

iRobot has expanded their inventory and horizons by acquiring Evolution Robotics, makers of the Mint floor cleaning robot. The Mint floor cleaning robot focuses on cleaning hard surface floors.

Talk about a robotic cleaning army.

If your home is a 50/50 split between hard surface floors and carpeting or just mostly carpet, you will certainly want to consider the newest of the iRobot vacuum line such as the Roomba 630. One push of the button and you can walk away. The Roomba 630 features a patented 3 stage cleaning system with spinning side brushes to clean around edges while efficiently vacuuming dirt, debris, and even the dreaded pet hair.

Or if you want a more regimented approach, the Roomba 650 is equipped with a scheduler. So you set the time of when you want the robotic maid to get to work.

Both the Roomba 630 and 650 can adapt to various obstacles in the home. These robotic vacuums can go under beds and furniture, maneuver around loose wires, avoid stairs, use an acoustic sensor to detect the dirtiest parts of the floor and make multiple passes over the same area to ensure efficiency.

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Daily Deals… No Thank YOU!

Okay, I get informed by big boss man yesterday, I would have to attend a product launch from a leading vacuum company last night. Grrrrrr… this would effect my hectic work schedule, but he informed me there would be an open bar and free food, two of my favorite things, so I was happy to go!

Just as I finished up my 11th piece of salmon and capping off my second bottle of red grape juice, I was informed by that said boss man, he wanted to “increase my duties” at the company…. :(

No… No… NOOOOOOOOO!!! I’ve worked hard to get to this point of slacker and he wants to ruin that with work? Before I could react, he asked me if I knew what a daily deal was. I tried to pretend my hearing aid battery was low, but he knew I had just replaced them, because we had a conversation about them a day before, as he suggested I should get rechargeable vacuum batteries to use in them (I said he was scary looking, never funny).

He wasn’t buying it, he told me I need to start a daily deal section of our website and everyday I would need to offer a new discounted vacuum deal. Needless to say, that third bottle of juice was finished off rather quickly. What could I do? I felt deceived, but no one else will hire me sit in a hammock and blog all day, so I’m left with no other choice, but to say… without further delay. Drum Roll Please…. Introducing GoVacuum Daily Deals!

Everyday yours truly will have one of the GoVacuum misfits rummage thru our warehouse and find a product we have too many of, then I’ll go ahead and write something witty about it and come up with a huge discount off the regular price (Woot rip off much?).

A lot of items we’ll take a loss on, but it’s better then paying rent stocking these items in our warehouse. Some items will be vacuum cleaners that are new in the box, some will be returned open box returns that are in like new condition with fully warranties, some might be robotic vacuums or whatever we might find in the warehouse!

The good news for you, our customers is you will have savings as high as 90% off the regular price! Just check our website everyday to see what’s being offered, but buy quickly and think later! Daily Deals will be limited in quantity and you have 30-60 days to return them and we even pay shipping both ways! Just buy the items and if you don’t like them return them, zero risk or cost to you! My theory is if enough people buy stuff to try it out then return it, our daily deals will make use loose so much money he will stop the daily deals and I can get back to slacking! :) The bad news for me, is now I currently have to work between Jerry Springer and Maurry… :(

Excludes Miele products. Think I can turn this in to a “weekly deal” instead? Have an idea about how I can get out of doing work? Email me:

Round 2… I made it, but I’m losing & I need YOUR help! SOS!

Round 2… I made it, but I’m losing!

Okay, so big boss man decided that going toe to toe with me in the battle of the social networks was a good idea and thankfully so, because I really love my job and hope to keep it for a long time. Yet, on this second day in the ring against him, he filled his boxing gloves with metal weights and took some heavy shots at me. I need your help!

I woke up this morning feeling good, I put on my Russel Athletic hoodie sweatshirt and punched the air a few times like I was LL Cool J in the Mamma said knock you out video, started up my computer to see how many more likes I had then my boss, then reality hit me like K-fed after Britney… at that moment in time I had 102 Facebook likes on this blog and he had 133 on the website!

