Room Cooling is a Breeze with the Dyson Air Multiplier

By Michele Kadison

The new Dyson Air Multiplier is another example of the company’s cutting edge attitude towards household necessities.  A bladeless room fan, the Air Multiplier creates a natural breeze with absolutely zero turbulence.

Creative technicians at Dyson noticed that there was something interesting when they were testing the company’s Airblade hand-dryer.  This dryer blows a single sheet of air upwards at the speed of 400 miles per hour.  You can run your hands through the air stream and they are dry in a flash, with no need for wiping.  Along with the single sheet of air, the team found that a large amount of extraneous air was pulled along with it, something called “inducement” by people in the know.  The techies knew they could do something with this concept, and so began to apply the technology to a household fan.

Using friction and pressure, the concept of “inducement” was successfully applied to the Air Multiplier, whereby a thin sheet of air is blown out of a small opening at the rear of the unit.  Driven by a motor similar to that found in a jet turbine or a turbocharger, the 16 degree wing slope of the fan allows negative pressure to gather around the moving sheet of air, sucking more air along with it so that it is multiplied at 15 times more powerful.  The breeze is created by moving 118 gallons of air per second, which is what high level room fans generally do.  Instead of the chop that one experiences from angled, rotating blades, the Dyson Air Multiplier provides an unobtrusive stream of air that feels natural as it cools.

Right now prices are high at $299.99 for the 10 inch and $329.99 for the 12 inch.  But if you are looking for a natural feel from one of the most reliable companies around, the investment is well worth it.

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Green Office Supplies

By Michele Kadison

These days green office supplies have become a part of the mainstream.  No longer the province of the few, sustainable business practices now include buying from manufacturers that are producing energy-efficient products.  This means that more office supplies consist of recycled materials such as paper products, furniture, and even electronic supplies.

One of the most prominent suppliers to eco-conscious businesses is  With over 200,000 products for sale, Shoplet is making it easier for consumers to find green alternatives to their business needs.  Over the last three years, a demand for these products has increased by 700%, an astonishing figure that attests to our increasing awareness of the viability of eco-friendly alternatives.  Speaking to this expanding awareness, Shoplet has created a Facebook application that calculates the amount of conserved energy, water conserved, and trees saved due to buying green products.

It has long been the notion that green choices meant higher prices with less value than conventional products.  This is no longer the case and customers are discovering that with easy access to finding green alternatives, the choice is an easy one. Shoplet is taking its mission to supply businesses with conscious supplies by extending their reach to the manufacturers themselves.  Experts are working with manufacturing companies to discover better ways to improve products from an ecological point of view.  HP is one example of a company now using more recycled material, and many other companies are following suit.

More and more businesses, government institutions, and individuals are discovering that buying green not only benefits the environment, but also their bottom line.  As the demand increases, so will the supply.

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