Hoover Introduces the Platinum Collection Series – Linx Cordless Bagless Stick Vacuum Review

The Hoover Linx Bagless Cordless Stick Vac has the cleaning power of a full size upright, but with the body of a lightweight stick vacuum. We were very impressed here at GoVacuum how powerful this motor really is. This machine is ideal for those in between cleanings or quick picks ups, or for someone who has a physical disability and can’t push around a full size vacuum, but has to vacuum the house themselves.

Hoover Stick Vac - GoVacuum

What really is impressive on the machine is the fact it has a separate motor for the power brush. This brush does an excellent job on carpeting, and will eat pet hair for breakfast! Most cordless stick vacuums leave a lot to be desired in terms of the suction power, and cleaning carpets, however the Hoover Linx Stick Vacuum and it’s motorized power head are ideal for all surfaces of flooring, including homes with pets, or thick carpets.

What’s even better is that Hoover has really backed up this machine by giving it a 6 Year Parts And Labor Warranty. Most other cordless vacuums come with a 1 year warranty.

Hoover Stick Vac  - GoVacuum

The battery life was a little disappointing as we were only able to vacuum for 20 minutes before the battery died, however within 3 hours of the battery being placed on the charger, we were back up and cleaning on a full charge. Like most bagless vacuums, this machine will tend to expel more particles then a bagged model would, so if you have allergies or breathing issues this may be a concern for you. The motor filter is washable, and should be washed every 3 months for maximum efficiency.

- Chris Jones, Operations Manager

Love-less Ash Vacuums: The Best Solution for Fireplace Cleaning

We don’t need to tell you how charming or pleasant a fireplace can make your home, and we surely don’t need to tell you how much of a hassle it can be to clean up afterward. With that in mind, GoVacuum thought this would be a great opportunity to discuss one of our industry’s lesser-known but highly-effective products: Ash Fireplace vacuum cleaners.

Anyone who’s ever unsuccessfully tried to suck up ash with a house vacuum and subsequently ruined it, or exhausted themselves trying to clean out the fireplace with a shovel, knows how vital this piece of equipment is. Simply put, an ash vacuum is a must-have for this season. And as a little holiday treat for our loyal customers, we’ve put the best ash vacuums in the industry to the test to find the best one on the market, the one that gets the GoVacuum thumbs-up.

What we found is that we have nothing but love for the Love-less MU305 Cheetah and MU405 Cougar.

Both models have a significant edge on the competition because they’re able to vacuum both warm and cold ashes, due to having a five-foot flame-resistant hose. But where these vacuums really shine is their filtration system: Both also have a specially designed two-stage filtering system that includes two separate filters, ensuring that the vacuum traps every bit of ash and no dust contaminates your home. They’re also powered by a 6-amp motor and have a 3-gallon container that’s also fireproof, so cleaning your fireplace takes just minutes and doesn’t need those annoying bags that most vacuums employ.

The difference between the Cheetah and Cougar (besides the price) is that the Cougar has a much quieter motor, reducing the noise level by 40 percent, which means you won’t have to worry about waking the house when cleaning your fireplace. The Cheetah also comes in two colors, black and winter scene, which gives you the option of leaving it out instead of storing it.

Love-less Winter Scene - GoVacuum

Love-less Black - GoVacuum

It takes a lot for a product to meet GoVacuum’s lofty standards. Love-less offers us not one this holiday season, but two. And because of that, we can all spare our house vacuums and use our shovels for an equally painful task: clearing snow off the driveway.