What the heck? We both were at 100 likes just two days ago. How can I be losing so badly? I discovered he pulled the big guns out. This intimidating man sent our newsletter early. Noooo… that’s not fair, fighting me with my own work!

While it may be hard for my fellow co-workers and blog readers to believe, I do work… seriously! I write this blog, but I also write a newsletter that’s filled with money saving coupons that’s emailed once or twice month depending on how heavy my workload is. Just the other day I got done with the next newsletter that was suppose to be sent out next week, but what did he do? He sent it out already!

Oy vey! Now he’s at 140 likes! So now customers are reading the newsletter that tells them they’ve been entered to win the Roomba 560, because everyone who receives our newsletter is automatically registered for our contest. Furthermore, they are informed in the newsletter they can double their chances to win by liking our Facebook page as well.

While this is good news for you, because you can be registered twice to win also, just by signing up for our newsletter and liking GoVacuum on Facebook, click here for the details.

It’s Bad news for me. I sit here with only 102 likes of this blog… and to make matters worse I told him I would publicly apologize for calling him out online and I’d even post a video of it on the blog (that would suck more then a Miele canister vacuum), but if I win I get free lunch for a week!

So can you help me out and post a link to this blog on your Facebook page? Tweet a link to this blog? Have a website? I’ll take a link from there as well! I can’t give you anything, but my thanks and a smile. :)

Look at it this way, you can be a innovator! You’re creating my blog street team and you’re a founding member!

Have you ever wanted to get back at your boss for making you work that extra shift or not giving you a raise? Then now’s you’re chance for sweet civil revenge by helping me out! C’mon help me out before I get knocked out in round 2! Pretend you’re Little Mac and fighting Bald Bill in Mike Tyson’s Punch Out! Let’s TKO him together! Hurry! Now he’s at 143!

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LaborDayAPalooza! My Labor Day Celebration…

It was a great LaborDayAPalooza!

It didn’t start off great, because I spent my labor day laying on the couch with a broken remote control. Which meant I had a major decision to make… would I stay true to myself and my Labor Day pact that I wanted to enact (I’m a poet, don’t you know it?) or would I falter and not continue my yearly Labor Day ritual celebration also known as LaborDayAPalooza?

Yes, to kick off LaborDayAPalooza, I start off the day by reiterating my pact in the mirror at 1:00pm every Labor Day morning just as I crawl out of bed. It goes like this, “I Justin refuse to remove my frame from the forged position I’ve cratered in the couch over the course of these years, because today is my day, the day I enjoy the fruits of my hard labor and celebrate by doing absolutely nothing for the entire day… today is about me… Happy LaborDayAPalooza Justin”!

After this motivational speech to the man in the mirror, I immediately start to dance and shake my money maker like I’m in an original ipod commercial.

You may be wondering how can I pull off such a glorious accomplishment every year without getting interrupted and having it all fall apart? Obviously it’s not an easy feat but, let me explain the details.

It may be hard for everyone reading this vacuum blog to believe that a guy with the skill and ambition who can organize his very own LaborDayAPalooza is single, but it’s true… I know, shocking right? (Don’t worry ladies, I’m accepting applications… slow down, form a single file line please) On the bright side of being singular, I don’t have to worry about any of distractions brought on by family. Nope, no kids running around and no wife telling me to mow the lawn or vacuum the carpets with my Miele Capricorn canister vacuum cleaner. Yep, it’s just me and my remote… alone… again… for another year… LaborDayAPalooza! ROCK ON!

Nonetheless, all was well as I had carefully planned and was properly equipped with everything I needed, I got all set up and was ready… To my right I had a 2 liter of my favorite soft drink, to my left I had three foot long subs just waiting to be devoured. Next to them I had a cooler full of ice. In my hand I held a 103 button remote control that would make Tim The Tool Man Taylor grunt with envy.

