Does anyone have answers?!? My vacuum sucks!

Many Consumers have this question and we at completely understand their frustration.  Trying to find answers to what’s the best vacuum to buy, which part is the correct one for my machine, or how do I replace this belt, can drive a person insane!!

That’s why has launched  A community forum where vacuum owners can finally get the in-depth answers, share ideas, and read how to’s from experts and/or with fellow community members.

Now consumers can step out of the abyss.  Follow the proverbial bread crumbs.  In this case, tell mary anne to go towards the light (Poltergeist movie reference) and use these tools to build your vacuum knowledge because in the long run, this will save you money.

How about that, a retailer trying to save you money?

I wished when I was shopping for my new used car, the dealers would of told me, “No, not that one, that’s too expensive for what you are looking for.”  Or tell me, “not that one, those typically have transmission problems.”

If only I would of had a forum where I could go for all of my car buying needs, questions, and even repairs. Wait a second…… is now launching Go-Car-Info, for all of your……ah nevermind.  I’ll just focus on one thing at a time.  Plus I don’t know anything about cars, at least to that extent. is the perfect forum for having discussions on quick fixes, cleaning and maintenance, or which vacuum is the best for the user’s particular preferences and needs.

Even if you’re on-the-go constantly, you can tweet us.

Not only will we answer your tweet, that correspondence will show up on the forum in case other consumers were wondering the same thing.

So stop the guesswork!

Go Bowling… Go Vacuum… Go Diet… Go Love…

I had an exhausting morning yesterday as I was recovering from my LaborDayAPalooza festivities. I woke up bloated and had a headache from all the food and stress I endured because of the remote control batteries. After laying in bed I decided to get up and exercise. Yes, I know what you’re thinking, why ruin a good start to the week by exercising after such an epic holiday on Monday?

You see, my good Facebook contest friends, LaborDayAPalooza is just one day per year, so for the other 364 ¼ days I do exercise each morning by speed walking to the mailbox at the end of the driveway (even on Sundays… what’s OCD?) and I maintain a healthy diet of processed genetically modified and unnaturally enriched foods, plus I use EdenPure Aqua 2000 filtered ice in most all my organic high-fructose corn syrup drinks, which after all is a vegetable! That’s right, only the healthiest of the healthiest for my palate will do.

Yes, these healthy lifestyle choices that I make is perhaps why I often get confused for Brad Pitt when I roam the local big box stores for savings in my fitted XXXL “WingMan” shirt.

Side note: oddly enough these mega mart stores are not as cheap as our little mega website Oh no… let me stop before I start some shameless self promotion and tell you how we offer 60 day returns with free shipping both ways paid by us… oh well to late!

Nonetheless… after that great mailbox cardio and some fruit aka Apple Jacks Cereal a healthy part of this complete breakfast!

I took a shower and then started the day off talking to myself in the mirror like Gary Busey does.

I sat down in my nature inspired office and poured myself a glass of “grape juice”, I was ready to “work” but something was off… I couldn’t pin point it, and for no particular reason why, I was tired. I didn’t want to strain my eyes on the laptop screen, nor did I want my boss to have a workman’s compensation lawsuit from an attorney I could find on a day time television ad, so I did the responsible thing and went back inside to rest my eyes.

After about seven hours of self inflicted eye rejuvenation and relaxation management therapy, I deemed myself healthy enough to get to work. So… I took my lunch break, two hours later I was ready to write the GoVacuum blog, but I was still stressed due to my long work hours. It then hit me like a Sebo Airbelt K3 canister vacuum falling down the stairs. I needed a change of pace and scenery, so I decided to go in to the GoVacuum World Wide Headquarters in Chantilly, VA.

Upon my arrival at 6:00pm I was informed that due to the recent success of our 10% off site wide GoVacuum coupon that can be used on most everything excluding Miele, Sebo and IQ Air. A few of the vacuum geniuses (kind of like an Apple Genius, but for vacuums not computers) at GoVacuum were having a bowling night on the websites dime.

