Pass the Turkey, Stuffing, and Online Savings!

It’s one of my favorite times of the year. Nothing like a holiday excuse to overindulge on delicious food. Turkey, mash potatoes, stuffing, yams, and more!!!

Other popular events that surround the Thanksgiving holiday are the Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales. Why stop at just indulging in food, but keep that gluttonous appetite going by purchasing the plethora of items that are being offered at mind blowing, discount prices.


GoVacuum is also jumping into the proverbial pumpkin pie of online retailers offering incredible discounts on various vacuum items. We didn’t want to just offer your typical run-of-the-mill sales either. We wanted to take it to another level by offering the biggest sale in the history of Black Fridays and Cyber Mondays!!!

What could that be?!?!

How about the infamous Million Dollar Vacuum to be available for auction on EBay with the bidding to start at……………….$0.01. That’s right, you read that correctly – one penny.
The auction, starts at 1:11am PST on Cyber Monday November 26, 2012, and will run for 10 days. Ten percent of the proceeds will be going to the American Red Cross. The Ebay auction id will be 271108184992.

Now once you have caught your breath and picked yourself up off the floor, there is more. GoVacuum is also offering incredible deals throughout Thanksgiving and the days that follow.

Over the course of 4 days, starting Thanksgiving Day and through the 25th of November, GoVacuum is offering the following deals:

Thanksgiving Day Coupon Code is STUFFING, Black Friday Coupon Code is BLACKFRIDAY2012


Holidays are a wonderful time to have family come together and give thanks.   It’s also a time for the parents and  in-laws to come over and give your house the white glove treatment.  So whether its to make your home and floors more sanitary for the kids to play on or to impress the ever-observant parents and in-laws, is the perfect place for all of your cleaning needs.


So from all of us from GoVacuum to you, have a wonderful and safe holiday season.


COPD. Having a IQ is Power.

There are many ailments and major health concerns that people are aware of, but there is one life-threatening disease that does not make the headlines: COPD.  COPD stands for Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease and it’s the 3rd leading cause of death in the United States.

Chronic bronchitis, emphysema, and sometimes asthma are a group of diseases that cause breathing related problems and airflow blockages that make up COPD, or Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease.

What causes COPD?

There are a few variables that studies have shown to play a huge role in people developing Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease or already have the condition but are making it worse.

Exposure to air pollutants in the workplace or home, respiratory infections and asthma, all play their role in developing and progressing COPD but the key factor in the United States is tobacco use.  In a growing amount of cases, indoor air quality can possibly play an even larger role in the development or progression of this dangerous disease.

One demographic affected most by the pollutants within the home and / or buildings are the elderly.  Elderly spend roughly 90% of their time indoors and can become susceptible to environmental hazards such as, tobacco smoke, mold, dust, pollen, animal dander, dust mites, and even cockroaches.  Other sources include oil, gas, kerosene, coal, and certain household cleaning products which contain irritating odors.

We at GoVacuum wanted to shed light on this growing concern but also offer a valuable, high powered weapon to combat COPD within the home and / or building.

There is one company that not only specializes in the manufacturing and engineering of high quality, innovative air purifying perfection, but is also recommend by the American Lung Association for COPD – and that is IQ Air.

IQ Air produces exceptional air purifiers that use Hyper HEPA technology in a sealed system which captures 99.97% of all particles, as small as 0.003 microns.  This micron measurement represents the smallest particles that exist and include viruses, dust mites, pet dander, air pollution, and even cigarette smoke.  IQ Air uses nanofiber technology which stops particles 100 times smaller than what other air purifiers claim.

Using IQ Air machines will greatly reduce the ultra fine particles associated with Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease.  Unfortunately there are many air purifiers on the market that claim to do the same but are actually ineffective or even worse, dangerous.

Other air purifiers offer inferior filtration designs, that can possibly produce ozone or contain ionizers.  Ozone and Ionizers are significantly dangerous because the can exacerbate COPD and other respiratory conditions.

