Happy Birthday John!

Life can be hard… life can be good… days can pass… years can pass…

Life is currently good, because I have a job where I can have bloggers block (is that even a term like writers block?) and still make it look like I did some work! I can’t take all credit for this, I have to thank John for turning another year older.

That’s right, the wise old gray fox is another year older. I won’t say how old, not because John would get upset (I don’t think upsetting John is even possible), but because it’s classless to call someone out on his age who played and sung with Pebbles and Bam Bam as a child. Nope, that’s just not my style.

So, Happy Birthday to the man who is always there with a smile to answer a question about a hard to find vacuum part, the man who is always there to lend a joke right when you need it most, the man who has been with this company before there was a Internet, back when computers didn’t even have a hard drive… before the Apple Macintosh was released in 1984! Yes, YOU John! Happy Birthday!

To celebrate and ensure (not the drink he should be having one a day of at his ripe age) it was better then the first 53 he had (I tried not to Buddy, I really did!) the owners of GoVacuum.com had a Birthday Party for the gentile geriatric. We even had most of the misfits sing a form of Happy Birthday to him… if you can could call it that, immediately followed by a Birthday lunch they had catered… yeah… life’s hard for all GoVacuum employees!

To further the festivities, I had an idea to give John a bottle of Metamucil for a Birthday gift, but this was shot down and replaced by us all shopping at GoVacuum.com, because it really is the worlds greatest vacuum cleaner website! Want proof?

John got a box of deodorizing vacuum scent tabs so he doesn’t start to use mothball crystals in his vacuum which so many do at this point in their lives, another coworker gave him a Cen-Tec DustUP Flexible Bend & Reach Micro-Fiber Duster With Extendable Handle so he can dust without bending over and hurting his back and another gave him a GoVacuum gift certificate.

As I frequently say… point of the fact is this… John, my friend, your winning attitude, extensive product knowledge and genuine friendliness, has lead to you becoming a local legend in the vacuum business… which I think is a compliment?… and it’s a pleasure for the three hours you claim I work everyday, to work with you! :)


Do you have a great story of how John helped you? Want to wish him a Happy Birthday? Email me! Yes me… Justin! Because if I only work for 3 hours a day, I need to at least make John think I’m working for the full 3 hours! Ideas? Comments? justin@govacuum.com