All seemed well, so I kicked off the festivities. I got into position. The polyester couch caressed my skin and welcomed me back home, I turned on the 7 foot television, but just as I was ready to change the channel… Tragedy struck! My whole world got turned upside down! LaborDayAPalooza was in jeopardy!

My remote control had dead batteries! What the?!! %#(*^@!)$!!! Noooooooooooooooo!

I should have know better then to purchase the 103 button remote, why didn’t I buy the better 124 button model that uses rechargeable batteries that could easily be replaced just like a rechargeable vacuum has? Ahhhhhhhhh!!!

So, it was the moment of truth. What was I to do? I had to reflect on my life, examine where I was and question my self. Was it a easy path getting to this elite bachelor status? Had any of my friends ever achieved such great accomplishments? Forcing myself to ponder these deep thoughts made me have a moment of clarity…

It was at the moment I questioned life, its meaning, and who else besides me has pulled off 11 straight years of such greatness on Labor Day? Who else even had a LaborDayAPalooza besides old Justin? Was I gonna let 16 dead D batteries ruin my festivities? After all I had months of planning into this…

Now, before you prejudge me and my lazysusan that sits on each end table, please keep an open mind to the true genius behind this celebration! The 2 liter of soda was diet RC Cola, good luck finding that on a store shelf in 2011! The 3 subs are Jared’s favorite and had only 440 calories in each 6” half! The ice cubes in the cooler are purified by with the help of my EdenPURE Aqua 2000 Water Filtration System!

Yes! I think it’s pretty safe to say I live a active and healthy lifestyle all while living the LaborDayAPalooza dream! Which is why I couldn’t just abandon my brainchild event that represents freedom and rewards me for the labor I endure everyday of working at

President Kennedy once said, “Ask not what your country can do for you, but what you can do for your country!” While pondering his words, It was at this defining moment, I knew what I had to do.

I did what any true American man would do, not just for me, but for every true American man who is a LaborDayAPaloozaless family man… I did nothing… I sat there, but I enjoyed myself, because the channel I was on had on was playing a Rocky movie marathon, yes, all 6 Rocky movies (I must admit, I love Rocky, but the 5th Rocky movie… still hard to stomach)!

Anyhows… I placed the remote on the lazysusan, spun it around, forgot about the channel and volume buttons, popped the cap of the cola, tore open a sub and began to celebrate and enjoy my Labor Day, all while my Roomba 440 robotic vacuum cleaned my house!

In the words of a humble wise man who drinks tiger blood named Charlie Sheen… my GoVacuum blog reading friends, I was…. WINNING!

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Win A Robot That Will Clean Your Home! GoVacuum!

“I don’t wanna hear how tired you are! Go get the heavy Kirby upright vacuum cleaner and GOVACUUM!”

Ever had a bad day and scream that at your kid, husband or wife? We hope not… well, we always encourage telling someone to GoVacuum! We just hope you exclaim this in a happy, jokingly manner.

What if you lived in a house where you walked in the door after a hard day of work and your home was clean, without having to ever vacuum? What if you still knew how to party and could do what you really loved for a living… like blog about vacuums? What if I didn’t try to shamelessly self promote the term GoVacuum!? Well… like my boy Wayne from Wayne’s World says… it might happen.

Seriously, my party time, excellent, friends… It might happen! I can’t assure you, you’ll love your job, but I can assure you, you may never have to vacuum again! How? By doing absolutely nothing, that’s how (well, almost nothing)!

Yes, much like I’ll be doing tomorrow on Labor Day to celebrate LaborDayAPalooza (read this blog again on Tuesday, so you will understand), you don’t have to do much! That’s because we at Govacuum not only rock like Wayne and Garth because we offer the best Miele vacuum reviews on our website and free shipping with 60 days returns (shameless ain’t I?), but because we are having a contest!

A contest that requires no purchase! Yeah, we know that’s the law and all, but that’s not why we’re not requiring you to not buy anything to enter. Nope, we are just good people like that! Seriously! All the owner wants me to do is sign up people for our newsletter that’s filled with GoVacuum money saving coupons, sales, savings and my random goofy ramblings.

