Buried Alive?!? An upright and canister vacuum tag team has a solution.

For consumers overcome with pet hair and / or tasmanian messes, one company has found a way for you to dig your way out.


GoVacuum.com has devised a plan to tackle the pet hair and kid’s messes without having to hire a commercial contracter from the HGTV!



Presenting the Miele S2181 Titan Canister Vacuum and the Miele S194 Quickstep Vacuum!!!!!!!!!!

This Heavyweight Tag Team, Miele S2181 Titan and S194 Quickstep, could really use the same motto as Brett Hart, famous pro wrestler, when he was in the infamous Hart Foundation.

This is the “best there is, best there was, and the best there ever will be!”

Now I know what you’re thinking, “wow Mike, do you hype much?”

Well yes, but only for the items I think deserve it, like cheese fries, homemade apple pies, sweet potato fries, and now this ultimate creation of vacuum awesomeness!

The Miele S2181 Titan Canister Vacuum features a 1200 watt motor, HEPA filtration, and a SEB217 power nozzle for all medium to low pile carpet vacuuming.

The S2181 is designed to be a lightweight, versatile powerhouse, so the consumer can obliterate pet hair and dander no matter what domesticated or wild (your choice, I do not judge) animals you might have living with you, especially with the bonus STB 101 Handheld turbo tool that we have included!

I know that info just blew your mind but you’re going to have to pull yourself together!!! THERE’S MORE!!!!!!

I know, if you’re like me, sometimes you just don’t feel like getting up off the couch to get that remote left by the TV.

Well that also applies to when the tasmanian devils (children) make a small mess and you just don’t feel like getting the main upright or canister vacuum out to clean it up.

First, the main upright or canister vacuum is all the way down in the other closet that you just don’t feel like walking to. Second, you then have to get everything out and attach the right attachments to clean up the said mess, which also depends on which type of floor the mess is on.

I’m just hypothetically talking about the mess and I am feeling the angst!

That leads me to the Miele S194 Quickstep.

The Miele S194 is a powerful, versatile broom vacuum that can perform like an upright vacuum, especially with the SEB 236 powernozzle that comes with it, which can also be disassembled into a handheld canister vacuum.

The S194 is slim and very lightweight. This makes it easy to inconspicuously keep just off to the side of the kitchen or kid’s playroom and grab at a moment’s notice.


Now don’t hurt yourself running to tell your friends and family about this amazing combination of tag team vacuuming excellence, combining the best of the upright and canister worlds!



Feel free to send all of your “thank you” emails to michaelodell@govacuum.com




Clark Kent to Superman! A vacuum’s metamorphosis to better cleaning.

One company shows how a vacuum can go from a traditional mild mannered canister to a pet hair destroyer with a long jab!!

This is the Miele S5211 Ariel Canister vacuum cleaner. At first glance it looks like your standard canister vacuum for cleaning, as if any canister made by the Miele Company can be called standard, but for the sake of this blog, its standard.

Well, we at GoVacuum thought about it and wanted to take a very popular vacuum that was only designed for hard surface floor cleaning and area rugs with low pile, and transform this vacuum into a pet hair grabbing, allergen filtering, ‘who cares how tall your staircase is’ extra long reach entity.

No we don’t have a god complex, more like Frankenstein.

So why not take a popular Miele canister vacuum and put a combination of accessories together so the consumer, especially pet lovers, has more amenities at their disposal?

So we did.


The Miele S5211 Ariel Canister vacuum w/ Hepa filter, STB 101 turbo tool, and SFS10 extension hose.

We took the S5211 Ariel, added the AH50 HEPA filter, so now the machine can filter 99.99% of all particles to the smallest 0.3 microns, and is also lined with charcoal to eliminate odors.

So stop blaming the dog (which is my go-to line) for that unpleasant odor and start using the HEPA filter that’s lined with charcoal.

We then added the STB Hand Held turbo tool. This turbo tool has a rotating brush which is driven by the airflow (suction) of the vacuum, and does a masterful job of grabbing pet hair off of all types of fabrics.

Finally we added the SFS10 extension hose. Everyone wants to leave the machine at the bottom of the stairs and just take the nozzle. Now you can.

I can just hear the roar of the crowd now!

The deafening applause to our creation.

Our main goal at GoVacuum is to give you honest recommendations of machines that will meet your cleaning needs the best, and come up with combinations of additional accessories to anticipate what those cleaning needs might be or what you will find useful within everyday life.


