A “Real” USB Vacuum Cleaner? Office Worker/Vacuum Aficionado’s Dream?

Alright, we are a little slow on this entry…but this entertained me enough that I had to share it. USB Vacuum cleaners, as a product, have existed for a few years, making it so that people can clean their keyboards more efficiently. But these machines end up looking more like nose hair clippers rather than the vacuum cleaner you use to clean up after yourself in your house. (See Image).

USB Vacuum (Nose clippers)

I haven’t figured out who creates this yet, but I will try. But some vacuum genius created an USB Vacuum Cleaner that looks like a miniature upright vacuum cleaner and actually helps you clean up after the crumbs littered around your desk from your afternoon snack. Like I said, we are a bit behind on reporting on this invention, Gizmodo wrote about it back in 2007.

USB Vacuum (Real)

Cross your fingers that this is still being made so that I can offer it on GoVacuum!

Miele S7 Upright Series – Revolutionizing the Vacuum Upright Market

In the latest installment of our video series, GoVacuum features the Miele Tango from its renowned S7 series, which has captivated dealers and consumers alike with its superior performance. Having always excelled in its design of canister vacuums, Miele’s breakthrough in the upright market is an exciting addition to its product line, which shouldn’t be a surprise since they spent 7 years perfecting the machine.

The combination of power and maneuverability that the Tango possesses is unsurpassed, but no Miele product can be praised without first mentioning its state-of-the-art filtration system. Miele sets the bar in emissions standards, and this vacuum is no exception, as it features Mieles patented HEPA filtration system. As you can see in the video demonstration, the Tango emits zero particles. Thats no allergens, pollens, dust, nothing to diminish your air quality, nothing detrimental to your health.

Like the rest of the S7 series vacuums, the Tango features Miele’s patented 360˚ Swivel Neck™ design and retracting rear wheels, which makes maneuvering a cinch. With the machine’s built-in telescopic wand and 14-foot hose, combined with the ability to lay the Tango completely flat, you can easily reach every inch of your room.

For a vacuum full of practical features, none is more useful than the automatic settings that adjust suction control for different types of surfaces. With this feature, you can seamlessly switch from high carpet to rugs to hardwood floors, without worrying about sacrificing cleanliness or damaging your surfaces. For the environmentally conscious, this automatic feature is energy efficient, as it uses the lowest amount of energy needed to complete the job at hand.

The list goes on for the number of impressive features on this machine, but its superiority is most evident when watching the machine’s performance in our video. Watching the Tango at work is its own best promotion.

Got Spring Allergies? How about a personal and portable Air Purifier? Blueair AirPod Portable Air Purifier

I can always tell when Spring is here…everyone in the office starts sneezing a lot and it’s not pretty. With the rise of allergens in the air, it’s almost unavoidable. Luckily, working in the GoVacuum warehouse, I have access to all the neat products we carry. Perusing the aisles of air purifiers, I found something that looked like it could be the answer. The Blueair AirPod Portable Air Purifier. And I was right, it was the perfect solution for the rise of dirty air that was infecting my personal space.

What surprised me most was the size (13 inches) and efficiency of the Blueair Airpod, effectively creating a “Personal Clean Airzone” for me. The purifier’s sleek design is easy on the eyes and completely silent, making it a perfect addition to your cluttered desk and less annoying than your office-mates. You can even choose the color of the filter that accompanies the machine: White, Grey, Blue or Black.

Blueair Airpod Air Purifier - GoVacuum

If you are looking for something simple to clean the air around you, whether it is at the office or at home, the Blueair Airpod Portable Air Purifier is the perfect choice, especially at our sale price of $36.99 (used to be $99!).

You can also check out our pretty newsletter made for the Blueair Airpod: