Happy Birthday To Brian, CJ & Me!

I get a text yesterday instructing me head into the offices of the leading Bissell vacuum belts website – GoVacuum.com. This was the second day in a row I was to go there to do, like real work… just what I want to do… WORK!

Once I got out of bed and hit the road, I felt pretty good! Here it was just 12:41pm and I was already awake! Shortly thereafter I got to the vacuum warehouse office and I felt even better! I was presently surprised- my fellow Libra co-workers Brian and CJ had Birthdays within the last few days and I just celebrated mine this past week, so the other misfits at GoVacuum decided to throw us a 3 for all Birthday celebration!

There was cheesecake, Chinese food and even a synthesized birthday music playing in the background. We all danced around a little and wished Brian, CJ & myself a Happy Birthday.

Here are two of GoVacuums most important misfits. While they are both young, they already making their impact in the vacuum business. CJ is the final quality control specialist and is the misfit responsible for making sure your orders arrive correctly and in a timely manner. While Brian is a Jack of all things vacuum related, one day he is helping our Spanish speaking customers, then next he is implementing quality control inventory systems or he may just be there telling a funny joke. If it were not for these two young vacuum experts, I would have to do real work around the office. Thus, my British cap is off to you two fine lads, I look forward to working with the two of you for many years! Happy Birthday Brian & CJ!

To celebrate the Birthdays big boss man gave Brian a Bissell PowerSteamer, CJ got a really cool Bissell Little Green Machine, Earth Friendly Edition and me? I got the greatest gift of all, the rest of the day off!

Have a question about which Bissell vacuum part you need? Call us at 888-468-2210 or email me: justin@govacuum.com

GoVacuum Is Featured In The Wall Street Journal Newspaper!

I had to wake up yesterday and head in to the GoVacuum office for a meeting. Uggggh, a Monday meeting… I loathe them, but this is usually a fun event with the misfits at GoVacuum as it was a brain storming session. These are great ways to start off the work week and the eclectic crowd of misfits I work with always keep the meetings fun and entertaining with their whacky ideas.

After the comical meeting was over boss man told me to stay in my seat, that he needed to have a word with me. Nooooooooo! Last time he “needed to have a word with me” he forced me to start a Daily Vacuum Deal and that takes a lot out of my leisure “work” schedule everyday!

I held back and once it was just he and I, he smiled and shook my hand. “I know what you did Justin… thank you”! I was frozen, stuck looking like a deer in headlights. I smiled back, “Your welcome, I thought you would like it”, I replied. I still had no idea what he was talking about, but I’m always one to take credit for something positive I didn’t do (Shameless, I don’t understand the meaning???).

At this point he pulls out the October 19th edition of The Wall Street Journal that contains an article about how homeowners can fix their own household appliances. They write what I’ve known for a long time… GoVacuum.com is the best place to buy all your vacuum parts and everything vacuum related!

I then had a real huge smile… so much so he snapped this goofy image of me with the paper!

I explained how I had been working on getting us in the newspaper for a few months and it was an endless back and forth with the reporter. I went into detail of how it was an idea I had while “working” at home. I was even able to incorporate how doing things like this to promote the website is why my workload might not allow me to run the Daily Deal Promotion every single day. He mulled it over for a moment and said, “Then you can run a weekend deal for Friday- Sunday and a daily deal during the other days”.

I gracefully accepted his offer. He was so happy with the publicity in The Wall Street Journal he even offered me have the rest of the day off! I took him up on this offer too!

I do have a confession to make… I had absolutely nothing to do with the article in The Wall Street Journal, but who am I to break his heart? He looked so happy and why should I ruin his joy and excitement? I’m just to caring to do such a thing!

Turns out, the writer for the newspaper found our website to be the most complete vacuum parts website that offers great phone support and discount prices and decided to include us in the article! While that is really flattering and awesome that GoVacuum.com is considered the best vacuum website in the country offering live chat and phone support 7 days a week and open till 10:00 PM EST all while maintaining the lowest prices and offering free shipping, but even more awesome is that yours truly gets the credit and got to watch the sun set while enjoying my Pandora radio station in my backyard. :)

Have a creative idea on news ways I can get out of working? Post a comment or email me justin@govacuum.com

Daily Deals… No Thank YOU!

Okay, I get informed by big boss man yesterday, I would have to attend a product launch from a leading vacuum company last night. Grrrrrr… this would effect my hectic work schedule, but he informed me there would be an open bar and free food, two of my favorite things, so I was happy to go!

Just as I finished up my 11th piece of salmon and capping off my second bottle of red grape juice, I was informed by that said boss man, he wanted to “increase my duties” at the company…. :(

No… No… NOOOOOOOOO!!! I’ve worked hard to get to this point of slacker and he wants to ruin that with work? Before I could react, he asked me if I knew what a daily deal was. I tried to pretend my hearing aid battery was low, but he knew I had just replaced them, because we had a conversation about them a day before, as he suggested I should get rechargeable vacuum batteries to use in them (I said he was scary looking, never funny).

He wasn’t buying it, he told me I need to start a daily deal section of our website and everyday I would need to offer a new discounted vacuum deal. Needless to say, that third bottle of juice was finished off rather quickly. What could I do? I felt deceived, but no one else will hire me sit in a hammock and blog all day, so I’m left with no other choice, but to say… without further delay. Drum Roll Please…. Introducing GoVacuum Daily Deals!

