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We wanted to ensure that when you’re standing in line waiting for your sandwich to be made, why not open up the GoVacuum app and watch this video where I play Santa.

Or, if you’re like me and just had a baby, there is even a Govacuum “vacuuming white noise” video that you can play at that wonderful hour of 4am, your wife has mistakenly had pizza as her last meal (tomatoes don’t make babies happy), proceeded to breastfeed – and now you’re pulling out all stops to try to soothe that baby to sleep.  Our app will be your shrine if that happens!

The new Android App. allows access to huge savings!!!!

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There is no end to how knowledgeable you will become about vacuums after downloading this FREE app from the Google Play Store on your phone or tablet.  It may even seem silly now but when that “piece of crap” vacuum you bought from your local box store dies on you after the 3rd time of you buying a new one, a rush of thankfulness will come over you, an inner peace if you will, knowing now you’re equipped with the knowledge and savings to choose the right vacuum the next time around.

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A Million Dollar Idea!? The Story Of The $1,000,000 Gold Vacuum

I’m going to start by stating the obvious, I’m not a smart man. Spend 3-2 minutes talking to me and you’ll realize this (or just wead this blog), but every so often I get hit in the head and a decent idea pops out. So with that intro, let me tell you about the Million dollar idea I recently had…

It was the wee hours of the morning. I was having the time of my life at a Washington, D.C. night club dancing with four very beautiful ladies and then, sadly, the dream ended. I woke up and realized it was 1:11am in the morning and I had to use the bathroom. As I turned on the lights, my eyes strained. All I could see was golden color lights for the first few seconds; so I quickly shut them off and took care of business. At that moment, it struck me like a freight train! GOLDEN VACUUM!

I rushed to turn the lights on! This time my eyes were fine. I washed my hands, splashed some water on my face, and went to flush the toilet. As I looked down to confirm I didn’t leave a puddle for the roommates, I saw a sign! The water in the toilet bowl was golden too (okay, it could just be I had started taking new multivitamins, but at the time I took it as a sign)! EUREKA! I’m a genius, which I announced to the whole house (although they felt otherwise at that moment)!

I booted up my laptop and got to work on the world’s first and only… Golden Vacuum Cleaner!

I help play my part at the leading internet retailer of vacuums, vacuum parts, air purifiers, and commercial cleaning products So much so, creating something like this, unlike anything before, would require a lot of work, research, and development. After all, creating something for the person that literally has everything is no easy feat.

Fast forward about six months later. I have negotiated one of the world’s top gold plating companies in Kensington, Maryland, to handle the 24k gold plating. I had a top artist write a very catchy theme song for the golden tanned vacuum and I even lined up for engraving to be done if desired by the purchaser. Yes, you heard correct- The Gold GoVacuum GV62711 has its very own theme song (it’s a Million dollar vacuum, what else do you expect?)!

Not only does it have a theme song, but it has it’s own rap song (once again… why not?)!

Understand, it takes a special kind of company to employ me. Fact of the matter is, the last time I walked in the GoVacuum office, was over six months ago (but it was an epic blog post . So that, coupled with this golden idea, made me assume it was fine to take a little break from work and still be able to just waltz back into the office last week, like nothing had ever happened and just start working again. Now that I’m back with all my “R&D” done, the time has come to unveil to the world one of the most mundane, utilitarian objects that I’ve transformed into one of the most exclusive items for sale on Earth.

I’m talking about the world’s most expensive vacuum cleaner, the 24k gold plated vacuum (yes, 24k gold plated) cleaner.

Does the gold serve any purpose here? Not even remotely, unless you count looking absolutely awesome as a purpose (I kind of do). This limited edition, one of a kind product is the ultimate in luxury. After all, the definition of luxury is, “purchasing something ridiculously extravagant just ‘cause”.

