Recycling Event and Beyond and Forever Green Recycling just held their first ever “Recycle and Save Event” this past Saturday, October 28th. The response from the community was overwhelming! With such a positive turnout, I’m sure this event will become an annual thing.

(might be a slight exaggeration of turnout for our recycling event)

It doesn’t stop at just one event. The fusion of teamwork from and Forever Green Recycling will be offering recycling services daily.

Just like the slogan, “only you can prevent forest fires,” well only YOU can prevent needless landfill consumption of broken, no longer wanted or needed vacuum cleaners.

The buzz of our recycling effort is gaining momentum within the online community as well. With,, and leading the charge in getting the message out and informing people that there are positive, worthwhile alternatives for the disposal of vacuum cleaners.

So if you are local within the DC, Maryland, Northern Virginia area – please feel free to drop by our Vacuums Unlimited (GoVacuum) headquarters which is located at 14500 Lee Road Chantilly, VA 20151.

If you are not local but still want to take advantage of this wonderful program, please visit Upon visiting the site, we will walk you through step by step from what your vacuum is worth to having a tree being planted in an endangered rain forest in your honor and everything in between.

Your recycling efforts do not have to stop at just vacuums. Forever Green Recycling specializes in the recycling of unwanted or no longer needed electronics. Whether you are bogged down with old gyroscopes, silicon wafers, copper anodes, and oscilloscopes or more common items like radar and sonar equipment – Forever Green Recycling has your recycling needs covered.

For a complete list of electronics Forever Green Recycling accepts, click here.

Please remember that a little effort can make a huge impact. Use these avenues to make a difference now and many years into the future.

Quality ZVac! No its not a German guy saying “the vac.” is launching its own brand, ZVac!

These are not just your everyday vacuum bags and filters either!  GoVacuum has designed and engineered the ZVac products to be mostly biodegradable and recyclable, made with earth-friendly materials to have the least amount of negative impact on the environment.

ZVac Discount Vacuum Cleaner Filters

Now I know what you’re thinking,

“Is GoVacuum trying to single handedly stop global warming?”

That’s so kind of you by the way, but no.

We do want to do our part though to help reduce, not just other people’s carbon footprint with our program, but reduce our own footprint by creating our own brand of vacuum bags and filters.

We didn’t stop there!!

ZVac having a tree planted for every 500 filters and bags manufactured

For every 500 vacuum bags and filters manufactured, we had a tree planted in the endangered Atlantic Forest of Brazil, and will continue to do so.

[wait for applause to end]

I know this is impressive and most of you reading this are singing GoVacuum’s praises, but some might be saying, “biodegradable, earth-friendly, the quality must be crap.”

We assure you, far from it!  We painstakingly and rigorously ensured that each bag and filter is manufactured to the exact OEM specifications of quality, size, and installation.


The ZVac brand of high quality and earth friendly products are a fraction of OEM and other popular Generic Companies retail prices.

So let me break this down for you because I’m sure I’m reaching the 96 second (on average) attention span for blog reading, or in case you skipped to the end:

ZVac brand, high quality, perfect fitting, earth-friendly, bags and filters at cheaper prices than anyone else, period!


Have a question about ZVac filters? Email me at

Vacuum info on the Go?!? How appropriate for a website called has just introduced a new Android App, which you can access and download in the Google Play market.

We wanted to ensure that when you’re standing in line waiting for your sandwich to be made, why not open up the GoVacuum app and watch this video where I play Santa.

Or, if you’re like me and just had a baby, there is even a Govacuum “vacuuming white noise” video that you can play at that wonderful hour of 4am, your wife has mistakenly had pizza as her last meal (tomatoes don’t make babies happy), proceeded to breastfeed – and now you’re pulling out all stops to try to soothe that baby to sleep.  Our app will be your shrine if that happens!

The new Android App. allows access to huge savings!!!!

Just go under the coupon section to view the different coupon codes available to be used on our website.

After saving big on our website, and/or exploring our huge library of comparison videos, reviews, how to’s, and well, holiday videos; guess what?  You can be even more saturated with vacuum info and updates by viewing our tweets via the twitter tab or our Facebook deals via the more tab.

There is no end to how knowledgeable you will become about vacuums after downloading this FREE app from the Google Play Store on your phone or tablet.  It may even seem silly now but when that “piece of crap” vacuum you bought from your local box store dies on you after the 3rd time of you buying a new one, a rush of thankfulness will come over you, an inner peace if you will, knowing now you’re equipped with the knowledge and savings to choose the right vacuum the next time around.

