A Story Of The Disappearing Garbage Bags…

Now you see it, now you don’t! I’m not talking about Miele S7 Twist SALE that ends Monday, I’m talking of the garbage bags we use and sell at GoVacuum.

Much like my work ethic, these garbage bags have the tendency to disappear. Yes, The EZ Bagz are 100% Oxo-biodegradable thanks to the revolutionary 100% degradable non-toxic polymer they’re made from.

Finally! I always thought, why do I spend the time sorting and recycling paper, plastic and metal; when my sorted garbage is all going in a bag that’s not biodegradable? Doesn’t make much sense does it?

All that’s changed thanks to EZ Bagz and GoVacuum. What’s really cool about these bags is they are 12 in 1! You replace 1 bag and you actually replaced 12! Checkout the video I shot last night of yours truly changing the trash bag (see, I work… on occasion).

Everyone should try a package of these EZ Bagz, as they are very inexpensive at under $.50 per bag with FREE shipping when you purchase from Govacuum.com. They come in a 24 pack and are 13 gallons. You always have 60 days to return them with free return shipping if you don’t love them!

Try them and tell me what you think of them! justin@govacuum.com

Me & My Big Mouth… The True Tongue Twister!

If I had a dollar for every time I heard, “you don’t know when to shut your mouth do you”? The 1st time I heard it was in the womb as my mom was trying to sleep. I remember in 1st grade my teacher telling me to sit down and shut my mouth as I explained how she was wrong about how the alphabet song goes. Then there was the more recent ex-girlfriend who must have had the same teacher, because all I heard was “learn to filter yourself and shut your mouth” (so much for honesty, even though that’s what she claimed she wanted)… Anyhows…

The reason I bring this up is the other day I posted about how the Miele s7210 Twist vacuum is part of our Black Friday, Small Business Saturday and Cyber Monday Sale at ONLY $399! I didn’t stop though, at the bottom I said “Next thing you know he’s gonna want me to show up to the office and film a video for the darn thing…”.

This coupled with showing up at the office more then 1 day a week and filming videos for the new Miele s6 S6270 vacuums, has him thinking I should be filming videos for the vacuums we offer for sale and then blogging about them… :( ughh… work… ewwwwww!

He told me, “Justin, customers want to see the machines being used in videos and since you seem to always speak unfiltered and run your mouth, you should be doing this. Just give an overview of the machines and your honest unfiltered opinion”.

Okay, so apparently I run my mouth and speak without a filter (yeah, I would have never guessed that on my own without them pointing it out) and while this a reason I’m single and I can live the bachelors life to the fullest, it’s now the very same reason I have a larger workload at GoVacuum.com. I guess I can’t complain, because I’m being paid to write and film videos which is something I love to do, but then again, I’m “unfiltered and run my mouth”.. so, I will.

What about my hammocks? Who will keep them company? I wanted to start a 99% occupy movement of my hammocks during work hours, now that epic dream will never transpire =(

Here I am writing this blog and posting about how if I had just kept my mouth shut and filtered myself I would be able to lay in the sun all day during work hours (and not be single), but nope I run my mouth and things get all twisted. Speaking of Twisted, here is the video I shot for the Miele Twist s7210 upright vacuum that’s now on sale!

I guess you should expect to see more of these as apparently this whole having to actually work at work thing is finally catching up to me. Yet, I find irony in me now being paid to run my mouth and be unfiltered… I was obviously just in training for this job my whole life!

justin@govacuum.com if you would like to run your mouth a little at me.

GoVacuum Celebrates Thanksgiving & SuperMans Birthday!

I was laying in my new giant memory foam LoveSac at my house all comfy and content. I was tired after adding The New Miele S6 Vacuums to our website and filming videos much like the new S6 Miele Red Velvet video below… (What? Act like you don’t rock out to a little Prince every now and then too!)

Then reality struck, the phone rang and I was told to be at work for something important at 1pm. It’s 12:30 I told the GoVacuum misfit that called me, he said “big boss mans orders”. Grrrrrr…

I arrived at 1pm, expecting to be told something epic like our Black Friday, Small Business Saturday & Cyber Monday Deal of The Miele Twist SALE For Only $399 was off or something. Nope it’s still only $399, but for a limited time only.

Anyhow, what was going on? THANKSGIVING that’s what! We had a Thanksgiving celebration, plus it was one of my favorite misfit’s Birthday! Rupak AKA SuperMan (for what he does for GoVacuum on a daily basis) had his 17th (that’s what he claimed) Birthday party… GoVacuum style.

