GoVacuum Celebrates Thanksgiving & SuperMans Birthday!

I was laying in my new giant memory foam LoveSac at my house all comfy and content. I was tired after adding The New Miele S6 Vacuums to our website and filming videos much like the new S6 Miele Red Velvet video below… (What? Act like you don’t rock out to a little Prince every now and then too!)

Then reality struck, the phone rang and I was told to be at work for something important at 1pm. It’s 12:30 I told the GoVacuum misfit that called me, he said “big boss mans orders”. Grrrrrr…

I arrived at 1pm, expecting to be told something epic like our Black Friday, Small Business Saturday & Cyber Monday Deal of The Miele Twist SALE For Only $399 was off or something. Nope it’s still only $399, but for a limited time only.

Anyhow, what was going on? THANKSGIVING that’s what! We had a Thanksgiving celebration, plus it was one of my favorite misfit’s Birthday! Rupak AKA SuperMan (for what he does for GoVacuum on a daily basis) had his 17th (that’s what he claimed) Birthday party… GoVacuum style.

SuperMan is one of those guys who is always on the ball, ensuring orders are placed, processed, everyone works well together and just about everything else under the roof. I’m not trying to build my buddys ego up, but between him and his son (who also works at GoVacuum) there is nothing that can’t be done. His friendly attitude and attention to detail ensures the wheels of GoVacuum stay moving. Furthermore, his hard work ensures I can do fun things… like work less ;)

So we had our Birthday and Thanksgiving feast, I ate some Turkey and ironically we had red velvet cake. The turkey made me tired so I returned back home for a much needed “nap”. I did pose for a picture with another misfit and the new Miele S6 vacuums (this way big boss man thinks I actually worked… Mamma didn’t raise no fool! An eccentric slacker… yes, a fool… no!)

Now… back to The Macys Thanksgiving Day Parade and eggnog… after all, I’m celebrating this day with family… lucky me… HAPPY THANKSGIVING EVERYONE!

Happy Birthday To Brian, CJ & Me!

I get a text yesterday instructing me head into the offices of the leading Bissell vacuum belts website – This was the second day in a row I was to go there to do, like real work… just what I want to do… WORK!

Once I got out of bed and hit the road, I felt pretty good! Here it was just 12:41pm and I was already awake! Shortly thereafter I got to the vacuum warehouse office and I felt even better! I was presently surprised- my fellow Libra co-workers Brian and CJ had Birthdays within the last few days and I just celebrated mine this past week, so the other misfits at GoVacuum decided to throw us a 3 for all Birthday celebration!

There was cheesecake, Chinese food and even a synthesized birthday music playing in the background. We all danced around a little and wished Brian, CJ & myself a Happy Birthday.

Here are two of GoVacuums most important misfits. While they are both young, they already making their impact in the vacuum business. CJ is the final quality control specialist and is the misfit responsible for making sure your orders arrive correctly and in a timely manner. While Brian is a Jack of all things vacuum related, one day he is helping our Spanish speaking customers, then next he is implementing quality control inventory systems or he may just be there telling a funny joke. If it were not for these two young vacuum experts, I would have to do real work around the office. Thus, my British cap is off to you two fine lads, I look forward to working with the two of you for many years! Happy Birthday Brian & CJ!

To celebrate the Birthdays big boss man gave Brian a Bissell PowerSteamer, CJ got a really cool Bissell Little Green Machine, Earth Friendly Edition and me? I got the greatest gift of all, the rest of the day off!

Have a question about which Bissell vacuum part you need? Call us at 888-468-2210 or email me:

Soul Searching Sabbatical… & A Hockey Game!

I’m back! Did you miss me or even notice I was gone? I’m sure you did as the last blog entry was for Mikes Birthday almost two weeks ago. The day after Mikes Birthday, I informed the big boss man I was having trouble coming up with blog ideas. It’s not hard to talk about how we sell discounted Eureka vacuum parts, but after a while the original blog ideas can be hard to find.

I asked him if I could travel the country doing “research & development” on my motorcycle. His reply, “go find inspiration Justin”, that was all the answer I needed. I kick started my 1970′s Honda CBR 750, filled the mp3 player with classic rock and I hit the road.

After about a week of research & development, he summoned me back to his office, but I was 4 days away from our vacuum store in Northern Virginia. Thus, I got back Friday evening. He asked if I found inspiration for the blog. I explained how my mind was still on the road and I can’t answer that until I returned to my office, in my three hammocks on Monday.