What? You don’t find me funny? Ummmmmm… Okay… well… this is a bit of an awkward turtle…

Fine then! Don’t sign up for our money saving newsletter… just like us on Facebook and you will be entered to win as well! Better yet, do both and DOUBLE your chance to win!

What are you winning? Well, what do you expect based off what I said? A vacuum that cleans your home on its own? Is this a parallel universe where vacuums clean your home on their own?

Before I answer that, just be thankful, you’re not Jerry O’connell and not because your lackluster acting career is all but stagnant, but because you’re not stuck trying to find your way home sliding from parallel Earth to parallel Earth like he was in Sliders.

Once entered you will be qualified to win a Irobot Roomba 560! Which in my opinion is far cooler then R2-D2! While the Roomba 560 is nothing out of Star Wars, it sure is sweet and fun to watch!

The Irobot Roomba 560 will run all day while you’re at work to vacuum your hardwood floors, tile, laminate, area rugs, carpeting and most all other flooring surfaces.

Just sign up for our GoVacuum newsletter or like us on Facebook and… VaVoom! You’re instantly entered to win! =)

We’ll make sure to have this to your home by the holidays so Santa won’t have to bring you an Irobot Roomba 560 if you’re our grand prize winner!

What? You want to buy a Roomba 560 now? Well… OK, we will allow you to buy a Roomba 560 now or the Roomba 440, whichever your prefer… see I told you we’re nice people!

Yes, we got so carried away with this contest we even had Santa and one of his taller elves film a commercial for us (I hope Santa keeps his job, I don’t envision acting as a full time career for the jolly guy).

To read more about this Roomba 560 contest we are orchestrating click here. Until you win or buy your very own Roomba 560GoVacuum!!!

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Step right up, everybody’s a winner… well… maybe not everyone…

Last night I decided to go to the local fair and heard a dentally challenged carny yelling at me to step right up and take his challenge, all while I filled my face with a deep friend Oreo (I just lost 100 pounds, I can eat reward myself from time to time with a gluttonous treat… don’t judge me).

Old man Justin is never one to back down to a challenge, so I stepped right up to his booth and took on his challenge. No, not the challenge of repairing years of dental neglect he endured, but the one of throwing a basketball into a hoop.

I took the shot… AIRBALL! At this point I’m questioning the angle of the basketball rim. I started to believe, it, much like this fine human specimen of carnival fair were as crooked as his two teeth. This was a simple shot, I could make it!

So I decided to walk away, because at $1 a shot, I would be broke soon as the fried Oreo was my last of the bakers dozen I purchased 15 minutes earlier (what? You don’t get to be 100 lbs over weight by eating healthy).

Yet, as I walked away he called me chicken… I stopped dead in my tracks, turned my head and in my best Marty McFly, I pretty much lived out this scene from Back To The Future 3: (without the door)

Chicken? I think not! I reached into my wallet grabbed a $5 bill and in my best Al Bundy impersonation, I turned my hat backwards and exclaimed…. let’s rock!

No basketball or sideshow character was gonna get the best of me! I grabbed the basketball and dribbled, while I heard this animated fellow talking smack and laughing as I proceeded to miss all 5 shots.

It was not my greatest moment in life, yet, I tried to smile, but with black Oreo goo stuck between my teeth it made his $5 richer grin look better then my smile. At this point I walked away… feeling like a total loser.

I then decided to find happiness in my take home funnel cake. Yet, once home while feasting on even more calories and sugar, the strawberry topping dripped on the tile floor and only area rug I have. REALLY? I started to question could this night get any worse?

As I sat back as a unhappy single man on the “love seat” couch, I wanted to give up and cry… but I heard Joe Esposito playing in my head…

I had an epiphany. I couldn’t allow a rude carny to afflict my mood, I just couldn’t allow his toothless teasing to get to me!