After purchasing the machine please send all of your “thank you” emails to michaelodell@govacuum.com

Sebo X4 Pet Edition Picks Up

I recently received a review and testimonial letter from a happy SEBO X4 Pet Edition customer. This customer had purchased a Sebo X4 Pet Edition from the only online seller where they can buy it… GoVacuum.com.

I got so excited that a customer sent me a testimonial I had one of the misfits grab his camera phone and we shot this video of how the Sebo X-4 Pet Edition works!

It’s with out a doubt the best vacuum for pet hair in an upright form and with 60 day in home trials and free shipping paid BOTH ways, plus we just lowered the price at GoVacuum.com! The best place to buy your Sebo X4 Pet Edition from!

Here is the video and below that is the customers letter…

Shake, Rattle, Roll… EARTHQUAKE… in Virginia?

Well… yesterday started off as a normal morning for me, I woke up, I did my normal morning routine of exercise, shower and eat breakfast… and then… an earthquake!

I’ve been getting behind on blog entries so I decided the night before I would write one yesterday about the Miele B990 Rotary Iron Mangle we started selling recently.

When I was ready to walk outside I realized, WOW! It’s really an incredibly beautiful day with perfect weather, so I had only 2 choices, call in sick (but I don’t do that unless I’m really sick, as karma would ensure I’d get a rare form of illness) or take the day off. Now… this is where my creativity came into play. I called the big boss man and explained my dilemma, he told me to just work from home writing for ½ the day. I LOVE MY JOB!

So the mood was set for a great blog entry, hammock – check, laptop with wifi – check, big glass of EdenPURE 2000 filtered water – check, sunshine and 70 degrees – check… earthquake centered about 50 miles from my home– check!

Here’s how it went down, I was just finishing up the blog entry and all of a sudden I heard what I thought was my stomach growling, then it got louder and I thought it was a train, but I live in the country where there’s not a train for miles, just about then the hammock started to swing. I looked up at my house and noticed the chimney dancing around. It took a couple of moments for me to realize what was happening, then I jumped up and ran inside the house (now, I know what you’re thinking, hey kid genius you’re suppose to run outside during an earthquake not inside!). I know to stop, drop and roll, but this is only my second earthquake, thus I’m still learning.

As I got back inside the basement, it stopped. That was it. I looked around, a few things fell off the shelf, but nothing broke. I questioned myself, did we just had an earthquake? No way!

I called my loved ones and then tried the GoVacuum office and warehouse, but the phone lines were not working. I texted and got a reply that everyone was alright, no injuries. I figured at this point, I should go into work, but the fear of an aftershock derailed my intent of riding my motorcycle. I was excited to get there, as I knew I would hear some cool stories about the earthquake centered approximately 70 miles from our warehouse.

One of the funniest is how, an employee I call Superman just bolted out the door, he just stood up from his desk and ran outside (maybe I need a lesson from him on earthquakes). The other was how Michael was taking an order and looked outside at the surrounding buildings and blinds shaking then turn back and continued to help a customer who ordered the wrong bags.

The big east coast earthquake 2011 made for some fun excitement at GoVacuum. Then I walked through the warehouse. I was reminded of how lucky we are no one or stock was damaged, but then I walked to the back corner where we keep our returned inventory, floor demos and open stock vacuums and air purifiers. Well… so much for no damage!

It turns out we had more then a few machines fall from the shelves in this area. So much for my easy going relaxing day, as the rest of the night was spent inspecting the packaging, the contents and making sure they all turned on and operated properly. Luckily they all are fine and in great working order! The boxes took all the damage. Just one problem, now we have to sell them and the owner would prefer sooner then later! So he has done something he has never done before, he is allowing YOU the customer to name your own price!

He told me to make a list of not just these fallen few plus all of the open stock and returned machines that have been inspected and “sell them fast”… so as of today we are having our official GoVacuum.com “Earthquake Of Savings Sale”!

These prices are so low we can’t list them online at our website, as many manufactures will only allow us to sell at a certain price on our website, if we offer it for less online they will not allow us to sell their vacuums anymore. Yes, even if they are open stock items! The solution? Call US! Just pick up the phone an call us! You WILL save money!

That’s right, if you call GoVacuum at 888-468-2210 we can let you know what vacuum for your cleaning situation we recommend and we will check to see if we have it in open stock. The owner has authorized deep discounts as he wants these machines to be sold ASAP! (I think he is worried about hurricane Irene now!) There has never been a better time to invest in your home and air quality then right now!