This is my first blog post for, how did I do? Email me!

Charlie Brown Christmas Tree Inspires…

I got the greatest Christmas tree the other night… Yes, A Charlie Brown Christmas Tree! IT’S AMAZING! :)

While decorating my glorious tree, I got in the holiday spirit and decided to rewrite a Christmas classic for our GoVacuum December newsletter (with some editorial help from Mike, who actually plays Santa in our GoVacuum Christmas video).

Anyhows… Here is what I came up with…

Twas the night before Christmas, when all through the house,
Not a creature was stirring, except for a Roomba 530,
It vacuumed the carpet that ever so dirty,
The stockings were hung by the chimney with care,
In hopes that St. Nicholas soon would be there.

The children were nestled all snug in their beds,
While visions of T2 Steam Boy’s danced in their heads;
And mamma in her ‘kerchief, and I in my rags
Had just settled down after changing the EZ Bagz.

When out on the lawn there arose such a clatter,
I sprang from the bed to see what was the matter.
Away to the window I flew in a Pronto,
Tore open the shutters and looked below.

The moon on the breast of the new-fallen snow
When, what to my wondering eyes should appear,
But a Monster! Not eight little reindeer!

I thought for a moment shouldn’t this be St. Nick?

Wanna hear what happens next? Click Here, but Merry Christmas & Happy New Year!

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A Story Of The Disappearing Garbage Bags…

Now you see it, now you don’t! I’m not talking about Miele S7 Twist SALE that ends Monday, I’m talking of the garbage bags we use and sell at GoVacuum.

Much like my work ethic, these garbage bags have the tendency to disappear. Yes, The EZ Bagz are 100% Oxo-biodegradable thanks to the revolutionary 100% degradable non-toxic polymer they’re made from.

Finally! I always thought, why do I spend the time sorting and recycling paper, plastic and metal; when my sorted garbage is all going in a bag that’s not biodegradable? Doesn’t make much sense does it?

All that’s changed thanks to EZ Bagz and GoVacuum. What’s really cool about these bags is they are 12 in 1! You replace 1 bag and you actually replaced 12! Checkout the video I shot last night of yours truly changing the trash bag (see, I work… on occasion).

Everyone should try a package of these EZ Bagz, as they are very inexpensive at under $.50 per bag with FREE shipping when you purchase from They come in a 24 pack and are 13 gallons. You always have 60 days to return them with free return shipping if you don’t love them!

Try them and tell me what you think of them!

Daily Deals… No Thank YOU!

Okay, I get informed by big boss man yesterday, I would have to attend a product launch from a leading vacuum company last night. Grrrrrr… this would effect my hectic work schedule, but he informed me there would be an open bar and free food, two of my favorite things, so I was happy to go!

Just as I finished up my 11th piece of salmon and capping off my second bottle of red grape juice, I was informed by that said boss man, he wanted to “increase my duties” at the company…. :(

No… No… NOOOOOOOOO!!! I’ve worked hard to get to this point of slacker and he wants to ruin that with work? Before I could react, he asked me if I knew what a daily deal was. I tried to pretend my hearing aid battery was low, but he knew I had just replaced them, because we had a conversation about them a day before, as he suggested I should get rechargeable vacuum batteries to use in them (I said he was scary looking, never funny).

He wasn’t buying it, he told me I need to start a daily deal section of our website and everyday I would need to offer a new discounted vacuum deal. Needless to say, that third bottle of juice was finished off rather quickly. What could I do? I felt deceived, but no one else will hire me sit in a hammock and blog all day, so I’m left with no other choice, but to say… without further delay. Drum Roll Please…. Introducing GoVacuum Daily Deals!

Everyday yours truly will have one of the GoVacuum misfits rummage thru our warehouse and find a product we have too many of, then I’ll go ahead and write something witty about it and come up with a huge discount off the regular price (Woot rip off much?).

A lot of items we’ll take a loss on, but it’s better then paying rent stocking these items in our warehouse. Some items will be vacuum cleaners that are new in the box, some will be returned open box returns that are in like new condition with fully warranties, some might be robotic vacuums or whatever we might find in the warehouse!