I immediately questioned each and every single GoVacuum vacuum genius! How is it, I was not informed of this social company gathering? Is the beloved blogger loved by anyone anymore? Did I even ever mean anything at all to her (I mean the GoVacuum geniuses)? I felt heartbroken and much like the great comedian Rodney Dangerfeld… apparently, I get no respect! =(

Just as I was starting to click my heels and recite that there’s no place like home, Mike the friendly senior sales and customer service manager who had just helped inform a customer on how to replace a vacuum belt in her Kirby upright vacuum, told me something that even my deaf right ear heard loud and clear. “Justin, Buddy… sorry this was not written up in an email, it’s an improvised thing, you’re more then welcome to come along!”

As my goofy grin expanded, and my eyes lit up like Rodneys, the rest of the geniuses chimed in and with open arms and invited me to tag along on this exclusive event. ALRIGHT! I was gonna go bowling for the second time in 15 years.

After 5-10 minutes of grueling office work, we left for the great GoVacuum bowling extravaganza! I need to point out some troopers still held the fort down while I was attempting to bowl in the double digits and that’s not only because we have the greatest vacuum industry personnel working at GoVacuum, even though we do. Nope, it’s because of the extended hours. That’s right all the chat and toll-free telephone lines are open from 8am-10pm EST Monday- Saturday plus 11am-10pm on Sunday.

Needless to say we had a blast, Mike bowled well and the rest… well… they did better then me! Plus they didn’t make fun of me… at least not to my face. After a few frames we all hurried home, tucked ourselves in the bed and had dreams of sweet Oreck xlpro6a back pack vacuums… (OKAY! That last one is untrue… I was dreaming of a mystical girl who broke my heart, I mean the mystical Miele Capricorn canister vacuum cleaner with seb236).

Did you laugh? Share our blog with your friends on Facebook or tweet it! GoVacuum blog is at! Have a comment, wanna tell me your bowling score average? Anything just email me so I look busy!

Step right up, everybody’s a winner… well… maybe not everyone…

Last night I decided to go to the local fair and heard a dentally challenged carny yelling at me to step right up and take his challenge, all while I filled my face with a deep friend Oreo (I just lost 100 pounds, I can eat reward myself from time to time with a gluttonous treat… don’t judge me).

Old man Justin is never one to back down to a challenge, so I stepped right up to his booth and took on his challenge. No, not the challenge of repairing years of dental neglect he endured, but the one of throwing a basketball into a hoop.

I took the shot… AIRBALL! At this point I’m questioning the angle of the basketball rim. I started to believe, it, much like this fine human specimen of carnival fair were as crooked as his two teeth. This was a simple shot, I could make it!

So I decided to walk away, because at $1 a shot, I would be broke soon as the fried Oreo was my last of the bakers dozen I purchased 15 minutes earlier (what? You don’t get to be 100 lbs over weight by eating healthy).

Yet, as I walked away he called me chicken… I stopped dead in my tracks, turned my head and in my best Marty McFly, I pretty much lived out this scene from Back To The Future 3: (without the door)

Chicken? I think not! I reached into my wallet grabbed a $5 bill and in my best Al Bundy impersonation, I turned my hat backwards and exclaimed…. let’s rock!

No basketball or sideshow character was gonna get the best of me! I grabbed the basketball and dribbled, while I heard this animated fellow talking smack and laughing as I proceeded to miss all 5 shots.

It was not my greatest moment in life, yet, I tried to smile, but with black Oreo goo stuck between my teeth it made his $5 richer grin look better then my smile. At this point I walked away… feeling like a total loser.

I then decided to find happiness in my take home funnel cake. Yet, once home while feasting on even more calories and sugar, the strawberry topping dripped on the tile floor and only area rug I have. REALLY? I started to question could this night get any worse?