Call 888-468-2210 Today! You have 30 days to return the machine if you aren’t 100% satisfied with your purchase! I mean, you are dealing with GoVacuum.com the most pro-consumer and best vacuum cleaner website in the world!

Earthquake vacuum sale

Now for the legal Mumbo jumbo: These are being sold on a first call, first serve basis. Sorry, but no rain-checks, no layaway’s, limit of 5 vacuums per caller. Excludes Miele, Sebo & IQ Air888-468-2210!GoVacuum Machines After The Great Virginia Earthquake!GoVacuum after the earthquake

Bona Hardwood Floor Mop to the rescue!

I’m not the shyest person you have never met, I love to interact with people, its not all Hayden central vacuums, Miele Cat & Dog and Koblenz floor polishers with me! No Sir! I love the whole human element of not only life, but also of this home called GoVacuum.com.

I know 1st hand how annoying and hard it can be to get an actual human on the phone, not just with females, who for some reason always seem to be busy washing their hair when I try to call them, but in business. I like being able to pick up the phone and reach a company that wants my business, because if they are not there before the sale, they sure won’t be there after when I need service.

That’s why I have to post (with her permission) this email I received from a customer. Yes, it’s us bragging! We show no remorse or shame when it comes to touting our nearly 100% customer rating (perhaps this no shame thing is the reason so much shampoo is being used in my personal life?)! Nonetheless, here it is, a customer and her GoVacuum story…

I recently moved into a new apartment – my first with hardwood floors. Once the boxes were unpacked and it was beginning to feel like home, I was ready to make my floors shine for my housewarming party. I brought out my trusty vacuum cleaner, thinking that by using the hardwood floor setting it could get the job done. To my dismay, I was still left with a film of dirt and a few sticky areas from the previous tenants. What to do…?

Enter: GoVacuum.com! While I was Googling what to do, I came across your website. I read about the Bona hardwood floor mop! I’d used the Swiffer Wetjet in the past so I was familiar with the idea of a spray mop. I called your service center where Michael helped me. He was very polite and courteous, he explained how the mop is an Earth friendly product because the pads are washable, he told me the Bona mop is a step above comparable products. I read how your company is a very trusted one online with reviews and testimonials, plus you had the 60 day return policy with free shipping and it was only $59, so I placed an order with Michael.

I was pleased when I ordered the mop on Monday while out on my lunch break and how I had it the next evening. The first thing I noticed was the surface area of the mop head – it’s large enough that I can clean my floor in half the time that it would have taken with the Swiffer, but it’s still easy to maneuver and I REALLY like how it’s collapsible for upright storage. I’m also very pleased with the microfiber cleaning pad – it leaves my floors spotless without scratching them and can be machine washed up to 300 times! This makes Mother Earth and my wallet happy. Michael said, how Bona’s specially formulated hardwood floor cleaner is also the safer option to use at home, especially around children and pets, he must be right, because they party was great and no people or pets got sick, but they are still tearing up my new apartment and hardwood floors… what more could a active mom ask for?

GoVacuum.com, Michael and Bona are my new BFF’S! Thank you sooooooo much!

I’m always excited to receive an email, thus if you have a GoVacuum story, please email me justin@govacuum.com and you never know, it may just become my next blog post!

Vacuums: Not just for cleaning anymore

Think the sole use for your vacuum is cleaning floors? Think again.

A Green Bay, Wisconsin mother learned that lesson this Christmas when her children gave her a vacuum cleaner as a gift. Upon opening the box she was surprised to find over four pounds of crystal methamphetamine and cocaine valued at over $280,000. Police say that the drugs were probably put in the box by smugglers before it was shipped from Juarez, Mexico.

(Read the full story in the Green Bay Press Gazette here: http://www.greenbaypressgazette.com/apps/pbcs.dll/article?AID=2011101150692)

There are two lessons to keep in mind from this story. First, vacuum cleaners make great gifts! They may not be at the top of everyone’s wish list, but they are necessary for keeping a clean home and are always useful. If you’re shopping for a gift for newlyweds, new parents, or someone who’s just moved residences, they are likely in need of a vacuum. These Wisconsin kids were clearly on to something when they chose this gift for their mom.

Second, and more importantly, this story reminds us that there are many uses for a vacuum aside from cleaning. So dust off that old Hoover and get ready to put it to a new use!

Lull a baby to sleep

In the womb, a baby becomes comfortable with a lot of different sounds. Infants often need white noise in order to recreate that sense of security when falling asleep. The sound of a vacuum cleaner creates the perfect womb-like environment.