SuperMan is one of those guys who is always on the ball, ensuring orders are placed, processed, everyone works well together and just about everything else under the roof. I’m not trying to build my buddys ego up, but between him and his son (who also works at GoVacuum) there is nothing that can’t be done. His friendly attitude and attention to detail ensures the wheels of GoVacuum stay moving. Furthermore, his hard work ensures I can do fun things… like work less ;)

So we had our Birthday and Thanksgiving feast, I ate some Turkey and ironically we had red velvet cake. The turkey made me tired so I returned back home for a much needed “nap”. I did pose for a picture with another misfit and the new Miele S6 vacuums (this way big boss man thinks I actually worked… Mamma didn’t raise no fool! An eccentric slacker… yes, a fool… no!)

Now… back to The Macys Thanksgiving Day Parade and eggnog… after all, I’m celebrating this day with family… lucky me… HAPPY THANKSGIVING EVERYONE! justin@govacuum.com

GoVacuum Now Sells A Vacuum For George Costanza!!!

Okay… Maybe I’m becoming George Costanza a little more each day. While I might not live at home with mom and dad (plus I have my hair), old George Costanza and I both have trouble romancing the ladies, we both do the Costanza minimum at work each day and it goes without saying we’re both obviously very handsome. The thing we have most in common… velvet!

Yes, Georgie would drape himself in velvet and so would I! I mean velvet is soft, relaxing and just sets you at ease and makes you feel good. Which is why I’m loving the newest and one of the best vacuums on the market today (literally- they just hit the web today). The Miele Red Velvet S6270 . This vacuum is AWESOME!

It’s covered in velvet! YES! VELVET! I mean a German built Miele S6 vacuum cleaner that is made out of velvet is a reality! I don’t know if Miele knew about George’s and my obsession with velvet, but this thing is like the highlight of my week! Forget all the Black Friday Sales, this is the best deal on Earth.

Once again, a vacuum in velvet… OMG! I want to pet this thing all day, no really I do, so much so I even made a video of me… petting the vacuum (Really?! & I can’t figure out why I don’t have a girl friend!? hmm…)!

Nonetheless, BUY this vacuum, it’s lightweight, easy to use, quiet, very powerful and quite the looker much like George and I. ;)

You WILL love this vacuum, I personally guarantee it! Just make sure you buy it online from GoVacuum.com, because we have 60 day in home trials, free shipping paid both ways and we’ve got great customer service 7 days a week! Give us and The Miele Red Velvet s 6270 vacuum a try and you’ll be shouting GoVacuum!

Have a question about the Miele Red Velvet or a Miele Red Velvet Review? email me justin@goavcuum.com 41627029USA

Introducing The Miele s6 series of vacuums!

Okay so I have stayed up most of the night filming videos for the new Miele s6 canister vacuums and let me tell you… they are AWESOME!

These little boogers are lightweight, powerful, quiet and built solid! There are 4 new vacuums in the S6 series of Miele canisters that are replacing the S4 series of vacuum cleaners.

They are the Miele S6270 Red Velvet which is literally velvet! YES! It’s covered in velvet! Soooooo sweet looking and I just like petting it! Buy one, you will understand!

The Miele s6270 Quartz canister which is just like the Red Velvet, just without the velvet and it’s white.

The next is the Miele S6270 Onyx that is a sweet jet black finish with silver lining and has a turbo nozzle.

Finally, there is the Miele S6270 Topaz canister vacuum with a 217-3 power nozzle brush.

These 4 machines are amazing and made in Germany by Miele, all have the Miele Vortex motor and all are very, very quiet, but powerful!

With 60 day in home trials, free shipping to you and free return shipping, why wouldn’t everyone buy from us? We even have Miele vacuum reviews on our website, GoVacuum.com

Have a question about the Miele? email me justin@goavcuum.com

Things Are Really Getting Twisted At GoVacuum!

First it was, I have to run a daily deal and a blog at the same time, I only have 24 hours in a day and I don’t want to waste them with work, darn it!

I’ve managed to turn the daily deal section into a deals only section at our home page, thus I can update 4 products we have the lowered price on only once a week. I even managed to get away with not blogging in about a week… or two. All was well in the life of Justin, I slipped under the radar of the big boss man for a long while. Until today…

Miele decided to allow us to offer the Miele Twist s7 upright vacuum cleaner at an insane price of only $399! What the heck? Only $399! These are the same Miele S7 upright vacuums that cost hundreds more for an entry level model just a few years ago!

Are they co-conspirators with my boss in trying to get me to work more? I think someone needs to check the grassy knoll, because I spent all day lowering the price, making the S7 Twist s7210 a deal on our homepage and writing this blog (it’s now 12:45am and I’m exhausted from all this work).

