Win A FREE Eureka Vacuum Cleaner, If You’re Social!, the company that brought you the world’s most expensive vacuum, is now giving you a chance to win a free Eureka! We know that not everyone has 1 million dollars lying around to buy a 24k Gold Vacuum to clean their house with. Thus, we’re giving away a vacuum for FREE. No, not the gold vacuum, but a Eureka 166DX vacuum! All you have to do is like us on Facebook or Follow us on Twitter.

For those of you who think liking us on Facebook and following us on Twitter will double your chances of winning the vacuum… it Will! Get your friends and Family to do the same! This Vacuum is Powerful, light as a feather, and portable. You can share this vacuum with them all the time without it being a hassle.

Just think about it: The Summer games are right around the corner, all your family and friends will be at your house watching the games! Why not clean up with a FREE vacuum?

Checkout the video of this vacuum and see just how awesome it is.

2 in 1

Just to name a few features that make this vacuum worth liking us on Facebook or following us on Twitter.

Think about it: for most giveaways and competitions, companies ask for your phone number, email, home address, and your 1st born child. Not GoVacuum! We simply ask that you follow us on Twitter & tweet a special message or like us of Facebook. No more junk emails, annoying phone calls during dinner, or post cards in the mail!

The contest ends on 08/15/2012. If you think this is the only FREE giveaway that GoVacuum is doing, think again – stay tuned for what’s to come!

(note: this blog was done by Paul. Paul is a GoVacuum misfit, that just celebrated his 1st year with GoVacuum yesterday! Our little man is growing up so fast, let him know how he did!

Daily Deals… No Thank YOU!

Okay, I get informed by big boss man yesterday, I would have to attend a product launch from a leading vacuum company last night. Grrrrrr… this would effect my hectic work schedule, but he informed me there would be an open bar and free food, two of my favorite things, so I was happy to go!

Just as I finished up my 11th piece of salmon and capping off my second bottle of red grape juice, I was informed by that said boss man, he wanted to “increase my duties” at the company…. :(

No… No… NOOOOOOOOO!!! I’ve worked hard to get to this point of slacker and he wants to ruin that with work? Before I could react, he asked me if I knew what a daily deal was. I tried to pretend my hearing aid battery was low, but he knew I had just replaced them, because we had a conversation about them a day before, as he suggested I should get rechargeable vacuum batteries to use in them (I said he was scary looking, never funny).

He wasn’t buying it, he told me I need to start a daily deal section of our website and everyday I would need to offer a new discounted vacuum deal. Needless to say, that third bottle of juice was finished off rather quickly. What could I do? I felt deceived, but no one else will hire me sit in a hammock and blog all day, so I’m left with no other choice, but to say… without further delay. Drum Roll Please…. Introducing GoVacuum Daily Deals!

Everyday yours truly will have one of the GoVacuum misfits rummage thru our warehouse and find a product we have too many of, then I’ll go ahead and write something witty about it and come up with a huge discount off the regular price (Woot rip off much?).

A lot of items we’ll take a loss on, but it’s better then paying rent stocking these items in our warehouse. Some items will be vacuum cleaners that are new in the box, some will be returned open box returns that are in like new condition with fully warranties, some might be robotic vacuums or whatever we might find in the warehouse!

The good news for you, our customers is you will have savings as high as 90% off the regular price! Just check our website everyday to see what’s being offered, but buy quickly and think later! Daily Deals will be limited in quantity and you have 30-60 days to return them and we even pay shipping both ways! Just buy the items and if you don’t like them return them, zero risk or cost to you! My theory is if enough people buy stuff to try it out then return it, our daily deals will make use loose so much money he will stop the daily deals and I can get back to slacking! :) The bad news for me, is now I currently have to work between Jerry Springer and Maurry… :(

Excludes Miele products. Think I can turn this in to a “weekly deal” instead? Have an idea about how I can get out of doing work? Email me:

Soul Searching Sabbatical… & A Hockey Game!

I’m back! Did you miss me or even notice I was gone? I’m sure you did as the last blog entry was for Mikes Birthday almost two weeks ago. The day after Mikes Birthday, I informed the big boss man I was having trouble coming up with blog ideas. It’s not hard to talk about how we sell discounted Eureka vacuum parts, but after a while the original blog ideas can be hard to find.

I asked him if I could travel the country doing “research & development” on my motorcycle. His reply, “go find inspiration Justin”, that was all the answer I needed. I kick started my 1970′s Honda CBR 750, filled the mp3 player with classic rock and I hit the road.

After about a week of research & development, he summoned me back to his office, but I was 4 days away from our vacuum store in Northern Virginia. Thus, I got back Friday evening. He asked if I found inspiration for the blog. I explained how my mind was still on the road and I can’t answer that until I returned to my office, in my three hammocks on Monday.

He said not to worry, as he had inspiration in his hands. He then gave me Washington Capitals tickets for myself and our webmaster. Whoa! Who does he think he is? I just worked for 10 days straight! Now, he wanted me working on a Saturday night? Yet, since I’m a team player and obviously a hard worker, I kept mum and agreed to go.

It turns out I had a blast! It was the opening game of the season and went into overtime, but the Caps pulled out the win! Plus, I even got to mingle with Elliot Segal, morning show host of The Elliot In The Morning Radio Show, Washington DC’s most popular morning radio show and as a listener of over 10 years, it was a true honor to meet him.

Yes, the caps game was the inspiration I needed for the blog. Now the creative juices are flowing and I still have a job as the GoVacuum blogger. If you don’t see a blog entry for a few days, don’t worry… I’m just in need of a few days off from working so hard. ;)

Do you have an inspirational story for the hardest working man in the vacuum business? Email it to me: