When you can’t think of anything good to blog about…

I’m having writers block again… I think the Pacific Coastal Highway is calling my motorcycles name, but that will have to wait until the Fall passes and the leaves are cleaned with the Irobot Looj gutter cleaning robot with free shipping.

Until then I’ll just pretend to have something interesting to blog about, like Powr-Flite floor dryers… okay so maybe that’s not interesting, but if I don’t blog, I don’t get a paycheck… so, blog, blog, blog… Yippee! I get paid! Now grab that vacuum cleaner and GoVacuum or I’ll turn in to a Monster Steam Mop EZ-1!

Oh… yeah, a misfit had a Birthday also, how did I forget that? “Mark” is one of our marketplace specialist. He has been in the vacuum business for 6 years. He is the backbone of Govacuum (yes, he forced me to say that). He claims to only be 26 (I claim 26 also) HAPPY BIRTHDAY CHIRAN! (Mark is his nickname after we caught him watching Marky Mark & The Funky Bunch on Youtube, yes in 2011! For a while it was Marky, but just as Mr. Whalburg, he prefers Mark to Marky)

Nonetheless, we like the guy and we celebrated his 40th Govacuum style with a lunch of pizza and hot wings :)

Ideas people… I need ideas! justin@govacuum.com

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2 thoughts on “When you can’t think of anything good to blog about…

  1. I own a Hoover Self-propelled vacuum. I saw your video on line with the instructions on how to replace the narrow and the wide belts.

    1. Is there yet a third cable of some sort that can break? My unit’s self-propelled feature simply does not work as well as it did when it was new… but the belts are still OK… Or…

    2. If the narrow belt is stretched, can that cause the self-propelled feature to deactivate?

  2. Hank,

    Yes, There is a power drive cable that can break as well as the power drive actuator bar. Yes, it could also be just the flat belt Hoover 38528-035. Any questions? 888-468-2210 or http://www.askgovacuum.com

    Here is the belt: http://www.govacuum.com/6923-Flat-Agitators-Drive-Belt-40201170.aspx

    Here is a video showing how to replace the belt: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=meX8lgZo7DY

    Here is the cable link: http://www.govacuum.com/10130-Windtunnel-Control-Cable-Part-43211019.aspx

    Here directions on how to replace the actuator bar: http://www.askgovacuum.com/questions/766/repair-a-hoover-windtunel-self-propelled-upright-vacuum-power-drive-not-working

    Here is a video showing how to replace it: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=K722IsUxjYM

    Here is the part for sale: http://www.govacuum.com/11093-Hoover-43143046-WindTunnel-Self-Propelled-Actuator-Arm-for-Control-Cable-and-Transmission-Arm-.aspx

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