As I sat back as a unhappy single man on the “love seat” couch, I wanted to give up and cry… but I heard Joe Esposito playing in my head…

I had an epiphany. I couldn’t allow a rude carny to afflict my mood, I just couldn’t allow his toothless teasing to get to me!

After cleaning the dessert up off the carpet, I used the Lindhaus Velocity Pure Power stain remover to clean the fruit stain, then blotted it up with my Skoy cloth. Then I used my Reliable Deluxe Total Home Cleaning Package which has a Reliable T2 Steamboy (not the terminator T2) and the P7 Pronto hand steamer to clean the tile and touch up the whole carpet. Plus the Reliable P7 got the strawberry grim off the glass table top in in nooks and cranny corners. I then grabbed my Miele Galaxy Ariel s5211 vacuum cleaner with a certified HEPA filter and vacuumed up the carpeting and bare floor.

After that I felt clean, refreshed and… a winner… because… “Nothings ever gonna keep me down!”

Which reminds me… tomorrow, I have exciting news about how you can win a robot to clean your home! Yes, an actual real robot to vacuum your house!

Do you have a great story of how refreshed you feel after vacuuming your home with your Miele or other brand of vacuum you purchased from Have a Miele Ariel vacuum review? Are you bored? Unemployed? Or just want to say hello? Email me… I need to keep up the appearance I’m busy or I’ll have to find a real job!

The Importance of Air Purifiers

by Michele Kadison
Environmental consciousness begins at home. Breathing pure, clean air that is free of dust, mold, pollen, pet dander, smoke, and any other type of airborne pollutant is a right that we need to choose for ourselves. Buying a top-notch air purifier is an ideal way to ensure that unwanted elements in our homes do not find their way into our lungs.

A good air purifier is designed to improve the quality of the air by removing potential allergens, which can be the cause of many problems if inhaled on a regular basis. If you suffer from asthma or are sensitive to airborne particles, breathing clean air is essential. People with sensitive lungs, including children and the elderly will also experience huge benefits from purified air.A good air purifier also reduces residual smells from pets and smokers as well as any other potential air pollutant.

As one of the leading air purifying systems in the field, Blueair is a brand that many consumers are turning to for obtaining next to perfect air quality at home. As an energy efficient product, Blueair creates a very small carbon footprint while also saving the consumer money. One of their most popular models is the Blueair 650E, which is designed for large rooms and comes with a remote control device that allows settings to be changed easily. With a digital display, users can immediately get feedback on particle direction and air purifying speed. Additionally, the digital readout provides notification when the air filter needs changing.

Regardless of which brand you choose, purchasing an air purifier may be one of the best investments you will ever make in terms of you and your family’s health.

The Benefits of Air Purifiers and Filters

by Michele Kadison
Not too long ago it was sufficient to dust the furniture, wash the floors, and bathe your pets, to boast that you then had a clean home.  Today things have changed as the quality of our air has become polluted with too great a range of irritants.  From pollen to other air-borne elements and allergens, as well as the chemical detritus left over from so many toxic household products, we are breathing air that is laden with pollutants.

For this reason air purifiers and air filters have become important tools in assuring the cleanliness of our air in both home and office.  These systems have become a boon to those with allergies, asthma, and chronic respiratory problems as well as babies, the elderly, and anyone wishing to breathe healthily.  Because air purifiers and filters remove smoke, smog, pet dander, bacteria, mold, and other foreign matter that lingers in the air, they are considered essential by those who recognize the positive impact they have on health.

Air purifiers and filters come in many sizes, from portable to sizes commensurate with varying room dimensions. An air purifier functions by drawing the air inside a room to the base of the unit where it is then pushed upwards through a mesh filter.  As the air pushes up, pollutants are extracted and sealed inside the unit before the air continues to its next stop.  This subsequent phase is where the air enters into a cleaning cell where it is then ionized, whereby small dust particles and other types of similar debris are removed.  From here it goes to an activated charcoal filter, which deodorizes the air before it is released back into the room cleaned and purified.