The good news for you, our customers is you will have savings as high as 90% off the regular price! Just check our website everyday to see what’s being offered, but buy quickly and think later! Daily Deals will be limited in quantity and you have 30-60 days to return them and we even pay shipping both ways! Just buy the items and if you don’t like them return them, zero risk or cost to you! My theory is if enough people buy stuff to try it out then return it, our daily deals will make use loose so much money he will stop the daily deals and I can get back to slacking! :) The bad news for me, is now I currently have to work between Jerry Springer and Maurry… :(

Excludes Miele products. Think I can turn this in to a “weekly deal” instead? Have an idea about how I can get out of doing work? Email me:

Bona Hardwood Floor Mop to the rescue!

I’m not the shyest person you have never met, I love to interact with people, its not all Hayden central vacuums, Miele Cat & Dog and Koblenz floor polishers with me! No Sir! I love the whole human element of not only life, but also of this home called

I know 1st hand how annoying and hard it can be to get an actual human on the phone, not just with females, who for some reason always seem to be busy washing their hair when I try to call them, but in business. I like being able to pick up the phone and reach a company that wants my business, because if they are not there before the sale, they sure won’t be there after when I need service.

That’s why I have to post (with her permission) this email I received from a customer. Yes, it’s us bragging! We show no remorse or shame when it comes to touting our nearly 100% customer rating (perhaps this no shame thing is the reason so much shampoo is being used in my personal life?)! Nonetheless, here it is, a customer and her GoVacuum story…

I recently moved into a new apartment – my first with hardwood floors. Once the boxes were unpacked and it was beginning to feel like home, I was ready to make my floors shine for my housewarming party. I brought out my trusty vacuum cleaner, thinking that by using the hardwood floor setting it could get the job done. To my dismay, I was still left with a film of dirt and a few sticky areas from the previous tenants. What to do…?

Enter:! While I was Googling what to do, I came across your website. I read about the Bona hardwood floor mop! I’d used the Swiffer Wetjet in the past so I was familiar with the idea of a spray mop. I called your service center where Michael helped me. He was very polite and courteous, he explained how the mop is an Earth friendly product because the pads are washable, he told me the Bona mop is a step above comparable products. I read how your company is a very trusted one online with reviews and testimonials, plus you had the 60 day return policy with free shipping and it was only $59, so I placed an order with Michael.

I was pleased when I ordered the mop on Monday while out on my lunch break and how I had it the next evening. The first thing I noticed was the surface area of the mop head – it’s large enough that I can clean my floor in half the time that it would have taken with the Swiffer, but it’s still easy to maneuver and I REALLY like how it’s collapsible for upright storage. I’m also very pleased with the microfiber cleaning pad – it leaves my floors spotless without scratching them and can be machine washed up to 300 times! This makes Mother Earth and my wallet happy. Michael said, how Bona’s specially formulated hardwood floor cleaner is also the safer option to use at home, especially around children and pets, he must be right, because they party was great and no people or pets got sick, but they are still tearing up my new apartment and hardwood floors… what more could a active mom ask for?, Michael and Bona are my new BFF’S! Thank you sooooooo much!

I’m always excited to receive an email, thus if you have a GoVacuum story, please email me and you never know, it may just become my next blog post!

Happy Birthday America!

From Govacuum Celebrates America's Birthday!

On this 4th of July, we would like to wish you and yours a happy and safe Independence Day.

We would also like to say Happy Birthday America! Today you turn 235 years young! Congratulations!

We celebrated Independence Day a few days early, this past Friday, at GoVacuum. It’s not uncommon to celebrate every one’s Birthday at our company. Yet, this is the first time I personally have ever celebrated the Birthday of our great country at work before.

The owner and his family brought in a platter of food and pizza for the whole crew of GoVacuum! The GoVacuum family celebrated by taking lunch all at the same time.

As we enjoyed the festivities, I was reminded of how great this company, and this country truly are!

As the GoVacuum family continually grows, with new employees like myself and new products like garbage bags that are eco-friendly, 100-percent degradable, non-toxic polymer (oxo-biodegradable), it’s refreshing for me to see how everyone at GoVacuum gets along so well and are friend’s even outside of work. These elements, coupled with our commitment to offering Earth friendly green cleaning products, and our company policy of 100% customer satisfaction. Really makes me feel like this company is not just the greatest in our industry, but one of the greatest companies period, just like America!

SKOY: A new (earth-friendly) way to clean

When is the last time you used handfuls of paper towels to clean up a spill in the kitchen? Chances are you don’t have to think back too far. Or maybe you use a couple each evening to clean off counters and tabletops after dinner. Well, those paper towels fill up landfills fast – a whopping 2.5 million tons are used annually!