November is the American Lung Association’s COPD and Lung Cancer Awareness Month and GoVacuum wanted to raise people’s ”IQ” about Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease and provide the information needed to choose the right air purifying company to tackle this important and deadly issue.




iRobot. A do it yourself guide to doing……..nothing.

Have you ever stopped in the middle of vacuuming and wished you lived a 100 years from now so a robot could do the housework while you relaxed? 

Welcome to the future.

iRobot is a company on the cutting edge of robotic design. The company designs military and home robots. The home robots are a popular vacuum product line known as the Roomba vacuums.

Roomba are hands free robotic vacuums that will clean your carpeting as if you were vacuuming with a traditional upright or canister vacuum. With just a push of a button the robotic vacuum will clean the room designated and even return itself back to its very own docking station.

Now I know if you’re like me you are probably asking yourself, “So when is the mowing the lawn, doing laundry, washing dishes, taking care of crying baby, rub your wife’s feet – robot coming out?”

I’m still waiting!!!


Until then at least you have a fantastic solution for cleaning your carpets.

That’s not all!!

iRobot has expanded their inventory and horizons by acquiring Evolution Robotics, makers of the Mint floor cleaning robot. The Mint floor cleaning robot focuses on cleaning hard surface floors.

Talk about a robotic cleaning army.

If your home is a 50/50 split between hard surface floors and carpeting or just mostly carpet, you will certainly want to consider the newest of the iRobot vacuum line such as the Roomba 630. One push of the button and you can walk away. The Roomba 630 features a patented 3 stage cleaning system with spinning side brushes to clean around edges while efficiently vacuuming dirt, debris, and even the dreaded pet hair.

Or if you want a more regimented approach, the Roomba 650 is equipped with a scheduler. So you set the time of when you want the robotic maid to get to work.

Both the Roomba 630 and 650 can adapt to various obstacles in the home. These robotic vacuums can go under beds and furniture, maneuver around loose wires, avoid stairs, use an acoustic sensor to detect the dirtiest parts of the floor and make multiple passes over the same area to ensure efficiency.

Make sure to check these amazing robot vacuums out at We offer the greatest assortment of iRobot machines at the best prices.




Please feel free to send any “thank you” emails to



Priceless Vacuum! How Creative can you be?

“Imagination is the beginning of creation. You imagine what you desire, you will what you imagine, and at last, you create what you will.” – George Bernard Shaw

How’s that for creating a spark of motivation into exploring your creative side?

Making videos, music, or just anything that your imagination comes up can be not only fun, but an exhilarating and liberating experience.

Just ask YouTube.  

Well now GoVacuum wants you to tap into your creativity and explore your talents into making a fantastic, entertaining music video. Don’t worry. Your creations won’t go unrewarded either. is hosting a contest. Not just any run-of-the-mill contest either. The reward is epic!

A one-of-a-kind, priceless Sebo GV62712 Felix Crystallize. The Sebo GV62712 Felix Crystallize is the only vacuum of its kind in existence and will never be made again. The outer bag is covered in 1,000 Swarovski Elements, the power nozzle is covered in actual diamond dust, and the handle is plated in silver. The Sebo GV62712 Felix Crystallize gives you all of the performance and quality of a traditional Sebo Felix vacuum. You can clean all types of surfaces, from bare floors to carpets.

Now I know what your thinking, “Did GoVacuum team up with Xzibit to pimp this vacuum?”

Well its certainly understandable that you would think that, but we did not.

We just wanted to create a priceless vacuum that gives you that WOW factor. We also wanted to come up with a creative way to offer this vacuum to the public. So we said to ourselves, “why not a contest?”

Now I know you’re chomping at the bit to get a hold of this priceless wonder. So here are the contest details:                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  

1) Download one of two Sebo Felix Crystallize rap songs or make your own song!

Please note:  if you would like to write your own song with original lyrics and beats- this is fine too! It doesn’t have to be a rap song, it can be any type of song, you can use our lyrics posted below if you wish as well. Just don’t sample anything existing from the music world without written permission from the copyright owners… we don’t need RIAA problems.

2) Grab your iPhone, Android phone, video camera, webcam or whatever video recording device you have and record a video for the song.