Air filters also come in many different dimensions and are generally made of paper, foam, synthetic fabric, or cotton. Some filters, such as those used for HVAC (heating-ventilation-and air-conditioning)are made of fiberglass.   Often air filters are used on devices that need clean air to function well, such as vehicles, computers, and other units with exhaust systems. Using no more energy than a light bulb, air filter systems filter out many allergens including dust and small irritants.  One of the most effective household air filter systems is a universal air filter, or UAF, which includes a filter, a fan guard, and an air-flow enclosure.

If you want to keep yourself and the people around you healthy, you will want to make sure that the air inside your home and office is as irritant-free as possible.  Investing in an air purifier or air filter system is an investment in cleaner lungs along with a more conscious lifestyle.

Got Spring Allergies? How about a personal and portable Air Purifier? Blueair AirPod Portable Air Purifier

I can always tell when Spring is here…everyone in the office starts sneezing a lot and it’s not pretty. With the rise of allergens in the air, it’s almost unavoidable. Luckily, working in the GoVacuum warehouse, I have access to all the neat products we carry. Perusing the aisles of air purifiers, I found something that looked like it could be the answer. The Blueair AirPod Portable Air Purifier. And I was right, it was the perfect solution for the rise of dirty air that was infecting my personal space.

What surprised me most was the size (13 inches) and efficiency of the Blueair Airpod, effectively creating a “Personal Clean Airzone” for me. The purifier’s sleek design is easy on the eyes and completely silent, making it a perfect addition to your cluttered desk and less annoying than your office-mates. You can even choose the color of the filter that accompanies the machine: White, Grey, Blue or Black.

Blueair Airpod Air Purifier - GoVacuum

If you are looking for something simple to clean the air around you, whether it is at the office or at home, the Blueair Airpod Portable Air Purifier is the perfect choice, especially at our sale price of $36.99 (used to be $99!).

You can also check out our pretty newsletter made for the Blueair Airpod:

GoVacuum Introduces Customer Product Reviews!

As many of you can tell from our GoVacuum Review Series, we are dedicated to providing the most honest reviews and opinions about vacuums, with the ultimate goal being that you are always completely satisfied with your purchase.

In trying to provide our customers with as much relevant information for their vacuum research, we are also opening our website’s doors and inviting GoVacuum visitors and customers to leave their feedback and review of our products. Since we are a small team here at GoVacuum, it took us some time to get this feature developed without significant glitches. But, now, we are proud to announce that the customer product review feature can be found on every product page.

For a quick example of a product page, let’s take a look at the Sebo Air Belt C-Series Canister. If you look below the large, red “Add to Cart” button, you will see a green section titled “Product Reviews.” This is where the magic happens.

In order to submit your review, you must first click on the stars below the sentence “Click to Rate This Product.” When you click the number of stars you want to give the product, you will be prompted by a new window to leave the title of your review, your name and the actual review itself. We invite you to leave a review of any product you desire, whether the review is positive or negative.

Once your review is submitted, it may take up to 3-4 business days to be posted, so don’t be shocked if it doesn’t appear immediately. Because of the possibility of spammers taking advantage of this feature, we must have a GoVacuum editor review all the customer reviews before they are published on the site. GoVacuum’s policies about editing customer reviews are as follows: we will only edit a customer review for common spelling and grammar mistakes and will never change the content or opinion of the review.

We hope you enjoy this feature! Feel free to send us any feedback by leaving a comment in the blog!

Remove Bad Air With An Air Purifier

Since the air in your home or office may be more polluted than the air outside, you might consider an air purifier for the home or office. The benefits to having an air purifier are tremendous. For starters, it can remove allergens from your home and if you have allergies like hay fever and other allergies that cause you to sneeze, cough, clear your throat a lot, and gives you a stuffy head, scratchy throat, headaches, and other discomforts then an air purifier can help you solve most of that with relative ease.

