Recycling Event and Beyond and Forever Green Recycling just held their first ever “Recycle and Save Event” this past Saturday, October 28th. The response from the community was overwhelming! With such a positive turnout, I’m sure this event will become an annual thing.

(might be a slight exaggeration of turnout for our recycling event)

It doesn’t stop at just one event. The fusion of teamwork from and Forever Green Recycling will be offering recycling services daily.

Just like the slogan, “only you can prevent forest fires,” well only YOU can prevent needless landfill consumption of broken, no longer wanted or needed vacuum cleaners.

The buzz of our recycling effort is gaining momentum within the online community as well. With,, and leading the charge in getting the message out and informing people that there are positive, worthwhile alternatives for the disposal of vacuum cleaners.

So if you are local within the DC, Maryland, Northern Virginia area – please feel free to drop by our Vacuums Unlimited (GoVacuum) headquarters which is located at 14500 Lee Road Chantilly, VA 20151.

If you are not local but still want to take advantage of this wonderful program, please visit Upon visiting the site, we will walk you through step by step from what your vacuum is worth to having a tree being planted in an endangered rain forest in your honor and everything in between.

Your recycling efforts do not have to stop at just vacuums. Forever Green Recycling specializes in the recycling of unwanted or no longer needed electronics. Whether you are bogged down with old gyroscopes, silicon wafers, copper anodes, and oscilloscopes or more common items like radar and sonar equipment – Forever Green Recycling has your recycling needs covered.

For a complete list of electronics Forever Green Recycling accepts, click here.

Please remember that a little effort can make a huge impact. Use these avenues to make a difference now and many years into the future.

Quality ZVac! No its not a German guy saying “the vac.” is launching its own brand, ZVac!

These are not just your everyday vacuum bags and filters either!  GoVacuum has designed and engineered the ZVac products to be mostly biodegradable and recyclable, made with earth-friendly materials to have the least amount of negative impact on the environment.

ZVac Discount Vacuum Cleaner Filters

Now I know what you’re thinking,

“Is GoVacuum trying to single handedly stop global warming?”

That’s so kind of you by the way, but no.

We do want to do our part though to help reduce, not just other people’s carbon footprint with our program, but reduce our own footprint by creating our own brand of vacuum bags and filters.

We didn’t stop there!!

ZVac having a tree planted for every 500 filters and bags manufactured

For every 500 vacuum bags and filters manufactured, we had a tree planted in the endangered Atlantic Forest of Brazil, and will continue to do so.

[wait for applause to end]

I know this is impressive and most of you reading this are singing GoVacuum’s praises, but some might be saying, “biodegradable, earth-friendly, the quality must be crap.”

We assure you, far from it!  We painstakingly and rigorously ensured that each bag and filter is manufactured to the exact OEM specifications of quality, size, and installation.


The ZVac brand of high quality and earth friendly products are a fraction of OEM and other popular Generic Companies retail prices.

So let me break this down for you because I’m sure I’m reaching the 96 second (on average) attention span for blog reading, or in case you skipped to the end:

ZVac brand, high quality, perfect fitting, earth-friendly, bags and filters at cheaper prices than anyone else, period!


Have a question about ZVac filters? Email me at

Vacuum info on the Go?!? How appropriate for a website called has just introduced a new Android App, which you can access and download in the Google Play market.

We wanted to ensure that when you’re standing in line waiting for your sandwich to be made, why not open up the GoVacuum app and watch this video where I play Santa.

Or, if you’re like me and just had a baby, there is even a Govacuum “vacuuming white noise” video that you can play at that wonderful hour of 4am, your wife has mistakenly had pizza as her last meal (tomatoes don’t make babies happy), proceeded to breastfeed – and now you’re pulling out all stops to try to soothe that baby to sleep.  Our app will be your shrine if that happens!

The new Android App. allows access to huge savings!!!!

Just go under the coupon section to view the different coupon codes available to be used on our website.

After saving big on our website, and/or exploring our huge library of comparison videos, reviews, how to’s, and well, holiday videos; guess what?  You can be even more saturated with vacuum info and updates by viewing our tweets via the twitter tab or our Facebook deals via the more tab.

There is no end to how knowledgeable you will become about vacuums after downloading this FREE app from the Google Play Store on your phone or tablet.  It may even seem silly now but when that “piece of crap” vacuum you bought from your local box store dies on you after the 3rd time of you buying a new one, a rush of thankfulness will come over you, an inner peace if you will, knowing now you’re equipped with the knowledge and savings to choose the right vacuum the next time around.

This is my first blog post for, how did I do? Email me!

A Story Of The Disappearing Garbage Bags…

Now you see it, now you don’t! I’m not talking about Miele S7 Twist SALE that ends Monday, I’m talking of the garbage bags we use and sell at GoVacuum.

Much like my work ethic, these garbage bags have the tendency to disappear. Yes, The EZ Bagz are 100% Oxo-biodegradable thanks to the revolutionary 100% degradable non-toxic polymer they’re made from.

Finally! I always thought, why do I spend the time sorting and recycling paper, plastic and metal; when my sorted garbage is all going in a bag that’s not biodegradable? Doesn’t make much sense does it?

All that’s changed thanks to EZ Bagz and GoVacuum. What’s really cool about these bags is they are 12 in 1! You replace 1 bag and you actually replaced 12! Checkout the video I shot last night of yours truly changing the trash bag (see, I work… on occasion).

Everyone should try a package of these EZ Bagz, as they are very inexpensive at under $.50 per bag with FREE shipping when you purchase from They come in a 24 pack and are 13 gallons. You always have 60 days to return them with free return shipping if you don’t love them!

Try them and tell me what you think of them!

Green Office Supplies

By Michele Kadison

These days green office supplies have become a part of the mainstream.  No longer the province of the few, sustainable business practices now include buying from manufacturers that are producing energy-efficient products.  This means that more office supplies consist of recycled materials such as paper products, furniture, and even electronic supplies.

One of the most prominent suppliers to eco-conscious businesses is  With over 200,000 products for sale, Shoplet is making it easier for consumers to find green alternatives to their business needs.  Over the last three years, a demand for these products has increased by 700%, an astonishing figure that attests to our increasing awareness of the viability of eco-friendly alternatives.  Speaking to this expanding awareness, Shoplet has created a Facebook application that calculates the amount of conserved energy, water conserved, and trees saved due to buying green products.

It has long been the notion that green choices meant higher prices with less value than conventional products.  This is no longer the case and customers are discovering that with easy access to finding green alternatives, the choice is an easy one. Shoplet is taking its mission to supply businesses with conscious supplies by extending their reach to the manufacturers themselves.  Experts are working with manufacturing companies to discover better ways to improve products from an ecological point of view.  HP is one example of a company now using more recycled material, and many other companies are following suit.

More and more businesses, government institutions, and individuals are discovering that buying green not only benefits the environment, but also their bottom line.  As the demand increases, so will the supply.

For more information on Green office supplies, see  For information on Green cleaning supplies, see Green Cleaning.

The Greening of Your Office

By Michele Kadison

By now we are all aware of how important it is to do our part in reducing waste.  And this is not only at home, but also in the office where there are many alternatives for saving money and helping the environment.  A few shifts in habit, and we can make a huge difference.

One of the most obvious areas to attend to is our use of paper.  According to recent statistics, Americans throw away more than 4.5 million tons of paper per year.  We can greatly reduce this number by making sure our electronic filing systems are up to date and by using email as the main source of both inter-office and out of office communication.  Rather than discarding printed paper, use the blank side for printing out memos and drafts.  Encourage your employees to recycle paper for scrap and make it available at copy stations and on all desks.  If we are responsible for reducing paper use, we can significantly reduce the rampant destruction of trees while at the same time reducing our office costs.
This holds true for paper towel and toilet tissue use in office bathrooms.  According to the WWF, Americans flush approximately 270,000 trees down the toilet…. per day!  By installing hand dryers and using recycled toilet paper we can significantly lower this statistic.

And what about all those disposable coffee cups?  Starbucks is reported to use 1.9 billion cups per year, which results in a shocking buildup in landfill.  Buy a coffee or espresso maker and make ceramic cups available for your employees or encourage them to bring their own.
Plastic water bottles are also huge environmental culprits, with 2.5 million of them thrown away in the United States each hour, according to the Clean Air Council.  Require your employees to purchase stainless steel water bottles and then install a water filtration system that fits easily on a kitchen faucet, which costs a mere $150 to $250.00 per year.
Use non-toxic whiteboard markers such as Auspen.  This brand is an excellent alternative to conventional markers, as it does not contain Xylene, a neurotoxin that also causes that noxious smell!  Auspen markers last a long time and are refillable, making them infinitely more cost effective.

Make sure you communicate all your environmental efforts with your employees so that they will comply with these changes and get on board with their own Green ideas for a more eco-productive office environment.

Green Chemistry: Cleaning Up Our World

By Michele Kadison

With every pollution, there is a solution.  Or so it is beginning to seem.  As predictions for our environment become more dire, many scientists are heading for greener pastures as they discover ways to decontaminate ubiquitous toxins in our water, soil, and air.

One of the foremost areas in innovative research is known as Green Chemistry.  Heralded by Dr. Terrance Collins, the Thomas Lord Professor of Chemistry and Director at Carnegie Mellon’s Institute for Green Science, this area is fast becoming a competitive solution for eliminating hazardous chemicals from our environment.

Winning the Presidential Green Chemistry Challenge Award in 1998, Dr. Collins is an internationally recognized chemist and lecturer. A leader in the discovery of oxidation catalysts that convert harmful pollutants into less toxic materials, his work is helping to turn the tide on contaminated water, air, and soil. Dr. Collins and his team have developed certain chemical catalysts that activate hydrogen peroxide and other oxidizing agents in order to neutralize substances that are normally extremely harmful to the endocrine system and cellular development in humans and animals.

According to Dr. Collins, “Understanding how some chemicals alter cellular development to better avoid these properties in new chemicals is a vital frontier for preventing disease and improving human health.”

Green Chemistry is now proving that oxidation catalysts provide a viable alternative to bad industrial practices by decontaminating water that contains estrogenic compounds, various types of drugs, pesticides, and the like.  Additionally these catalysts are proving to reduce or eliminate hazardous substances from industrial wastewater produced by the textile and fuel production industries, among many others. By disinfecting water of pathogens, Green Chemistry is raising the bar for manufacturers that wish to stay competitive in an environment where more companies are becoming eco-conscious.

Finding more holistic solutions through the introduction of sustainable chemistry is helping to solve a range of problems.  Among them are the reduction of waste in general, the elimination of post treatment costs, the reduction of resource and energy overload, and the creation of safer products.  Supported by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), Green Chemistry solutions are fast becoming the hope of the future. VeruTEk, an FDA approved environmental cleanup technology that dissolves and destroys pollutants in both water and soil by converting contaminants into CO2 and water, is at the top of the list.  Able to clean even sub-surface soil under buildings, this technology is the first of its kind in the environmental market.  Winning Brands Corporation (Pink Sheets) is another Green solution that manufactures environ friendly replacements for hazardous chemicals. According to the company’s CEO, Eric Lehner, their mission is to provide people with positive alternatives to toxic practices..

Eastman Kodak Company Thinks Green

by Michele Kadison 

Yet another big corporation is on the green bus driving towards greater sustainability and eco-consciousness.  Eastman Kodak Company has created a new set of goals to expand the company’s green mandate in its product line, operational practices, and social awareness. Though the company set up “responsible growth goals” in 2006, it has decided to go even further than its former expectations to reduce emissions while increasing its efforts towards greater responsibility in the marketplace.

So far, Kodak has reduced its greenhouse gas emissions and energy output by 40% since 2002.  This number has prevented 1.1 million metric tons of carbon dioxide emissions from penetrating the atmosphere.  Kodak now intends to lower this percentage another 10% by 2012, which amounts to a 50% reduction since it began thinking about the repercussions of its ecological footprint.

Kodak also plans to ensure that all of its new products are qualified under Energy Star guidelines.  This would improve the life cycle of these products from inception to eventual reuse or recycling.  The company also is working towards assuring that all of its suppliers are assessed by the Electronics Industry Citizenship Coalition to make sure that their standards meet the same rigorous expectations that Kodak has set for itself.

The company’s progress is indebted to its use of energy-efficient equipment along with green-minded technicians, allowing for more sustainable design and manufacturing.  Because of Kodak’s new methods of industry, the company was able to retire a 67-megawatt power plant in 2007, which earned Kodak a U.S. Department of Energy “Energy Champion Award.”  Additionally, Kodak’s world headquarters in Rochester, New York was certified by Energy Star in 2008.

Digital transformation is also responsible for Kodak’s hefty transformation to a business others can look to as a model.  Other examples of its growing awareness in the green marketplace is its commitment to a 70% reduction in occupational injury rate by 2012, as well as continuing to fulfill its employee’s expectations as a forward-thinking, sustainable, and consciously eco-aware company.