That’s where SKOY comes into the picture.  A reusable SKOY cloth is highly absorbent, 100% biodegradable, and has 101 uses! Just one cloth saves an average of 15 rolls of paper towels and can absorb up to 15 times its own weight. It’s long-lasting because it can be cleaned easily in the washing machine or dishwasher. To sterilize, just pop it in the microwave (while wet) for a minute or two!

Unlike typical microfiber cloths, SKOY is made from natural cotton and wood-based cellulose pulp. It’s thicker and dries more quickly, which also helps cut down on bacteria. And it’s available in great colors and designs to keep your kitchen bright. As it turns out, the Swedish word “skoj” (pronounced “skoy”) means “just for fun”!

SKOY cloths can be used in the home, office, car… anywhere! The endless possibilities include: counters, tabletops, sinks, ovens, glassware, high chairs, floors, car dashboards, toys, electronics, golf clubs, and patio furniture.

We have two California moms to thank for bringing these fun, earth-friendly cloths to the States. They stumbled across them while living in Europe in the late ‘90s and were hooked. Just one try and we think you will be too!

The SKOY motto says it all:

Wet. Wipe. Wow.


Home Steam Cleaning: Cleaner, Safer, Wiser

By Michele Kadison
I am a newcomer to the idea of steam cleaning, and now that I’ve done some research, it seems like this is the best way to go…. not just in terms of cleaning, disinfecting, and sanitizing the house , but also in terms of helping maintain the health of our families and the environment.

Steam cleaning involves vaporized water that is heated to over 200 degrees F and applied to surfaces via appropriate attachments.  The steam heat weakens the bonds between the surfaces and the dirt or stains that linger there.  Because all hard surfaces are in reality porous, the steam is able to dislodge embedded elements, killing microorganisms and sanitizing the area naturally.  With the heat creating an almost moisture-free cleaning agent, any type of surface can be wiped, rubbed, or scrubbed as needed, depending on the attachment tool you use.

Looking a lot like a conventional vacuum cleaner, a home steam cleaner is lightweight and easy to maneuver.  Units come in canister, upright, or hand-held models and include a wide range of attachment tools that make cleaning almost any surface a breeze.  You can use a steam cleaner on large surface areas such as tile floors and countertops, as well as on carpeting, upholstery, window screens, mirrors, car interiors, baked-on grills, toys, and everything in between, including removing dry cleaning solvent from clothing.  Steam cleaners are also highly effective in getting rid of animal smells, with no toxic substances that could potentially harm your pets.

Because the only ingredient used in a steam cleaner is water, you are able to do a complete cleaning without a single chemical.  Allergy free, this natural sanitizer banishes toxic residue, with nothing else but water washing down your drain into the communal water supply.

With better results than any other form of cleansing, steam cleaning your home eliminates bacteria, mildew, mold, viruses, toxins, and any other element that can cause infections, irritations, or allergies.  Allergens such as mites, pollen, and other microscopic pests are immediately killed once the surfaces on which they lodge are hit with steam heat.  This is the same for pathogens like E. Coli and salmonella, making a steam heat unit especially effective on kitchen surfaces.

I’ve looked at two steam heat cleaners, which are excellent choices once you decide to change your cleaning habits.

The Environmate Steam Cleaner T730A comes with a refillable built-in water tank with a light indicator to alert you when the water level is low.  This unit is great for tough chores and is made with a 1450 W heating system inside a stainless steel tank.  Included is an eleven-piece accessory kit, which means you have enough tools to clean the whole house.  The unit comes with a power switch on the handle, a pressure gauge for regulating power, and an automatic shut-off system for when the water level is too low for efficient cleaning.

The Lady Bug T2200S has a continuous water refill system and professional-grade cleaning tools.  This unit is made with an EPA-certified TANCS system, (Thermal Accelerated Nano Crystal Sanitation) that helps improve air quality as it removes chemical residues from the environment.  The system functions by heating nano-crystals in tap water, whereby they are activated to blast the cell membranes of microorganisms when initiated by heat.  This fast-acting disinfection is, according to Nelson Labs of Utah, ” thousands of times better than any directly applied water disinfecting system using chemicals.”

Though the initial investment when buying a home steam cleaning unit may be high, it evens out in the long run, and then some.  You won’t ever have to spend money on cleaning supplies again, which includes buckets, rubber gloves, disinfectants, polishers, glass cleaners, oven sprays, and the like.