3) Edit your music video to the Sebo Felix Crystallize song and email it to us at

We will add it to our youtube account and post your entry to with a voting tool. The video that receives the most votes, wins this priceless Sebo Felix Crystallize GV62711!

How can you get more votes?

Once we upload your video on our website, we’ll email you the link to your video. Share the link with your friends on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Google Plus and other social media outlets. Ask people to share, watch and vote for your video!

The fine print…

We’re not attorneys, but here is where we say… Contest open to residents of all countries. Void where prohibited by law. No purchase necessary. Entry with the most votes on December 15, 2012 at 12pm EST will be declared as the winner. Must be 18 or older to enter, persons appearing in the video must give us permission to use their image, you must have consent from minors legal guardian if anyone under 18 appears in the video.


Get those entries in and good luck to all!



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Buried Alive?!? An upright and canister vacuum tag team has a solution.

For consumers overcome with pet hair and / or tasmanian messes, one company has found a way for you to dig your way out. has devised a plan to tackle the pet hair and kid’s messes without having to hire a commercial contracter from the HGTV!



Presenting the Miele S2181 Titan Canister Vacuum and the Miele S194 Quickstep Vacuum!!!!!!!!!!

This Heavyweight Tag Team, Miele S2181 Titan and S194 Quickstep, could really use the same motto as Brett Hart, famous pro wrestler, when he was in the infamous Hart Foundation.

This is the “best there is, best there was, and the best there ever will be!”

Now I know what you’re thinking, “wow Mike, do you hype much?”

Well yes, but only for the items I think deserve it, like cheese fries, homemade apple pies, sweet potato fries, and now this ultimate creation of vacuum awesomeness!

The Miele S2181 Titan Canister Vacuum features a 1200 watt motor, HEPA filtration, and a SEB217 power nozzle for all medium to low pile carpet vacuuming.

The S2181 is designed to be a lightweight, versatile powerhouse, so the consumer can obliterate pet hair and dander no matter what domesticated or wild (your choice, I do not judge) animals you might have living with you, especially with the bonus STB 101 Handheld turbo tool that we have included!

I know that info just blew your mind but you’re going to have to pull yourself together!!! THERE’S MORE!!!!!!

I know, if you’re like me, sometimes you just don’t feel like getting up off the couch to get that remote left by the TV.

Well that also applies to when the tasmanian devils (children) make a small mess and you just don’t feel like getting the main upright or canister vacuum out to clean it up.

First, the main upright or canister vacuum is all the way down in the other closet that you just don’t feel like walking to. Second, you then have to get everything out and attach the right attachments to clean up the said mess, which also depends on which type of floor the mess is on.

I’m just hypothetically talking about the mess and I am feeling the angst!

That leads me to the Miele S194 Quickstep.

The Miele S194 is a powerful, versatile broom vacuum that can perform like an upright vacuum, especially with the SEB 236 powernozzle that comes with it, which can also be disassembled into a handheld canister vacuum.

The S194 is slim and very lightweight. This makes it easy to inconspicuously keep just off to the side of the kitchen or kid’s playroom and grab at a moment’s notice.


Now don’t hurt yourself running to tell your friends and family about this amazing combination of tag team vacuuming excellence, combining the best of the upright and canister worlds!



Feel free to send all of your “thank you” emails to




Clark Kent to Superman! A vacuum’s metamorphosis to better cleaning.

One company shows how a vacuum can go from a traditional mild mannered canister to a pet hair destroyer with a long jab!!

This is the Miele S5211 Ariel Canister vacuum cleaner. At first glance it looks like your standard canister vacuum for cleaning, as if any canister made by the Miele Company can be called standard, but for the sake of this blog, its standard.

Well, we at GoVacuum thought about it and wanted to take a very popular vacuum that was only designed for hard surface floor cleaning and area rugs with low pile, and transform this vacuum into a pet hair grabbing, allergen filtering, ‘who cares how tall your staircase is’ extra long reach entity.

No we don’t have a god complex, more like Frankenstein.

So why not take a popular Miele canister vacuum and put a combination of accessories together so the consumer, especially pet lovers, has more amenities at their disposal?

