Does anyone have answers?!? My vacuum sucks!

Many Consumers have this question and we at completely understand their frustration.  Trying to find answers to what’s the best vacuum to buy, which part is the correct one for my machine, or how do I replace this belt, can drive a person insane!!

That’s why has launched  A community forum where vacuum owners can finally get the in-depth answers, share ideas, and read how to’s from experts and/or with fellow community members.

Now consumers can step out of the abyss.  Follow the proverbial bread crumbs.  In this case, tell mary anne to go towards the light (Poltergeist movie reference) and use these tools to build your vacuum knowledge because in the long run, this will save you money.

How about that, a retailer trying to save you money?

I wished when I was shopping for my new used car, the dealers would of told me, “No, not that one, that’s too expensive for what you are looking for.”  Or tell me, “not that one, those typically have transmission problems.”

If only I would of had a forum where I could go for all of my car buying needs, questions, and even repairs. Wait a second…… is now launching Go-Car-Info, for all of your……ah nevermind.  I’ll just focus on one thing at a time.  Plus I don’t know anything about cars, at least to that extent. is the perfect forum for having discussions on quick fixes, cleaning and maintenance, or which vacuum is the best for the user’s particular preferences and needs.

Even if you’re on-the-go constantly, you can tweet us.

Not only will we answer your tweet, that correspondence will show up on the forum in case other consumers were wondering the same thing.

So stop the guesswork!

GoVacuum Changes The Industry & Makes The News, But What’s Next?

Way back in 1999, Vacuum Unlimited broke new ground in the industry by starting a little retirement project for the owner called It was one of the first e-commerce websites for vacuum bags, belts, parts and new vacuum cleaners. Fast forward 13 years later and we are still breaking new ground in the vacuum industry and the owner is far from retirement!

Take for example, a revolutionary new website that’s been in development and BETA mode for the last 4 years, which we’ve officially launched. At anyone can post their vacuum related questions and the vacuum experts at GoVacuum will answer within 24 hours, sometimes we’ll even film a video answering your questions. This is a 100% free service which requires no purchase. Just visit, search for your question in the previous inquiries created by other users; if you don’t find your question or an answer already posted, just create an account and post any question about vacuum cleaners or air purifiers.

We answer any and all questions posted. Ask anything! From what vacuum would be best for your cleaning situation, how to install a belt, or even how to replace a Kirby vacuum cleaner transmission. No question is too easy or hard for us to answer! If you would like us to film a video giving you step by step instructions showing you how to repair your vacuum cleaner, just ask! 100% free of charge; no strings attached.

Another way we’re paving the way in the vacuum industry is with our selling platforms. We’ve been selling on Amazon now for several years and we’ve been able to utilize their selling and fulfillment services so much that not only have they chosen to do a case study on us, but Sachin Anand, the Director of Business Development, was recently interviewed by The Financial Times newspaper about our relationship with Amazon. He even appeared on the NPR radio show On Point to speak about it (fast forward to 19:45 to hear about him).

Yes, we’re making news for how we’ve reshaped the vacuum industry with Amazon, but we’ve also recently broke new ground in other marketplaces such as,, and many others.

We’re proud to be at the forefront of the vacuum industry and always being among the most innovative entities on the market. So, what’s next? Is there a reality show in the works? Will we make our own vacuums soon? Will we conquer the world? Who knows? Check this blog often at to find out!

There’s Something Strange With Your Vacuum Cleaner… Who You Gonna Call…?

If you have a question about a ghost- Bill Murray is the man, but if you have a question about a vacuum- you get stuck with little old me. Feel cheated? So do I, I get stuck with a Powr-Flite PF1000BP backpack vacuum cleaner and not a GhostBusters Proton Pack. Yet, with my new Powr-Flite PF1000BP I can run around my house and hopefully be 1/2 as cool as this guy!

Okay, so point of the fact is this… Another GoVacuum website where you can ask the most obscure question about your vacuum cleaner and we will answer. After all, knowledge is power and an empowered consumer knows GoVacuum is the best vacuum website with the best prices, free shipping, 60 day returns… yadda daada daada… toot out own horn, but we can do that because of things like this.

Plus, not only will we answer your questions, but we’ll even shoot a video to show you how to fix the problem! Yes, most everyone can repair their own vacuum (I mean if I can do it, who can’t?) and with us filming a detailed directional how to video for your questions YOU can fix your own vacuum!

Here is how it works, post a question at and we will shoot a video and reply to your question with it. You can then order your parts at or call us at 888-468-2210. That’s it! We make it easy on you. Here is an example of a video I shot the other day for a question about how to replace the handle release foot pedal on a Bissell upright vacuum cleaner.

Remember when it comes to vacuums… GoVacuum!

GoVacuum Is Featured In The Wall Street Journal Newspaper!