After cleaning the dessert up off the carpet, I used the Lindhaus Velocity Pure Power stain remover to clean the fruit stain, then blotted it up with my Skoy cloth. Then I used my Reliable Deluxe Total Home Cleaning Package which has a Reliable T2 Steamboy (not the terminator T2) and the P7 Pronto hand steamer to clean the tile and touch up the whole carpet. Plus the Reliable P7 got the strawberry grim off the glass table top in in nooks and cranny corners. I then grabbed my Miele Galaxy Ariel s5211 vacuum cleaner with a certified HEPA filter and vacuumed up the carpeting and bare floor.

After that I felt clean, refreshed and… a winner… because… “Nothings ever gonna keep me down!”

Which reminds me… tomorrow, I have exciting news about how you can win a robot to clean your home! Yes, an actual real robot to vacuum your house!

Do you have a great story of how refreshed you feel after vacuuming your home with your Miele or other brand of vacuum you purchased from Have a Miele Ariel vacuum review? Are you bored? Unemployed? Or just want to say hello? Email me… I need to keep up the appearance I’m busy or I’ll have to find a real job!

Me, Myself & Irene… & a Looj…

So… after the great earthquake shook us just outside the nations capitol in Virginia, Hurricane Irene decided she would make an appearance (The striking of both at the same time shall be known as a QuakeAcane from now on).

We got some pretty good rain and a lot of wind, but we can’t complain as no one in the GoVacuum family was hurt or got flooded. There is damage around the area (checkout the neighbors new car across the street from my parents house about 40 miles away), but the worst we got here at the GoVacuum World Headquarters was a lake outside the office which is suppose to be a “drainage system”.

Hurricane Irene was not a joke, many people have died and lost their homes. We are very blessed that we didn’t get the worst of it. Due to the damage and flooding, we have had a huge increase in extractor sales and have place one of our best selling Royal 7910 extractor on sale at $100 off & 10% off the sale price (use coupon code royal10) to help in the clean up.

In an effort to always try and look at the bright side and turn a negative into a positive, I took home a very cool product to play with last night! Yes, maybe I’m still that 16 year old kid who works at KB Toys, who is just happy because I got to play all day at work (somethings never change), but this toy is awesomely cool by everyone’s standards!

OK, drum roll please… the product I’m blabbering on about is the remote controlled gutter cleaning robot! Yes, IRobot the makers of the Roomba 560 robotic vacuum cleaner and the Verro 330 robotic pool cleaner have come up with it! Officially known as the IRobot Looj 125 Gutter Cleaning Robot, but unofficially known as the funniest thing we sell on GoVacuum.

Here is how my night went down, I got home and took it out of the box, it was only then I discovered how radical this robot is! It… it’s… it’s got a wireless remote control!

I was instantly taken back to a time when I raced my Tyco Zero Gravity tack cars and my Tyco Turbo Hoppers!

Yes, I was reminded of a younger youth, but now I’m older and my toys are much cooler. I mean the Irobot Looj 125 has tank tracks on the bottom nothing from the late 80′s had that, did it? I placed the little Looj on the floor and started it up. It zipped across my floor and the front auger that was spinning at 500 rpm’s slapped and smacked the tile. My eyes lit up and I immediately ran (yes, I actually ran) to the shed to grab a ladder.

As I placed the ladder up on the gutter I thought to myself, I don’t know if it will actually clean the gutter really well as we just had a little taste of hurricane Irene and the leaves are wet. Nonetheless, I zipped up the steps and cleared out about a two foot section of leaves, then I lowered down the Looj and grabbed the remote (this is where I will recommend not have the Looj aimed to cross under the ladder or you will end up covered in wet leaves and debris, not cool, but something I did).

After saying a few things that would cause my mom to grab a bar of soap to clean my mouth out, I proceeded to clean my face off. Then restarted the little Looj. I was in awe as I watched it crawl down the gutter. I can’t describe how cool this thing is! It’s like you are a coal miner tunneling for diamonds or coal. It’s just flat out FUN to use!