So we did.


The Miele S5211 Ariel Canister vacuum w/ Hepa filter, STB 101 turbo tool, and SFS10 extension hose.

We took the S5211 Ariel, added the AH50 HEPA filter, so now the machine can filter 99.99% of all particles to the smallest 0.3 microns, and is also lined with charcoal to eliminate odors.

So stop blaming the dog (which is my go-to line) for that unpleasant odor and start using the HEPA filter that’s lined with charcoal.

We then added the STB Hand Held turbo tool. This turbo tool has a rotating brush which is driven by the airflow (suction) of the vacuum, and does a masterful job of grabbing pet hair off of all types of fabrics.

Finally we added the SFS10 extension hose. Everyone wants to leave the machine at the bottom of the stairs and just take the nozzle. Now you can.

I can just hear the roar of the crowd now!

The deafening applause to our creation.

Our main goal at GoVacuum is to give you honest recommendations of machines that will meet your cleaning needs the best, and come up with combinations of additional accessories to anticipate what those cleaning needs might be or what you will find useful within everyday life.


After purchasing the machine please send all of your “thank you” emails to

Quality ZVac! No its not a German guy saying “the vac.” is launching its own brand, ZVac!

These are not just your everyday vacuum bags and filters either!  GoVacuum has designed and engineered the ZVac products to be mostly biodegradable and recyclable, made with earth-friendly materials to have the least amount of negative impact on the environment.

ZVac Discount Vacuum Cleaner Filters

Now I know what you’re thinking,

“Is GoVacuum trying to single handedly stop global warming?”

That’s so kind of you by the way, but no.

We do want to do our part though to help reduce, not just other people’s carbon footprint with our program, but reduce our own footprint by creating our own brand of vacuum bags and filters.

We didn’t stop there!!

ZVac having a tree planted for every 500 filters and bags manufactured

For every 500 vacuum bags and filters manufactured, we had a tree planted in the endangered Atlantic Forest of Brazil, and will continue to do so.

[wait for applause to end]

I know this is impressive and most of you reading this are singing GoVacuum’s praises, but some might be saying, “biodegradable, earth-friendly, the quality must be crap.”

We assure you, far from it!  We painstakingly and rigorously ensured that each bag and filter is manufactured to the exact OEM specifications of quality, size, and installation.


The ZVac brand of high quality and earth friendly products are a fraction of OEM and other popular Generic Companies retail prices.

So let me break this down for you because I’m sure I’m reaching the 96 second (on average) attention span for blog reading, or in case you skipped to the end:

ZVac brand, high quality, perfect fitting, earth-friendly, bags and filters at cheaper prices than anyone else, period!


Have a question about ZVac filters? Email me at

Does anyone have answers?!? My vacuum sucks!

Many Consumers have this question and we at completely understand their frustration.  Trying to find answers to what’s the best vacuum to buy, which part is the correct one for my machine, or how do I replace this belt, can drive a person insane!!

That’s why has launched  A community forum where vacuum owners can finally get the in-depth answers, share ideas, and read how to’s from experts and/or with fellow community members.

Now consumers can step out of the abyss.  Follow the proverbial bread crumbs.  In this case, tell mary anne to go towards the light (Poltergeist movie reference) and use these tools to build your vacuum knowledge because in the long run, this will save you money.

How about that, a retailer trying to save you money?

I wished when I was shopping for my new used car, the dealers would of told me, “No, not that one, that’s too expensive for what you are looking for.”  Or tell me, “not that one, those typically have transmission problems.”

If only I would of had a forum where I could go for all of my car buying needs, questions, and even repairs. Wait a second…… is now launching Go-Car-Info, for all of your……ah nevermind.  I’ll just focus on one thing at a time.  Plus I don’t know anything about cars, at least to that extent. is the perfect forum for having discussions on quick fixes, cleaning and maintenance, or which vacuum is the best for the user’s particular preferences and needs.

Even if you’re on-the-go constantly, you can tweet us.

Not only will we answer your tweet, that correspondence will show up on the forum in case other consumers were wondering the same thing.

So stop the guesswork!