He said not to worry, as he had inspiration in his hands. He then gave me Washington Capitals tickets for myself and our webmaster. Whoa! Who does he think he is? I just worked for 10 days straight! Now, he wanted me working on a Saturday night? Yet, since I’m a team player and obviously a hard worker, I kept mum and agreed to go.

It turns out I had a blast! It was the opening game of the season and went into overtime, but the Caps pulled out the win! Plus, I even got to mingle with Elliot Segal, morning show host of The Elliot In The Morning Radio Show, Washington DC’s most popular morning radio show and as a listener of over 10 years, it was a true honor to meet him.

Yes, the caps game was the inspiration I needed for the blog. Now the creative juices are flowing and I still have a job as the GoVacuum blogger. If you don’t see a blog entry for a few days, don’t worry… I’m just in need of a few days off from working so hard. ;)

Do you have an inspirational story for the hardest working man in the vacuum business? Email it to me:

It’s a Bird, It’s a Plane, It’s a Cop… No, it’s Mike!

Today we celebrated the Birthday of a fellow named Michael, a fellow Libra and a fellow co-worker at GoVacuum. Michael aka Mike aka the abominable snowman (just on the weekends… I haven’t questioned why, but I don’t ask a questions I don’t wanna know the answers to). Call him what you want, we just call him Mike…

Mike is always greeting not only customers with a smile, but the world in general. He started a few years ago here at the best vacuum website, quickly becoming one of our top misfits and now leads the customer service and sales team. Before starting at GoVacuum he managed a GNC nutrition center for six years and an Oreck vacuum store for trillions of nanoseconds.

Mike has always had a desire to help people. This passion once lead to him almost becoming a police officer in Prince Georges County, Maryland.

I recently found a mouse in my basement at my house and told Mike I needed a mouse trap, a few hours later he showed up with humane trap from Target and told me to set the little guy free once I captured it. I could go on for hours with stories like this about how he’s an all around great guy, but that would require more work and if you’ve ever read one of my blog entries besides this one, then you know I’m not a fan of work.

I’ll leave it at this… Mike is a World Of Warcraft player, an avid weightlifter and bowler in his free time and when he’s not bowling a near 300, he spends his time twitterpated by the beauty of his wife, who’s truly his soulmate (and is way to hot for him… just sayin’).

It’s a pleasure working with you Mike and I hope to see your bald head for the next 31 years at GoVacuum!

Wanna wish Mike a Happy Birthday? or call him at 888-468-2210! It would make his day!

Happy Birthday John!

Life can be hard… life can be good… days can pass… years can pass…

Life is currently good, because I have a job where I can have bloggers block (is that even a term like writers block?) and still make it look like I did some work! I can’t take all credit for this, I have to thank John for turning another year older.

That’s right, the wise old gray fox is another year older. I won’t say how old, not because John would get upset (I don’t think upsetting John is even possible), but because it’s classless to call someone out on his age who played and sung with Pebbles and Bam Bam as a child. Nope, that’s just not my style.

So, Happy Birthday to the man who is always there with a smile to answer a question about a hard to find vacuum part, the man who is always there to lend a joke right when you need it most, the man who has been with this company before there was a Internet, back when computers didn’t even have a hard drive… before the Apple Macintosh was released in 1984! Yes, YOU John! Happy Birthday!

To celebrate and ensure (not the drink he should be having one a day of at his ripe age) it was better then the first 53 he had (I tried not to Buddy, I really did!) the owners of had a Birthday Party for the gentile geriatric. We even had most of the misfits sing a form of Happy Birthday to him… if you can could call it that, immediately followed by a Birthday lunch they had catered… yeah… life’s hard for all GoVacuum employees!

To further the festivities, I had an idea to give John a bottle of Metamucil for a Birthday gift, but this was shot down and replaced by us all shopping at, because it really is the worlds greatest vacuum cleaner website! Want proof?

John got a box of deodorizing vacuum scent tabs so he doesn’t start to use mothball crystals in his vacuum which so many do at this point in their lives, another coworker gave him a Cen-Tec DustUP Flexible Bend & Reach Micro-Fiber Duster With Extendable Handle so he can dust without bending over and hurting his back and another gave him a GoVacuum gift certificate.

As I frequently say… point of the fact is this… John, my friend, your winning attitude, extensive product knowledge and genuine friendliness, has lead to you becoming a local legend in the vacuum business… which I think is a compliment?… and it’s a pleasure for the three hours you claim I work everyday, to work with you! :)


Do you have a great story of how John helped you? Want to wish him a Happy Birthday? Email me! Yes me… Justin! Because if I only work for 3 hours a day, I need to at least make John think I’m working for the full 3 hours! Ideas? Comments?