Stop a bug infestation

Got a fruit fly problem in your kitchen? One of the quickest ways to stop the rapidly multiplying invaders is to suck them up with your vacuum cleaner. The hose attachment will help you get them in all those hard-to-reach places!

Retrieve lost jewelry

Have you lost jewelry or other small items behind the radiator or under the couch? Consider using your vacuum to suck it out from wherever it’s stuck! Don’t forget to replace your bag with a clean one first so you’re not digging through piles of dust for your earring…

Manipulate your cat

Yes, it’s sad when terrified cats run for their lives upon hearing the vacuum. But if you need to prevent your cat from going into a certain area – perhaps you just painted your living room walls and don’t want them to rub up on the wet paint – it will do the trick every time!

And finally, just for fun…

Rob a bank

Thieves in France known as the “Vacuum Burglars” have used a powerful vacuum cleaner to steal money from 15 supermarkets over the past 4 years. The gang has stolen over 500,000 Euros by drilling a hole in the pneumatic tube that siphons money to the safe, then sucking out the rolls of cash with a vacuum. Creative, but we don’t condone this use!


My Latest Cleaning Revelation

By Michele Kadison

Where have I been?  I have had pets all my life and it has been a constant struggle between my love for them and my antipathy towards the fur and dander they leave behind.  Vacuuming, dusting, and mopping becomes a constant with a dog and several cats in the house, as all of you pet lovers know.  Pillows scoured with lint rollers that barely do the job, carpets that need going over and over to remove imbedded hairs, it’s a never-ending cycle.

Only recently did I find the miracle sponge known as the Gonzo Pet Hair Lifter.  This is a dry sponge that needs no water or chemicals in order to work like a dream.  With this sponge, you don’t need to vacuum or dry clean to remove pet hair and dander.  Just wipe any surface and all the debris rolls up into a ball that is easy to pick off and toss into the trash.  There is no trace of residue and you can use the sponge on any type of surface, including clothing, bedding, drapers, upholstery, lampshades, carpets, wallpaper, and wood.  It’s also great for cleaning regular dirt and dust, as well as pollen.  I’ve been cleaning my window screens, Venetian blinds, and the inside of my car with it and getting amazing results.  You can even use it on lights, ceiling vents, baseboards, acoustical tiles, as well as for cleaning your computer screen.

Once the Gonzo Pet Hair Lifter gets dirty, all you have to do is wash it with soap and water, let it dry, and its ready for reuse.  Because it is made of all natural materials, it’s toxin-free and environmentally safe.  So if you have pets, whether they be dogs, cats, horses, or lions, take my advice and get yourself this magical sponge, which takes the headache and backache out of keeping your surroundings clean.

Ask GoVacuum: What can I use to vacuum my cat?

I would like to get a small vacuum to use on the cat. I have used my big vacuum with a long hose and a soft brush on the end on the cat and that was acceptable to the cat ;-) so I would like to get a small QUIET hand held one that wouldn’t freak the cat out. I tried a Shark? one that was advertised as quiet but it was everything except quiet! Obviously I only need one with fairly low suction, don’t want the cat stuck to it.. /Peter

Dear Peter,

Well, believe it or not, you probably already found the best handheld vacuum for your needs. There are a few quieter ones, but they are also somehow much stronger, and would probably only serve to anger your cat. As an alternative, I recommend something that is sort of an in-between option: the Sanitaire SC3683A. It’s not a full-sized vacuum, and is meant more for quick and easy kitchen clean-ups, in the car, etc. That means it won’t be as loud as a full-sized beast, nor will it be as strong. It has a very light touch, especially when used with the brush attachment. Plus, since it has a longer hose than comes with most standard uprights, you can place the machine on the ground away from the cat and bring just the hose and brush attachment near. That’s gotta be way less intimidating than even a small and quiet handvac (the loud motor is that much further away) and less suction and noise than a full-sized vacuum. Especially useful is the variable suction control — if kitty starts complaining, you can just turn it down a notch and keep cleaning. After you’re done, it’s actually useful as a regular vacuum for cleaning around the house, around the litter box, in the garage, in your cat’s car, etc. I hope that helps! Let me know how it goes with Princess.

And for the other readers out there who don’t believe Peter is actually vacuuming his cat, Peter was kind enough to send us a link to a video of Princess being vacuumed. Enjoy!

Princess being vacuumed