LaborDayAPalooza! My Labor Day Celebration…

It was a great LaborDayAPalooza!

It didn’t start off great, because I spent my labor day laying on the couch with a broken remote control. Which meant I had a major decision to make… would I stay true to myself and my Labor Day pact that I wanted to enact (I’m a poet, don’t you know it?) or would I falter and not continue my yearly Labor Day ritual celebration also known as LaborDayAPalooza?

Yes, to kick off LaborDayAPalooza, I start off the day by reiterating my pact in the mirror at 1:00pm every Labor Day morning just as I crawl out of bed. It goes like this, “I Justin refuse to remove my frame from the forged position I’ve cratered in the couch over the course of these years, because today is my day, the day I enjoy the fruits of my hard labor and celebrate by doing absolutely nothing for the entire day… today is about me… Happy LaborDayAPalooza Justin”!

After this motivational speech to the man in the mirror, I immediately start to dance and shake my money maker like I’m in an original ipod commercial.

You may be wondering how can I pull off such a glorious accomplishment every year without getting interrupted and having it all fall apart? Obviously it’s not an easy feat but, let me explain the details.

It may be hard for everyone reading this vacuum blog to believe that a guy with the skill and ambition who can organize his very own LaborDayAPalooza is single, but it’s true… I know, shocking right? (Don’t worry ladies, I’m accepting applications… slow down, form a single file line please) On the bright side of being singular, I don’t have to worry about any of distractions brought on by family. Nope, no kids running around and no wife telling me to mow the lawn or vacuum the carpets with my Miele Capricorn canister vacuum cleaner. Yep, it’s just me and my remote… alone… again… for another year… LaborDayAPalooza! ROCK ON!

Nonetheless, all was well as I had carefully planned and was properly equipped with everything I needed, I got all set up and was ready… To my right I had a 2 liter of my favorite soft drink, to my left I had three foot long subs just waiting to be devoured. Next to them I had a cooler full of ice. In my hand I held a 103 button remote control that would make Tim The Tool Man Taylor grunt with envy.

All seemed well, so I kicked off the festivities. I got into position. The polyester couch caressed my skin and welcomed me back home, I turned on the 7 foot television, but just as I was ready to change the channel… Tragedy struck! My whole world got turned upside down! LaborDayAPalooza was in jeopardy!

My remote control had dead batteries! What the?!! %#(*^@!)$!!! Noooooooooooooooo!

I should have know better then to purchase the 103 button remote, why didn’t I buy the better 124 button model that uses rechargeable batteries that could easily be replaced just like a rechargeable vacuum has? Ahhhhhhhhh!!!

So, it was the moment of truth. What was I to do? I had to reflect on my life, examine where I was and question my self. Was it a easy path getting to this elite bachelor status? Had any of my friends ever achieved such great accomplishments? Forcing myself to ponder these deep thoughts made me have a moment of clarity…

It was at the moment I questioned life, its meaning, and who else besides me has pulled off 11 straight years of such greatness on Labor Day? Who else even had a LaborDayAPalooza besides old Justin? Was I gonna let 16 dead D batteries ruin my festivities? After all I had months of planning into this…

Now, before you prejudge me and my lazysusan that sits on each end table, please keep an open mind to the true genius behind this celebration! The 2 liter of soda was diet RC Cola, good luck finding that on a store shelf in 2011! The 3 subs are Jared’s favorite and had only 440 calories in each 6” half! The ice cubes in the cooler are purified by with the help of my EdenPURE Aqua 2000 Water Filtration System!

Yes! I think it’s pretty safe to say I live a active and healthy lifestyle all while living the LaborDayAPalooza dream! Which is why I couldn’t just abandon my brainchild event that represents freedom and rewards me for the labor I endure everyday of working at

President Kennedy once said, “Ask not what your country can do for you, but what you can do for your country!” While pondering his words, It was at this defining moment, I knew what I had to do.

I did what any true American man would do, not just for me, but for every true American man who is a LaborDayAPaloozaless family man… I did nothing… I sat there, but I enjoyed myself, because the channel I was on had on was playing a Rocky movie marathon, yes, all 6 Rocky movies (I must admit, I love Rocky, but the 5th Rocky movie… still hard to stomach)!