Everyday yours truly will have one of the GoVacuum misfits rummage thru our warehouse and find a product we have too many of, then I’ll go ahead and write something witty about it and come up with a huge discount off the regular price (Woot rip off much?).

A lot of items we’ll take a loss on, but it’s better then paying rent stocking these items in our warehouse. Some items will be vacuum cleaners that are new in the box, some will be returned open box returns that are in like new condition with fully warranties, some might be robotic vacuums or whatever we might find in the warehouse!

The good news for you, our customers is you will have savings as high as 90% off the regular price! Just check our website everyday to see what’s being offered, but buy quickly and think later! Daily Deals will be limited in quantity and you have 30-60 days to return them and we even pay shipping both ways! Just buy the items and if you don’t like them return them, zero risk or cost to you! My theory is if enough people buy stuff to try it out then return it, our daily deals will make use loose so much money he will stop the daily deals and I can get back to slacking! :) The bad news for me, is now I currently have to work between Jerry Springer and Maurry… :(

Excludes Miele products. Think I can turn this in to a “weekly deal” instead? Have an idea about how I can get out of doing work? Email me: justin@govacuum.com

I’ll build my own studio / house… Thank You!

After returning from my motorcycle sabbatical and working at the hockey game, big boss man asked me if I would mind taking home a couple of Miele vacuum cleaners and take some pictures for in-home setting shots. I grumbled, but agreed. So the Miele Ariel and Capricorn have my castle in the background.

After I returned to the office, he asked me if I could do it again for more Miele vacuums… I looked that intimidating 6’5 bald man dead in his eyes and exclaimed, “NO!!! What am a photographer”? I blog and I don’t even do that good… I mean well!

Furthermore, here’s the dilemma with me doing this on a continuous basis. I would have to drive to the GoVacuum offices in Chantilly, VA, which is over 40,000 feet from my house! THEN… I’d have to drive back to my house to take the pictures. THEN… I’d have to drive over 40,000 feet back to the offices. That just seems like to lot of work for someone who is allergic to working.

On another note, there’s a bathroom in the GoVacuum offices that no employee uses, as it’s a little close to where the customer service representatives sit for natural human aromas to be floating around. This is where my creativity as a Libra and my handyman skills kick in!

I decided to convert the unoccupied bathroom to the official GoVacuum studio! This way I can sit at home and think about working and blogging vs actually participating in the said, nauseating task! At the same time, I had to do the actual labor of building it. As the son of a construction project manager / wanna bee architect, building and designing is in my blood, so I wasn’t that concerned.

I knew it would take me about 5 hours to build, so I did what I do best… took my time and extended the project to 5 days (it’s honestly hard work to look busy, but I’m a pro at it)!

Last night I took a picture of the finished studio / fake house, complete with pictures of our official, artificial GoVacuum family (I still need to name the family… if you have any ideas, email me). In the future as you continue to buy your Oreck vacuums from us, just know… I built that house in the background! :)

Plus this “studio” serves another purpose… on the days I have to work at the GoVacuum offices, I can take a lounge chair to the studio and relax! Note: The end table, lamp and ottoman (plus I installed a mini fridge recently in the adjacent customer service office)… Now all I need is a TV and a hammock outside, then it might be workable conditions me.

What do you think of my new 1/2 way house / 1/2 way studio? justin@GoVacuum.com

Soul Searching Sabbatical… & A Hockey Game!

I’m back! Did you miss me or even notice I was gone? I’m sure you did as the last blog entry was for Mikes Birthday almost two weeks ago. The day after Mikes Birthday, I informed the big boss man I was having trouble coming up with blog ideas. It’s not hard to talk about how we sell discounted Eureka vacuum parts, but after a while the original blog ideas can be hard to find.

I asked him if I could travel the country doing “research & development” on my motorcycle. His reply, “go find inspiration Justin”, that was all the answer I needed. I kick started my 1970′s Honda CBR 750, filled the mp3 player with classic rock and I hit the road.

After about a week of research & development, he summoned me back to his office, but I was 4 days away from our vacuum store in Northern Virginia. Thus, I got back Friday evening. He asked if I found inspiration for the blog. I explained how my mind was still on the road and I can’t answer that until I returned to my office, in my three hammocks on Monday.

He said not to worry, as he had inspiration in his hands. He then gave me Washington Capitals tickets for myself and our webmaster. Whoa! Who does he think he is? I just worked for 10 days straight! Now, he wanted me working on a Saturday night? Yet, since I’m a team player and obviously a hard worker, I kept mum and agreed to go.

It turns out I had a blast! It was the opening game of the season and went into overtime, but the Caps pulled out the win! Plus, I even got to mingle with Elliot Segal, morning show host of The Elliot In The Morning Radio Show, Washington DC’s most popular morning radio show and as a listener of over 10 years, it was a true honor to meet him.

Yes, the caps game was the inspiration I needed for the blog. Now the creative juices are flowing and I still have a job as the GoVacuum blogger. If you don’t see a blog entry for a few days, don’t worry… I’m just in need of a few days off from working so hard. ;)

Do you have an inspirational story for the hardest working man in the vacuum business? Email it to me: justin@govacuum.com