Gold Vacuum Govacuum GV62711 60893974724 $1,000,000 million dollar vac

Now, unlike other companies that would expect a gold plated vacuum to only sit there and look pretty, I know that having a stunning yet still functional vacuum is key. This beauty is a commercial grade upright vacuum with a HEPA type paper bag system, to protect those delicate sinuses of yours. A 14” wide cleaning nozzle, which can help thoroughly vacuum the carpet in no time. Also, just in case you decide to give it a whirl, it only weighs a little over 15 pounds. This means you won’t be so tired after doing a quick cleaning between your maids schedules.

As most Billionaires will only buy something that’s custom and exclusive, we’ve made this a limited production vacuum cleaner. GoVacuum will limit production to only 100. Period. Nothing like this will ever be made again (because really, thousands of gold plated vacuum would be… excessive). Custom made, you can also have your gold plated vacuum cleaner engraved at no extra cost, and with optional attachments you can easily clean your 30-foot ceilings with ease.

Brand GoVacuum – Model Number GV62711 – UPC 60893974724

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Miele s7210 Twist GoVacuum Pet Edition Leads To A Mini Vacation!

Don’t get it twisted, I’m not a fan of working. I still don’t understand the need for working- each, and every single week… yet alone day! So, when my phone rings and my boss is on the other line- one thing is for sure, he wants me to work. Thus, I do what every slacker does… I don’t answer. I’ve mastered the art of slacking and not working every day- sometimes I can even get away with only working once every six months. Yet, when I do work… it’s genius!

Obviously with my last statement you can tell- I’m a modest mouse, but I’m not shy! This is why I have to share with the world on this vacuum blog about the one day I did work recently.

I Went in to work with the idea to create something great. Why? Not because I care, but because I figured if I came up with a good idea it would buy me like a week or two without having to work again! Zing!

Here is what I did- I grabbed a Miele Twist s7210 vacuum cleaner from the Govacuum retail outlet warehouse in Chantilly, VA. I then roamed around the discount warehouse where you can buy vacuums at up to 70% off that are Just Like New.

I found a Miele stb 101 hand turbo which is great for animal hair, I then also grabbed a Miele SBB300-3 Twister brush which is great for hardwood floors and then finished off my collecting with a Miele SFAH-30 HEPA filter.

I then had a fellow misfit (co-worker) grab his Apple Iphone 4s and next thing you know… drum roll please… The Miele Twist GoVacuum Pet Edition S7210 was born! So he shot a video review with his iPhone- ensuring a work free environment for at least a week or two for yours truly! :)

Note: We don’t discount Miele Vacuums or attachments at all, please don’t ask. Beware of a online “discount website” that claims they are the best price, lowest price, closeout, open box reseller, have Miele vacuum sales or Miele vacuums on sale- these are NOT authorized Miele dealers. Please note: is a authorized Miele dealer and a Miele Diamond Dealer! This blog was about Model: Miele S7210 Twist GoVacuum Pet Edition – UPC 888135000092 – Miele Part Number 41721030USA

After 15 years I’m Leaving The Vacuum Industry & Becoming A Hair Stylist!

I tend to wear fancy British newsboy caps and hats everyday, not because I’m bald. Quite the opposite- I have a thick set of hair (I won’t complain as some of my friends are balding), but I’m just too lazy to style it. Plus, being the cheap “thrifty” person that I am- I only get a hair cut every so often. They want 800 pennies at the barber school I frequent and that’s a rip off! Especially when I can now cut my own hair, myself, for free!

Yes, free! How? I’m the proud owner of a Hair Cutting system we sell at The RoboCut R-28 is really neat! It allows me to sit in a chair and cut my hair- all while catching up on old episodes of Married With Children!

I love R-28 RoboCut so much I pressured a victim I convinced a co-worker to let me cut his hair for a GoVacuum YouTube Review Video! Check it out!

So on this day, June 15th 2012- the 15th anniversary I celebrate my presence in the vacuum cleaner industry. I quit. My obvious calling in life is to become a hair stylist with the RoboCut R-28. To infinity… & Beyond!