I had to wake up yesterday and head in to the GoVacuum office for a meeting. Uggggh, a Monday meeting… I loathe them, but this is usually a fun event with the misfits at GoVacuum as it was a brain storming session. These are great ways to start off the work week and the eclectic crowd of misfits I work with always keep the meetings fun and entertaining with their whacky ideas.

After the comical meeting was over boss man told me to stay in my seat, that he needed to have a word with me. Nooooooooo! Last time he “needed to have a word with me” he forced me to start a Daily Vacuum Deal and that takes a lot out of my leisure “work” schedule everyday!

I held back and once it was just he and I, he smiled and shook my hand. “I know what you did Justin… thank you”! I was frozen, stuck looking like a deer in headlights. I smiled back, “Your welcome, I thought you would like it”, I replied. I still had no idea what he was talking about, but I’m always one to take credit for something positive I didn’t do (Shameless, I don’t understand the meaning???).

At this point he pulls out the October 19th edition of The Wall Street Journal that contains an article about how homeowners can fix their own household appliances. They write what I’ve known for a long time… is the best place to buy all your vacuum parts and everything vacuum related!

I then had a real huge smile… so much so he snapped this goofy image of me with the paper!

I explained how I had been working on getting us in the newspaper for a few months and it was an endless back and forth with the reporter. I went into detail of how it was an idea I had while “working” at home. I was even able to incorporate how doing things like this to promote the website is why my workload might not allow me to run the Daily Deal Promotion every single day. He mulled it over for a moment and said, “Then you can run a weekend deal for Friday- Sunday and a daily deal during the other days”.

I gracefully accepted his offer. He was so happy with the publicity in The Wall Street Journal he even offered me have the rest of the day off! I took him up on this offer too!

I do have a confession to make… I had absolutely nothing to do with the article in The Wall Street Journal, but who am I to break his heart? He looked so happy and why should I ruin his joy and excitement? I’m just to caring to do such a thing!

Turns out, the writer for the newspaper found our website to be the most complete vacuum parts website that offers great phone support and discount prices and decided to include us in the article! While that is really flattering and awesome that is considered the best vacuum website in the country offering live chat and phone support 7 days a week and open till 10:00 PM EST all while maintaining the lowest prices and offering free shipping, but even more awesome is that yours truly gets the credit and got to watch the sun set while enjoying my Pandora radio station in my backyard. :)

Have a creative idea on news ways I can get out of working? Post a comment or email me

99.6% of the people agree… Do you?

Don’t you hate it when people go on and on about their new car, their new house and how they are so great? I don’t like it when people self gloat. After all isn’t it better for someone else to say how great you are? For something great you did?

Good thing this doesn’t apply to business and me… I’m about as shameless as they come. Your source for all things related to vacuum cleaners – GoVacuum hit a milestone today and I’m about to toot our horn.

I got a phone call from a giddy sounding co-worker who said we received something in the mail from Ebay and when he opened it he couldn’t believe his eyes!

I wake up every morning and know I work a long 1-2 hours per day for the greatest website (gloating) for all things vacuum and carpet cleaning related. We simply are the bees knees of the industry! I’m not the only one that thinks so, but YOU our customer’s think so as well!

While it might be distasteful in me telling you how great we are, don’t take my word, check out over 60,000 reviews on Amazon where we have a 99% positive rating or head over to Ebay where we have over 6,000 reviews with a 99.6% positive rating! That’s 996 happy customers per 1,000! (& I can’t even get a 2nd date in my personal life, go figure!) We’re so great Ebay decided to take notice and tell us.

We got a certificate signed by the President & CEO of Ebay saying we are excellent sellers and professional! While that last part may be disputable, one thing is for sure… we do truly care and try our best to make every single customer happy. Not just with offering 60 day returns and FREE shipping paid both ways, but by taking the time to chat and speak with every customer if they desire from 8am-10pm Monday – Friday and 11am-10pm on Sunday.

Yes… I’m shameless (maybe that’s the reason I’m a 1st date only pioneer), but when everyone is telling you, you’re great and they are so happy with your service that they start to tell their family and friends about it, pretty soon you would believe it too!

Congratulations to all the misfits at GoVacuum (including the few not pictured)!

Take a moment to pat yourself on the back, good job!

What you’ve not purchased your vacuum or parts from us yet? Well, it’s about time you do so, because you’ll discover what real customer service is and there’s a 99.6% chance you’ll end up a satisfied!

Have you purchased anything from us? Are you a satisfied customer? Are you .04% of the population? If so I wanna hear from you!

Confused about Vacuum Cleaners? Just Ask GoVacuum.

Can’t figure out how to fix the broken belt on your 80′s model Eureka vacuum? Looking for a new vacuum with super filtration to help your allergies? Want your vacuum to stop making that weird noise that drives you crazy?

