Round 2… I made it, but I’m losing & I need YOUR help! SOS!

Round 2… I made it, but I’m losing!

Okay, so big boss man decided that going toe to toe with me in the battle of the social networks was a good idea and thankfully so, because I really love my job and hope to keep it for a long time. Yet, on this second day in the ring against him, he filled his boxing gloves with metal weights and took some heavy shots at me. I need your help!

I woke up this morning feeling good, I put on my Russel Athletic hoodie sweatshirt and punched the air a few times like I was LL Cool J in the Mamma said knock you out video, started up my computer to see how many more likes I had then my boss, then reality hit me like K-fed after Britney… at that moment in time I had 102 Facebook likes on this blog and he had 133 on the website!

What the heck? We both were at 100 likes just two days ago. How can I be losing so badly? I discovered he pulled the big guns out. This intimidating man sent our newsletter early. Noooo… that’s not fair, fighting me with my own work!

While it may be hard for my fellow co-workers and blog readers to believe, I do work… seriously! I write this blog, but I also write a newsletter that’s filled with money saving coupons that’s emailed once or twice month depending on how heavy my workload is. Just the other day I got done with the next newsletter that was suppose to be sent out next week, but what did he do? He sent it out already!

Oy vey! Now he’s at 140 likes! So now customers are reading the newsletter that tells them they’ve been entered to win the Roomba 560, because everyone who receives our newsletter is automatically registered for our contest. Furthermore, they are informed in the newsletter they can double their chances to win by liking our Facebook page as well.

While this is good news for you, because you can be registered twice to win also, just by signing up for our newsletter and liking GoVacuum on Facebook, click here for the details.

It’s Bad news for me. I sit here with only 102 likes of this blog… and to make matters worse I told him I would publicly apologize for calling him out online and I’d even post a video of it on the blog (that would suck more then a Miele canister vacuum), but if I win I get free lunch for a week!

So can you help me out and post a link to this blog on your Facebook page? Tweet a link to this blog? Have a website? I’ll take a link from there as well! I can’t give you anything, but my thanks and a smile. :)

Look at it this way, you can be a innovator! You’re creating my blog street team and you’re a founding member!

Have you ever wanted to get back at your boss for making you work that extra shift or not giving you a raise? Then now’s you’re chance for sweet civil revenge by helping me out! C’mon help me out before I get knocked out in round 2! Pretend you’re Little Mac and fighting Bald Bill in Mike Tyson’s Punch Out! Let’s TKO him together! Hurry! Now he’s at 143!

Spread this blog like butter please!?! Have a question? Want that Google Plus 1 invite? Have an idea for a blog or just wanna say Wazzzzz up? Email me:

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