They had to know offering a German designed and German built S7 Twist at the sale price of only $399 would cause a buying frenzy, especially before Black Friday, Small Business Saturday & Cyber Monday. I mean how can anyone not buy the Miele S7 Twist at this price of just $399? This thing is a cleaning beast and has on-board tools, a chevron roller and a great long life belt system, plus it has the Miele made Vortex motor with a 7 year warranty and it also received Good Housekeepings seal of approval!

Well I refuse to do any more work on telling people the Miele S7 is just $399! Plus lucky for me its for a very limited time so this whole “work” thing wont become a permanent routine in my daily life.

Next thing you know he’s gonna want me to show up to the office and film a video for the darn thing…
Miele Twist Sale For Just A Limited Time At Only $399 From GoVacuum

Sebo X4 Pet Edition Picks Up

I recently received a review and testimonial letter from a happy SEBO X4 Pet Edition customer. This customer had purchased a Sebo X4 Pet Edition from the only online seller where they can buy it… GoVacuum.com.

I got so excited that a customer sent me a testimonial I had one of the misfits grab his camera phone and we shot this video of how the Sebo X-4 Pet Edition works!

It’s with out a doubt the best vacuum for pet hair in an upright form and with 60 day in home trials and free shipping paid BOTH ways, plus we just lowered the price at GoVacuum.com! The best place to buy your Sebo X4 Pet Edition from!

Here is the video and below that is the customers letter…

When you can’t think of anything good to blog about…

I’m having writers block again… I think the Pacific Coastal Highway is calling my motorcycles name, but that will have to wait until the Fall passes and the leaves are cleaned with the Irobot Looj gutter cleaning robot with free shipping.

Until then I’ll just pretend to have something interesting to blog about, like Powr-Flite floor dryers… okay so maybe that’s not interesting, but if I don’t blog, I don’t get a paycheck… so, blog, blog, blog… Yippee! I get paid! Now grab that vacuum cleaner and GoVacuum or I’ll turn in to a Monster Steam Mop EZ-1!

Oh… yeah, a misfit had a Birthday also, how did I forget that? “Mark” is one of our marketplace specialist. He has been in the vacuum business for 6 years. He is the backbone of Govacuum (yes, he forced me to say that). He claims to only be 26 (I claim 26 also) HAPPY BIRTHDAY CHIRAN! (Mark is his nickname after we caught him watching Marky Mark & The Funky Bunch on Youtube, yes in 2011! For a while it was Marky, but just as Mr. Whalburg, he prefers Mark to Marky)

Nonetheless, we like the guy and we celebrated his 40th Govacuum style with a lunch of pizza and hot wings :)

Ideas people… I need ideas! justin@govacuum.com

GoVacuum Helps Students At A Local School

There is one reason I was born in to this world- my sister needed a friend and playmate. As she was a “pleasant surprise” and my parents didn’t want her friendless, thus… Justin.

Fast forward 30 some… ahem… 20 some years later, she is still my best friend and when she needs something I try to help her out. About a week or so ago she was telling me about how she loves her school she teaches at. She loves everything about it, the new principal, the new building, the new students, etc. Yet, she said the kids don’t have calculators.

“Why should they? We never did? How will they learn to add and subtract?” I replied. She then explained the students use them like we did in high school (I had the fancy Texas Instruments TI-86). At the grade level they are at they don’t need a graphical calculator, but they still need a basic calculator to assist them (she assures me they will still learn that 9-5=4).

After speaking to her I really wanted to help these students as they will one day be paying my Social Security and they better know how to figure out inflation, cost of living and all that stuff I know nothing about. So, I knew what I had to do for my future and the future of all American’s.

I was on a mission, so with the attitude of I won’t take no for an answer, I marched in to the big boss mans office and demanded 500 calculators for her school. He looked at me with a stare that made me rethink what I had just done. For he could make me do real work and have to vacuum the showroom with a Sebo Felix vacuum cleaner if he didn’t like my tone.

Just as I was about to explain I was sorry for my approach, he smiled and said, “Sure! I would love to help a school and the students”.

Yeah, he better be willing to help! I figured I was on a roll so why stop? “Plus, I want a raise… NOW!” I exclaimed… needless to say that didn’t go over so well and I was abruptly told to leave his office, but that didn’t matter.

What does matter is when I retire the youth of America will not only be working to pay off my debt I create today, but they will know how to increase my Social Security payments… retirement here I come!

Check out the letter I got from the principal! Sure she can’t speel vacum corrwrect, but I’m sure it’s just a typo… justin@govacuum.com if you have any ideas for me to take to the big boss man!