There are many questions to be asked about vacuum cleaners. Whether you are curious about your old machine or are interested in finding a modern alternative, we are here to answer your questions. Last week, we introduced a new section on our site called “Ask GoVacuum.” In this section, we display all the questions that have been submitted to us, and the appropriate answers. Our team of vacuum experts does their best to answer your question, no matter how obscure. Many of the answers include links to schematics for your machines or pictures and videos illustrating how to do that impossible repair.

At the bottom of the page, you are able to submit your own question. Most questions will be answered within 24 hours.

As more questions come in, we will begin to organize the Ask GoVacuum section by brand and theme. We hope this helps.

Ask GoVacuum today!

Introducing GoVacuum Live Chat and Click-to-Call Service!

We are happy to announce that we have integrated a live chat and click-to-call program on our site, enabling you customers to chat live with one our qualified agents or even have us call you right away. All you have to do is click the appropriate button (chat or click to call), let us know briefly what your inquiry is about, and you will either be directed to a GoVacuum representative via chat or phone, your choice. Feel free to test it out right away!

Pets Fearful of Your Vacuum Cleaner? Look No Further

In our highly popular “Ask GoVacuum” post about vacuuming your cat, we discussed the best vacuums available for cleaning your pet with a vacuum. Many pet owners who may wish to use a small vacuum to clean their pet may have a pet who is wildly afraid of vacuum cleaners.

I recently came across an article discussing how pet owners can help their pets overcome fears of loud noises. The example used as a training exercise, lucky for us, was training your pet not to be afraid of the vacuum cleaner. I will reprint the relevant part here. Enjoy!

For a noise you can control, like a vacuum cleaner, first put the unplugged vacuum cleaner in the middle of the floor and put a few treats around and on the vacuum cleaner. After your pet has eaten those treats, while you are next to the vacuum cleaner, call your pet to you, give her a treat for coming and give her a command and give her a treat when the command is performed.

Continue the command and treat process until you see that your pet is focused on you with the treats. For the next step, turn on the vacuum cleaner and continue issuing commands and giving treats to your pet as she is near the vacuum cleaner. If your pet does not come close to the vacuum cleaner after it is turned on you can gradually get her closer by simply calling her to you and giving her treats as you move closer to the vacuum cleaner. If your pet runs and hides when the vacuum cleaner is turned on, wait a few minutes and try again.

Check Your Belts Regularly

Vacuum cleaner belts are one of those items that no one really wants to change. They are not exactly the most exciting item to go shopping for either. However, a little care and attention towards something as seemingly insignificant as a belt may extend the life of your vacuum’s motor.

Vacuums belts are generally used to drive the brush roll on your vacuum cleaner. As they are part of the airflow system, they can often collect dust, debris and fibrous material like pet hair, cotton or carpet fibers. After periodic use, these belts often become stretched. When stretched, they limit the ability of the brush roll to spin at high speeds and effectively kill the vacuum’s ability to pick up dirt and debris. Point being, that even if your belt doesn’t look broken, the mere fact that its stretched could limit your vacuum’s ability to clean and over time can cause the motor to overheat.

Plan on replacing the belt on a vacuum at least every 6 months. For repair tips, check out the two videos we have created below:

If a belt does break, take the broken belt along with your vacuum cleaners make and model along to your nearest vacuum cleaner specialist center. They can help identify the most appropriate belt for your cleaner.

To replace the belt, follow the instructions in the vacuum cleaners handbook. If the task appears to daunting, take the unit to your vacuum cleaner repair center where they can quickly install the belt for you. have a wide range of belts available and can help you find the right belt for your cleaner. Vacuum cleaner belts play an important role in the operation of your cleaner so it is essential you obtain the right belt for your cleaner.

What is the best vacuum, really?

Since I just realized that not all of our blog readers are newsletter subscribers, I thought I might as well post a snippet of our latest newsletter that got a lot of positive feedback. If you’d like to subscribe to our monthly newsletter, please click here or email

Since the deep-cleaning and gift-buying season has now arrived, we’ve seen a sudden increase in the same kinds of questions around here. On the phone, through our website, and in our stores, everyone wants to know: What IS the best vacuum, really?. The simple answer? In canisters, we recommend Mieles. For uprights, the SEBOs. If you’re tired of messing around with a mediocre or downright frustrating vacuum, check out the Mieles or SEBOs, and finally experience what a REALLY clean home feels like.

Best Canisters   Best Uprights
Miele Vacuums - Best Canisters   SEBO Vacuums - Best Uprights

— End Newsletter Snippet —

Of course, every home is different, every situation is different, everyone has different needs, and no one vacuum will suit everyone’s needs. But, when money is less of a concern and you want the easy answer, there it is. If you have specific questions, feel free to leave them in the comments, email me, or call one of our knowledgeable sales staff at 1-866-468-2288 (9am – 7pm, Monday – Saturday, EST or 9am – 6pm on Sunday, EST).