You can treat dust mites, pet dander, fungus, molds, and pollens easily and affordably with the right air purifier and with so many good brands on the market, there is no reason not to have one:

An air purifier can make your life more comfortable and your air more breathable.

IQAir College Graduate!

While at the annual Vacuum Dealer Trade Association (VDTA) last month, I was lucky enough to attend the IQAir College. This is an 8 hour intensive seminar on air cleaners and air purification in general. The course was limited to only authorized independent retailers of IQAir; a breath of fresh air for us independent dealers who are increasingly witnessing manufacturers making the transition to selling to Big Box stores. Even more impressive was the fact that the session was led by Frank Hammes, the President of IQAir , who was able to bring his expertise to the table and give each of us a glimpse of what is involved in making the world’s best air cleaners.

For me the session was extremely educational, even if it did leave me with the lingering fear that the air I breathe on a daily basis is so contaminated with harmful micro-particles that holding my breath indefinitely might be a better alternative. But seeing as how I would be limited in my ability to blog about Vacuums and Air Cleaners with the latter alternative, I’ve decided to simply buy an IQAir HealthPro Plus air cleaner instead.

I’m not the kind of person who is easily sold on a product simply because the company purports that their product performs x% better than their competitors. Mainly because I’ve taken some statistics classes before and the only thing that I learned was that all statistics can be manipulated to achieve whatever goal is desired. What impressed me about IQAir’s approach to comparisons was how direct they were about them. Over the course of the session, Frank set up various competitor’s air cleaners and directly compared them with the IQAir HealthPro Plus , their most popular product offering. In these comparisons Frank tested the two most important things when considering purchasing an air cleaner: airflow and particle emission.

Using an expensive laser particle scanner, Frank put all air cleaners up to the test, even his own. He also used a weird contraption that looked like an over-sized trash can that was placed over the air cleaners to measure the airflow output of the machine. This was an interesting exercise because the results from this test were significantly different from what the air cleaner product descriptions proclaimed as actual air flow. It was explained that this is because many air cleaner descriptions describe the airflow of the product BEFORE it hits the air filter. What a sham! Of course air flow will decrease after the air filter, that’s what its supposed to do!

Anyways, while the results varied across the board, one thing was consistent: IQAir seemed to be the best choice. Some machines would have higher air flow than the IQAir HealthPro Plus and some would reach 0% in particle emission but not one machine achieved both.

For those who are interested, you can watch a video demonstration of the IQAir HealthPro Plus check it out below:

Get the Flash Player to see this content.

For those who are extremely serious about the air quality in their homes, IQAir unveiled to us a product that helps purify all the air that circulates throughout your entire house. The IQAir Perfect 16 whole-house air cleaning system attaches to your central heating and air condition unit and filters the air as it is circulated around your house. I found two things to be very impressive about this unit. First, the results of this unit can be seen within just an hour after installation (using a laser particle scanner). Second, the Perfect 16 machine is powerful enough to purify all the air your home approximately 125 times a day.

You can check out the video below to see the other features of the IQAir Perfect 16 machine , as featured on the TV show “Extreme Makeover-Home Edition.”

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IQAir Healthpro Plus Rated Best Air Cleaner in Wired Magazine

In the latest issue of Wired Magazine, Scott Taves went on a search for the cleanest clean he could attain (he sounds as anal as me). He tested a slew of air cleaners and found his favorite to be the IQAir Healthpro Plus (also my favorite!). It’s not the prettiest or the fanciest, but damn if it doesn’t get the job done right. As he mentioned, it was used in hospitals in Hong Kong during the SARS outbreak, and effectively squashes any hypochondriac tendencies (at least while you’re sitting in the comfort of your own so-fresh-and-so-pure home). Yay. Now, if I could just squish my procrastination tendencies and get some damn work done.

IQAir Healthpro Plus - Free Shipping