As a gutter cleaner this thing is fantastic! The front end flaps around and the leaves fall down and on the ground, I would buy it alone for the fact it works, that and my fingernails take forever to get the grime out of after gutter cleaning. I mean forget the fact it’s really cool! As an actual product the Looj is worth every penny!

The only problem was my gutters were cleaned in a couple of minutes. I was kinda disappointed that I had to stop playing with it… or did I?

Before I knew it I was racing it on the driveway, the farm cat and turkeys thought it was fun too! I tried to shoot a video, but it was dark out by that point, but here is the official video.

Ladies, wives, girlfriends, do yourself a favor… buy this for your man! He will leave you alone for hours playing with the new beloved toy and your gutters will be clean, all year around (just because it’s fun) and for just $129.95 how can you not buy it? It makes the perfect Birthday or Christmas gift… Just be warned of karma, for you might receive a vacuum as a gift on valentines day!

If you have a Looj and shot a cool video? Have a Irobot Looj 125 review? email it to me, or if you want to buy one, or ask me any questions… email me! got an idea? Email Me!!! :)

Cleaning Memories and The Vacuum Renaissance

As a child I remember how much I loved to play outside, my mother would have to call my name numerous times before I would return home. Once I finally made it back to my exasperated mom, I could see steam emit from her ears like Rosie the maid in the Jetsons because I had just schlepped all the dirt on her carpet from my shoes!

After I ate dinner and watched my siblings eat dessert, it was my job to vacuum the entire house. I remember how I dredged vacuuming; it was such a chore having to use an upright for the carpets and a canister for the floors. I always remembered Rosie!
Why couldn’t the future be here soon? I really wanted my very own robot so I didn’t have to vacuum.

20 some years later here I sit at work for writing this. Perhaps this is karma for my many years of making her carpets dirty and trying to get out of vacuuming? I don’t know, but I know the future is now and I never have to vacuum again!

This means life is good, not only because I work for the best vacuum website on the Internet, but because robot vacuums are here and invading our homes!

Now before you start to freak out, by saying invade, I’m not saying the day of man vs machine is here and good thing, because I don’t have a lot of faith that John Conner will defeat the Terminators anyhow, but I’m saying is we have machines do a lot for us already in our home so why not embrace a robotic vacuum cleaner?

Everyday I use a robot to wash my dishes, automatically rake the kitty litter box clean, warm up my TV dinner (yeah, maybe life isn’t that great, but I digress), and clean the pool plus so much more. Why would I not allow a robot to automatically clean my floors and carpet?

Do you think after 14 years of working in the vacuum business I want to go home and vacuum? Especially after my mom scared me as a child with my vacuuming chores? While I do love the vacuum industry, and really enjoy working in it, I really don’t like to go home and have to vacuum. Who does like to get off work and go home and work more? Anyone? Anyone? Bueller? Bueller?

So you can imagine my excitement when my boss at allowed me to take home the Roomba 440 and try it!

Actually I had no excitement, I joked around that this little thing wouldn’t clean the fuzz off my teeth, yet alone clean my carpet so we made a bet. My boss joked with me if I didn’t like it has the best return policy in the business of 60 days so I would be fine. I said no thanks, I hate to vacuum and that’s why I pay a cleaning service to do it.

He then made a bet with me! If I didn’t like it, he would pay for one week of the cleaning service, but if I did like it, I had to clean all the bathrooms at work and write an article about how much I love my Roomba robot vacuum.

He was right! That little sucker not only was used as a hoverboard by my cat, but also really cleaned my carpets great! It takes a lot for a vacuum to impress me, but this little round space shuttle looking device got up the cat’s hair! I can actually invite my friends over again (provided they bring me home cooked meals) because while I’m at work admitting defeat, that little vacuum booger is at home cleaning my carpets!

Now that I’ve cleaned three bathrooms used by all the employees here, he then shamed me into installing the most… let’s just say, unique device we sell called CleanButt Bidet Spa

So here I sit admitting defeat AGAIN. I was wrong (there happy?) and thus, I’m writing this article, but do I care? Nope, I just saved myself hundreds of dollars a year by firing my housekeeper and replacing it with a Roomba robotic vacuum that only cost $199.99!

