The crowd chants… Rocky, Rocky, Rocky!

Yes, I was down for the count. I felt like Victor Ortiz, I made a mistake by calling out my boss and felt bad so I tried to apologize, but he cheated by sending out the newsletter to get a bunch of Facebook fans just like Floyd Mayweather took the cheapest boxing punches I have ever witnessed the other night.

The difference between me and Mr. Ortiz is this… I got back up when I heard the crowd chanting my name even after being sucker punched. Okay fine maybe there’s more differences like, he’s in shape, a professional athlete and does not sell Hoover vacuum belts… But I digress.

I heard the crowds roar as I was down 167 to 109… I felt the need to prove as and like the New Kid On The Block I could school him in social media… No more games!

I plotted like Dr. Evil in Austin Powers and BAM! WHAT? WHAT? 181 to 167 and rising! KING KONG AIN’T GOT NOTHING ON ME!

How did I do it you asked? I went to the prestigious World Headquarters of GoVacuum and gathered the all the misfits for a group photo for the new about us page that will be up soon. Before big boss man got outside for the photo, I told them all to post the blog to their Facebook wall and ask other to do the same for something great would happen!

I told them we will get free lunch for a week, but they didn’t know that I was “embellishing” the truth. Nonetheless, as the chump known as Floyd Mayweather proved, a win is a win and while fighting dirty isn’t my style… I sure will be looking forward to a week of free lunches, I mean that was the agreement, I would get free lunches for a week or apologize.

Well…I’ll do both. Boss man, I take my fillet mignon medium rare thank you very much. To the misfits whom I think are the greatest bunch of guys to work with in the world, I’m sorry about my… APRIL FOOLS!

What you haven’t liked my blog yet? Well what are you waiting for? What? You think you have a better idea for a blog? Email it to me, I’m all ears!

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