A new year, new vacuum & website!

Yes, it’s been a month since I wrote a blog. My excuse? I needed a break, thus I took off for the Holidays (slacking is an art)!

Here I sit, it’s 2012, I hope everyone has a fantastic new year! I know here at GoVacuum it will be as we have a lot of exciting this going on. Miele launched the new Miele S194 QuickStep universal upright electric broom and I even filmed a video for it.

Another exciting thing is the new website*. This is where all our misfit vacuums end up. You know, the ones returned during the 60 day in-home trial period, the floor demos or the ones we have excess stock of and want to sell fast. Like the Riccar 1800 a vacuum that retails for over $1,500.00 and is sold for just $599.95!

These are just a couple of things we are working on here at GoVacuum, what other tricks do we have up our sleeve? Read the blog tomorrow and beyond to find out…

*Excludes Miele

Win A Robot That Will Clean Your Home! GoVacuum!

“I don’t wanna hear how tired you are! Go get the heavy Kirby upright vacuum cleaner and GOVACUUM!”

Ever had a bad day and scream that at your kid, husband or wife? We hope not… well, we always encourage telling someone to GoVacuum! We just hope you exclaim this in a happy, jokingly manner.

What if you lived in a house where you walked in the door after a hard day of work and your home was clean, without having to ever vacuum? What if you still knew how to party and could do what you really loved for a living… like blog about vacuums? What if I didn’t try to shamelessly self promote the term GoVacuum!? Well… like my boy Wayne from Wayne’s World says… it might happen.

Seriously, my party time, excellent, friends… It might happen! I can’t assure you, you’ll love your job, but I can assure you, you may never have to vacuum again! How? By doing absolutely nothing, that’s how (well, almost nothing)!

Yes, much like I’ll be doing tomorrow on Labor Day to celebrate LaborDayAPalooza (read this blog again on Tuesday, so you will understand), you don’t have to do much! That’s because we at Govacuum not only rock like Wayne and Garth because we offer the best Miele vacuum reviews on our website and free shipping with 60 days returns (shameless ain’t I?), but because we are having a contest!

A contest that requires no purchase! Yeah, we know that’s the law and all, but that’s not why we’re not requiring you to not buy anything to enter. Nope, we are just good people like that! Seriously! All the owner wants me to do is sign up people for our newsletter that’s filled with GoVacuum money saving coupons, sales, savings and my random goofy ramblings.

What? You don’t find me funny? Ummmmmm… Okay… well… this is a bit of an awkward turtle…

Fine then! Don’t sign up for our money saving newsletter… just like us on Facebook and you will be entered to win as well! Better yet, do both and DOUBLE your chance to win!

What are you winning? Well, what do you expect based off what I said? A vacuum that cleans your home on its own? Is this a parallel universe where vacuums clean your home on their own?

Before I answer that, just be thankful, you’re not Jerry O’connell and not because your lackluster acting career is all but stagnant, but because you’re not stuck trying to find your way home sliding from parallel Earth to parallel Earth like he was in Sliders.

Once entered you will be qualified to win a Irobot Roomba 560! Which in my opinion is far cooler then R2-D2! While the Roomba 560 is nothing out of Star Wars, it sure is sweet and fun to watch!

The Irobot Roomba 560 will run all day while you’re at work to vacuum your hardwood floors, tile, laminate, area rugs, carpeting and most all other flooring surfaces.

Just sign up for our GoVacuum newsletter or like us on Facebook and… VaVoom! You’re instantly entered to win! =)

We’ll make sure to have this to your home by the holidays so Santa won’t have to bring you an Irobot Roomba 560 if you’re our grand prize winner!

What? You want to buy a Roomba 560 now? Well… OK, we will allow you to buy a Roomba 560 now or the Roomba 440, whichever your prefer… see I told you we’re nice people!

Yes, we got so carried away with this contest we even had Santa and one of his taller elves film a commercial for us (I hope Santa keeps his job, I don’t envision acting as a full time career for the jolly guy).

To read more about this Roomba 560 contest we are orchestrating click here. Until you win or buy your very own Roomba 560GoVacuum!!!

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Save Your Energy with a Remote Vacuum Cleaner

Some people like to vacuum the house, some people don’t.  But the inevitable truth is that vacuuming is really the only way to get the dust and dirt cleaned up without having to revert to the broom and dustpan, which has never been ideal.

For people like me who can’t always find the time to keep my home as clean as I like, a remote control vacuum can really become a woman’s or man’s best friend.

In my mind, a remote control vacuum is a gift from the cleaning gods.  It automatically maps and navigates a room, sweeps it and cleans it, and automatically turns off when it is finished.  It has an input jack that allows it to recharge a sensor detector to mine the fields where stairs and drop offs are concerned, a bagless dust box, an excellent filter system, and wheels that stay in contact with the floor, no matter what the surface. Additionally, most will shut down automatically if they stall or become jammed. And oh, I forgot to mention, remote vacuum cleaners are wireless.  Who could ask for more?

One of the best remote control vacuum cleaners I’ve come across is the CleanMate 365 QQ-2, which runs for 60 minutes on a single charge and then returns to home base for recharging.  After the charge is complete, there it goes, back to cleaning until the job is done.  The CleanMate is made in a very manageable compact size.  It comes with bristles and a flexible blade with beater bars that allows it to be used on almost any surface, including hard wood, tile, and ceramic floors as well as long pile or loop pile carpeting.  It also includes an ultraviolet light accessory that both deodorizes and kills household bacteria, which is especially great if you have pets or kids, or both.   And if this isn’t enough, it costs no more than a high-end conventional vacuum cleaner.

When you don’t have the time to vacuum your home, when you feel lazy but still want the house to be spotless, a remote vacuum cleaner will become your saving grace, your favorite appliance, and a purchase you will never regret.  Take it from me… I’m hooked!

GoVacuum Introduces Customer Product Reviews!

As many of you can tell from our GoVacuum Review Series, we are dedicated to providing the most honest reviews and opinions about vacuums, with the ultimate goal being that you are always completely satisfied with your purchase.

In trying to provide our customers with as much relevant information for their vacuum research, we are also opening our website’s doors and inviting GoVacuum visitors and customers to leave their feedback and review of our products. Since we are a small team here at GoVacuum, it took us some time to get this feature developed without significant glitches. But, now, we are proud to announce that the customer product review feature can be found on every product page.

For a quick example of a product page, let’s take a look at the Sebo Air Belt C-Series Canister. If you look below the large, red “Add to Cart” button, you will see a green section titled “Product Reviews.” This is where the magic happens.

In order to submit your review, you must first click on the stars below the sentence “Click to Rate This Product.” When you click the number of stars you want to give the product, you will be prompted by a new window to leave the title of your review, your name and the actual review itself. We invite you to leave a review of any product you desire, whether the review is positive or negative.

Once your review is submitted, it may take up to 3-4 business days to be posted, so don’t be shocked if it doesn’t appear immediately. Because of the possibility of spammers taking advantage of this feature, we must have a GoVacuum editor review all the customer reviews before they are published on the site. GoVacuum’s policies about editing customer reviews are as follows: we will only edit a customer review for common spelling and grammar mistakes and will never change the content or opinion of the review.

We hope you enjoy this feature! Feel free to send us any feedback by leaving a comment in the blog!

Oreck XL – GoVacuum Review Series

Yes, David Oreck, founder of the Oreck company, will be remembered as one of the finest salesman of our times, there is no question about it. You see this guy everywhere!

Through his superior sales skills, and an extraordinary marketing team, the Oreck vacuum, specifically the Oreck XL, became a household name across the United States. Many people fondly remember the lightweight vacuum picking up the bowling ball in his TV commercials. The Oreck XL became one of the most popular machines on the market. The machine itself, however, has left a lot to be desired in terms of its ability to actually do what vacuums are supposed to do: clean.

The Oreck XL sells for nearly $500. Especially with way things are going in the economy, $500 is a lot of money to be spending. What you need to be sure of when making a decision to buy a high quality vacuum, however, is the machine’s quality. The old adage that “Quantity does not mean quality” makes sense in this case. One would suspect that a $500 vacuum would be quality.

What most customer’s don’t realize, however, is that the $500 spent on an Oreck XL isn’t going towards the quality of the machine but instead the quality of the machine’s advertisements. And the advertisements are good, we admit that. What lacks is truth in advertising, i.e. a good vacuum. Through the power of advertising, David Oreck has taken what should be $150 vacuum, and turned it into a $500 vacuum. Oreck isn’t alone in the industry, we find the same to be true about Dyson vacuums. Case studies will be written in business schools across the world about Dyson and Oreck and their genius in advertising, but unfortunately customers, not the CEOs, will be left with the hefty price tag.

Most other residential upright vacuums have a 12 AMP motor in them, it’s almost standard in the industry now. Whereas Amps don’t necessarily explain how much suction a vacuum has, you can usually get get a good estimate of suction from this measure. Oreck XL uprights have a 4 amp motor in them. Better yet, the top of the line Oreck XL21, the $700 Oreck, has a 3.5 amp motor in it!

We find that a lot of customers come in asking for this machine simply because it is light. But, honestly, a machine that’s 8lbs will be somewhat limited in its cleaning ability. So unless you are over 65, or physically unable to push a full size machine around, consider a full size upright or canister. They can do a better job, and many are still comparatively lightweight. You don’t need a 100lb vacuum to do a thorough cleaning.

If light weight is still the way you want to go, the Riccar RSL-4 (also 8lbs) was tested against the Oreck by a leading consumer magazine, and the Riccar Supra-lite, had 40% better suction then Oreck, and it sells for about 1/2 the price.

The Oreck XL vacuum was created for hotels, as evidence by their slogan “The Hotel Vacuum for your Home”. I think the idea being that a hotel vacuum must be strong and versatile so it would do well in your home. But the slogan is a bit misleading. Carpets in hotels are usually a low pile commercial grade which don’t require a lot of suction to get most dirt and debris out, hence the use of a low suction vacuum like the Oreck. But deeper carpets in your home, for example, require more suction and a much more aggressive vacuum to properly clean your carpets and rid them of the dirt, dust mites, pet dander, and allergens that infest your carpets.

One funny thing about the Oreck is that they created a place for an extra belt to be stored on the machine. While this is a very handy feature for when your belt breaks, it makes me nervous that a company is so unsure of its own product that they build in a replacement mechanism into the machine. It’s like buying a new bicycle with a extra compartment to place a replacement chain.

Overall, my impression of the Oreck XL’s performance is low. If I were to spend that kind of money on a vacuum (which I have, I own a Miele), I’d make sure that it could do more in my house than just pick up a bowling ball.

- Chris Jones

Bissell 6900 DigiPro Canister Vacuum – GoVacuum Review Series

The Bissell Digipro Canister (manufactered by Samsung of Korea) has numerous repair problems. We are starting to see these machines in for repair, more and more frequently. The main issues are with the electrical hose, electrical wands, and the circuit boards. We tend to see this happen on Korean made vacuums, the circuit boards seem to overheat, and a lot of them even melt! With these sorts of electrical problems, we do not imagine that the machine would last more than 3 years.

One way you can prevent problems with the hose is to push the canister with your foot instead of pulling the canister around by the hose. This will prevent any unnecessary stress from being put on the hose and subsequently breaking it.

One other common problem that can be avoided is by picking up all big items off the floor before vacuuming. This may seem like common sense but because of the Bissell DigiPro’s small opening in the power-nozzle, relatively small pieces can become stuck and prevent the machine from doing its job.

- Chris Jones