Anyhows… I placed the remote on the lazysusan, spun it around, forgot about the channel and volume buttons, popped the cap of the cola, tore open a sub and began to celebrate and enjoy my Labor Day, all while my Roomba 440 robotic vacuum cleaned my house!

In the words of a humble wise man who drinks tiger blood named Charlie Sheen… my GoVacuum blog reading friends, I was…. WINNING!

Did you laugh? Share our blog with your friends on Facebook! GoVacuum blog! Also don’t forget to like us on Facebook or signup for our newsletter and you will be entered to win a Roomba 560 vacuum cleaner, visit here for more info.

Do you have a story of how you celebrated your Labor Day 2011? Post a comment below or email me! Seriously! I gotta at least appear busy or I’ll be looking for a new job soon! Save my job! Email me anything! Anything at all!

Cleaning Memories and The Vacuum Renaissance

As a child I remember how much I loved to play outside, my mother would have to call my name numerous times before I would return home. Once I finally made it back to my exasperated mom, I could see steam emit from her ears like Rosie the maid in the Jetsons because I had just schlepped all the dirt on her carpet from my shoes!

After I ate dinner and watched my siblings eat dessert, it was my job to vacuum the entire house. I remember how I dredged vacuuming; it was such a chore having to use an upright for the carpets and a canister for the floors. I always remembered Rosie!
Why couldn’t the future be here soon? I really wanted my very own robot so I didn’t have to vacuum.

20 some years later here I sit at work for writing this. Perhaps this is karma for my many years of making her carpets dirty and trying to get out of vacuuming? I don’t know, but I know the future is now and I never have to vacuum again!

This means life is good, not only because I work for the best vacuum website on the Internet, but because robot vacuums are here and invading our homes!

Now before you start to freak out, by saying invade, I’m not saying the day of man vs machine is here and good thing, because I don’t have a lot of faith that John Conner will defeat the Terminators anyhow, but I’m saying is we have machines do a lot for us already in our home so why not embrace a robotic vacuum cleaner?

Everyday I use a robot to wash my dishes, automatically rake the kitty litter box clean, warm up my TV dinner (yeah, maybe life isn’t that great, but I digress), and clean the pool plus so much more. Why would I not allow a robot to automatically clean my floors and carpet?

Do you think after 14 years of working in the vacuum business I want to go home and vacuum? Especially after my mom scared me as a child with my vacuuming chores? While I do love the vacuum industry, and really enjoy working in it, I really don’t like to go home and have to vacuum. Who does like to get off work and go home and work more? Anyone? Anyone? Bueller? Bueller?

So you can imagine my excitement when my boss at allowed me to take home the Roomba 440 and try it!

Actually I had no excitement, I joked around that this little thing wouldn’t clean the fuzz off my teeth, yet alone clean my carpet so we made a bet. My boss joked with me if I didn’t like it has the best return policy in the business of 60 days so I would be fine. I said no thanks, I hate to vacuum and that’s why I pay a cleaning service to do it.

He then made a bet with me! If I didn’t like it, he would pay for one week of the cleaning service, but if I did like it, I had to clean all the bathrooms at work and write an article about how much I love my Roomba robot vacuum.

He was right! That little sucker not only was used as a hoverboard by my cat, but also really cleaned my carpets great! It takes a lot for a vacuum to impress me, but this little round space shuttle looking device got up the cat’s hair! I can actually invite my friends over again (provided they bring me home cooked meals) because while I’m at work admitting defeat, that little vacuum booger is at home cleaning my carpets!

Now that I’ve cleaned three bathrooms used by all the employees here, he then shamed me into installing the most… let’s just say, unique device we sell called CleanButt Bidet Spa

So here I sit admitting defeat AGAIN. I was wrong (there happy?) and thus, I’m writing this article, but do I care? Nope, I just saved myself hundreds of dollars a year by firing my housekeeper and replacing it with a Roomba robotic vacuum that only cost $199.99!

So who really won the bet I ask you?