So who really won the bet I ask you?

Robot Vacuuming with Roomba

 By Michele Kadison

Ok, ok, so I can’t stop talking about these robotic vacuums!  Its just hard to get over the fact that I don’t have to do it myself anymore… that I can have my own personal cleaning device to do all the work more thoroughly than I ever could.

I’ve just checked out the Roomba vacuum, which is a state of the art cleaning “angel”invented by the geniuses at IRobot.  This is the future looking us square in the face saying, rest… relax… enjoy life… let me do the work!

The Roomba is made with patented technology that makes this state-of-the-art vacuum cleaner one of the best around.  Picking up hair, dirt, and debris from any type of surface, the Roomba comes with a special anti-tangle technology that allows it to vacuum even fringed rugs and electrical cords.  Imagine all that dust accumulating in that fringe and around those cords… effortlessly and finally gone!  The Roomba includes a spinning brush that cleans corners, edges, and along walls, and also incorporates two counter-rotating brushes that whip away large debris.  Because it is so compact, the unit easily glides underneath furniture, going where any man or woman might fear to tread.  And to top it off, the Roomba has an infrared sensor that keeps it from falling off stairs and ledges along with two sensors designed to direct the vacuum cleaner towards especially dirty areas in a room.

And just when you think you’re jaw can’t drop any further, here’s the best part: the Roomba has 15 sounds that speak to you, advising you on the tasks it has accomplished and are about to do like “done,” “back up,” and “found charger.”  Found charger just threw me for a loop because this means that the unit goes back home on its own to recharge once the battery is low.  Some of the newest Roomba models are now created to clean up to four rooms on a single charge, making this mighty household appliance a true force.

The Roomba has a memory.  It will remember the layout of a room for all cleaning moments to come.  Newer models even allow you to program the unit to turn on every day at a specific time so that you can return home to immaculately clean floors.  There is even a special ‘pet series’ which is specifically designed to pick up hair balls, dander, and any other type of pet debris.

This time saving wonder is not expensive, and well worth looking into if, like me, you would rather delegate floor cleaning to something that is infinitely more talented at it than you can ever be!

iRobot Roomba Vacuums – Do They Live Up To Their Hype?

As much as we would all like to have the time to clean regularly, that simply isn’t the case. Despite our best intentions, one way or another things always seem to push cleaning to the back of the to-do list. This is the main reason why the iRobot Roomba vacuum is such a popular product on the market. But does it live up to the hype? The GoVacuum team investigated, and the results are in.

Depending on what you’re looking for, a Roomba could be the perfect vacuum for you. Its appeal isn’t hard to understand. The Roomba operates by itself, meaning there’s no need for you to even be in the house, let alone push it around, during cleaning. Liken it to a remote-controlled toy truck that runs around without you having to move the joystick.

Some Roomba models can even be time-programmed, meaning you can have it clean your house or apartment while you’re at work or out of the house everyday.

Of course, none of that really matters if the thing can’t clean. Here’s where your expectations come into play. If you’re looking for an industrial-strength vacuum with bells and whistles that will leave your floor spotless, the Roomba won’t fulfill your cleaning needs. But if you’re looking for an everyday sweeper that will keep your floor looking clean when you’re too busy to vacuum yourself, look no further than your friendly robotic vacuum. It might not pick up every single particle of dirt, but it does an adequate job.

The Roomba machines are perfect for:

- People who hate vacuuming or simply don’t have the time to clean

- The elderly or those who don’t want to strain their body pushing around a traditional vacuum

- College students who aren’t going to clean after themselves

While the Roomba may not be the most powerful vacuum on the market, it’s unrivaled when it comes to those in-between maintenance cleanings to keep your place tidy. It’s also helpful for those who, frankly, aren’t going to clean otherwise. Trust us; pressing a button is far less daunting than spending an hour vacuuming every inch of your floor. Fortunately, with that single press of a button the Roomba will do it for you.