Earlex RayCop Mattress Vacuum Cleaner

By Michele Kadison

I’ve been doing some research on dust mites after my cousin came down with serious allergies apparently due to a proliferation of microorganisms in her home.  We all have mites and pathogens nesting in our furnishings, actually, but often their effect is not that obvious.

The truth is that the average dust mite lives for 80 days and produces approximately 1,000 allergenic waste products that can cause asthma and other similar irritations.  Up to 2 million mites can live in our mattresses and other soft furnishings, feeding on our dead skin cells.  It is a frightening picture, isn’t it?

In addition to dust mites, soft furnishings attract all sorts of bacteria, viruses, and other pathogens such as the influenza virus, E coli, Staphylococcus Aureus, and Candida.  Spraying with anti-bacterial products is not that effective for removing pathogens or dust mites, and even the highest end vacuum cleaner will not successfully get rid of them.

But… there is one solution and that is a brilliant new antibacterial vacuum that functions with a UV-C light, which is a germicidal light that damages the DNA of mites and pathogens at close range.  The unit comes with a vibrating pad that loosens dust mites from their territory, whereby they are then stricken by the UV-C ray and then sucked up by a vacuum that moves everything through an anti-allergenic filter.

The Earlex RayCop kills 99.9% of the microorganisms that live in our mattresses and other furnishings.  It comes with two settings:  one that vibrates and the other that does not, which is great for use on harder surfaces where it is not necessary for loosening mites and other debris from their homes.  The unit weighs only 5 lbs and has a sleek design, making it easy to hold and operate.

So, if you want to keep your home dust mite and bacteria free, do what I just did, and that is purchase yourself an essential tool that will keep you and your family microorganism free.