Extremely Rare Kirby Split Second Cordless Hand Vacuum

One of our customers emailed us today with a very rare, hard to find Kirby Split Second Cordless Hand Vacuum, that attaches to the Kirby Heritage II Upright. They made this special accessory which plugs into a car or truck cigarette lighter, and mounted to the front of the Kirby Heritage II.

This is an incredible find, especially with the original box, and in near pristine condition. This is certainly a trophy for any vacuum collector out there, especially one that also has a Heritage II upright that looks Brand New!

Had to share this amazing find;

Kirby Split Second Car Vacuum Attachment for Heritage II Models

To see more pictures of this rare machine, check out the post on VacuumLand.org

Thank you Andrew for the alert, great find!

Happy Birthday America!

From Govacuum Celebrates America's Birthday!

On this 4th of July, we would like to wish you and yours a happy and safe Independence Day.

We would also like to say Happy Birthday America! Today you turn 235 years young! Congratulations!

We celebrated Independence Day a few days early, this past Friday, at GoVacuum. It’s not uncommon to celebrate every one’s Birthday at our company. Yet, this is the first time I personally have ever celebrated the Birthday of our great country at work before.

The owner and his family brought in a platter of food and pizza for the whole crew of GoVacuum! The GoVacuum family celebrated by taking lunch all at the same time.

As we enjoyed the festivities, I was reminded of how great this company, and this country truly are!

As the GoVacuum family continually grows, with new employees like myself and new products like garbage bags that are eco-friendly, 100-percent degradable, non-toxic polymer (oxo-biodegradable), it’s refreshing for me to see how everyone at GoVacuum gets along so well and are friend’s even outside of work. These elements, coupled with our commitment to offering Earth friendly green cleaning products, and our company policy of 100% customer satisfaction. Really makes me feel like this company is not just the greatest in our industry, but one of the greatest companies period, just like America!

Cleaning Memories and The Vacuum Renaissance

As a child I remember how much I loved to play outside, my mother would have to call my name numerous times before I would return home. Once I finally made it back to my exasperated mom, I could see steam emit from her ears like Rosie the maid in the Jetsons because I had just schlepped all the dirt on her carpet from my shoes!

After I ate dinner and watched my siblings eat dessert, it was my job to vacuum the entire house. I remember how I dredged vacuuming; it was such a chore having to use an upright for the carpets and a canister for the floors. I always remembered Rosie!
Why couldn’t the future be here soon? I really wanted my very own robot so I didn’t have to vacuum.

20 some years later here I sit at work for GoVacuum.com writing this. Perhaps this is karma for my many years of making her carpets dirty and trying to get out of vacuuming? I don’t know, but I know the future is now and I never have to vacuum again!

This means life is good, not only because I work for the best vacuum website on the Internet, but because robot vacuums are here and invading our homes!

Now before you start to freak out, by saying invade, I’m not saying the day of man vs machine is here and good thing, because I don’t have a lot of faith that John Conner will defeat the Terminators anyhow, but I’m saying is we have machines do a lot for us already in our home so why not embrace a robotic vacuum cleaner?

Everyday I use a robot to wash my dishes, automatically rake the kitty litter box clean, warm up my TV dinner (yeah, maybe life isn’t that great, but I digress), and clean the pool plus so much more. Why would I not allow a robot to automatically clean my floors and carpet?

Do you think after 14 years of working in the vacuum business I want to go home and vacuum? Especially after my mom scared me as a child with my vacuuming chores? While I do love the vacuum industry, and really enjoy working in it, I really don’t like to go home and have to vacuum. Who does like to get off work and go home and work more? Anyone? Anyone? Bueller? Bueller?

So you can imagine my excitement when my boss at GoVacuum.com allowed me to take home the Roomba 440 and try it!

Actually I had no excitement, I joked around that this little thing wouldn’t clean the fuzz off my teeth, yet alone clean my carpet so we made a bet. My boss joked with me if I didn’t like it GoVacuum.com has the best return policy in the business of 60 days so I would be fine. I said no thanks, I hate to vacuum and that’s why I pay a cleaning service to do it.

He then made a bet with me! If I didn’t like it, he would pay for one week of the cleaning service, but if I did like it, I had to clean all the bathrooms at work and write an article about how much I love my Roomba robot vacuum.

He was right! That little sucker not only was used as a hoverboard by my cat, but also really cleaned my carpets great! It takes a lot for a vacuum to impress me, but this little round space shuttle looking device got up the cat’s hair! I can actually invite my friends over again (provided they bring me home cooked meals) because while I’m at work admitting defeat, that little vacuum booger is at home cleaning my carpets!

Now that I’ve cleaned three bathrooms used by all the employees here, he then shamed me into installing the most… let’s just say, unique device we sell called CleanButt Bidet Spa

So here I sit admitting defeat AGAIN. I was wrong (there happy?) and thus, I’m writing this article, but do I care? Nope, I just saved myself hundreds of dollars a year by firing my housekeeper and replacing it with a Roomba robotic vacuum that only cost $199.99!

So who really won the bet I ask you?