A Viable Green Future: Doing Our Part

By Michele Kadison

Bad industrial practices lead to pollution of our atmosphere and deterioration of the health of all living things. The malevolent byproducts from industries that create hazardous waste are becoming more dangerous to the balance of our planet and it is time to become more informed and time to make personal choices that help to support viable alternatives.

A recent study was done on children in Southern California regarding asthma due to high smog levels. As published in The Lancet, the study included over 3,000 kids throughout 12 cities. The conclusion was that those living in cities with high degrees of smog, especially if these children were athletic, were more likely to develop asthma. According to Rob McConneell of USC Keck School of Medicine, these studies clearly show the hazards to children due to air pollution. Many children were followed for five years to determine their propensity towards developing asthma, with the conclusion that this is indeed a problem especially for children who play sports. Because athletic children inhale 10 to 20 times more than children sitting in front of computers, this is an important fact to register in determining what kind of industrial practices are no longer viable.

Other studies have revealed that cancer, leukemia, and mesothelioma rates increase when people are exposed to toxins such as pesticides, industrial pollutants, and radiation. Chemicals from power plants, factories, and vehicles release chlorofluorocarbons, blocking sunlight and leading to highly concentrated levels of ultra-violet light, so damaging to humans and animals. Hazardous byproducts released by the coal and oil industries such as asbestos, benzene, and other chemicals are known causes of cancer, leukemia, and other diseases.

We need to be aware of industries that are using unregulated, old equipment that no longer serves.  There are many alternatives in almost every single industry that are non-polluting, along with available incentives for companies to convert to ecologically sound systems. By supporting solar and thermal power and electrical and hybrid vehicles for public and private transport, for example, we become a part of Earth’s healing process. By supporting research on energy storage, performance, and standards for energy consumption and pollution emission, we become a part of a viable Green future. By supporting businesses that create environmentally-friendly products we are doing are part. By supporting mandates to curb biogenetic modification, especially when it comes to our food and waste treatment, we assure our children of a better life.

By working together towards a goal of zero pollution, we can live in good conscience knowing that each and every one of us is an important ingredient in creating a more responsible and respectful attitude towards our planet.

Boosting Green Jobs through Stimulus and Smarts

by Michele Kadison
United States President Obama’s $787 billion economic stimulus plan is designed to resuscitate the American economy by getting people back to work, with $40 billion of this money designated for creating green jobs. It has been estimated that there are currently between 750,000 to 4 million green jobs avail in the U.S., many of them traditional with the potential for a new green slant. Others are in the realm of new products and company creation, revolving around the need for a more sustainable approach to the environment.

Between retrofitting old paradigms that ultimately correspond to energy efficiency and moving forward with new evolutionary ideas, all are based on the concept of renewable energy, using natural resources, and reducing our footprint on the planet’s resources.

With so many states primed for renewable resources, investment in alternative energy plans is an obvious given. The nation’s sunbelt is ideal for solar energy products; the plains and coastal areas are ideal for wind energy, the South East and Mid West are ideal for biofuel energy, and geothermal solutions are ideal anywhere.

Many automotive plants are in the process of retooling their equipment in order to build solar panels, wind turbines, and other machinery geared towards energy efficiency. Other industries are redesigning their plants to conform with green industry standards, whereby many of them can begin to create parts for eco-friendly machines and products.

Chemical plants are now looking at processes and products that would eliminate the need to use hazardous substances, and agricultural entities are casting their eyes towards more sustainable farming practices.

Additionally, retail businesses are rethinking their strategies to correspond with consumers’ growing attention to environmentally friendly products and services.

President Obama’s concern with modernizing the grid in order to deliver electricity digitally throughout the country implies an enormous change in reducing energy costs. By delivering energy to every part of the country, rural areas that hitherto do not receive reliable electricity would also be able to move forward while saving money in the process.

United States Vice President Joe Biden has created a task force to help strengthen the middle class, an essential ingredient in ensuring a grounded economy. A strong advocate of creating more green jobs, Biden seeks to ensure consistent family wages, health and retirement benefits, ethical work conditions and labor standards, and a workforce that reflects the diversity of American society.

The Green movement is gaining momentum not only due to the efforts of lawmakers, however, but also through the demands of consumers, business owners, community leaders, labor unions, and environmentalists. By supporting a green consciousness, it becomes more obvious that we are solving a multitude of problems, from the need for jobs to the health of our planet.