Miele Earns Top Awards from Consumers Digest

Although we are a bit delayed in congratulating Miele, we feel it is relevant, nonetheless. Miele came away with two Consumers Digest “Best Buy” awards this year. Its S5280 Callisto and S163 Universal Upright vacuums earned the honors, further demonstrating Miele’s commitment to excellence in quality.

“We are thrilled to have not one, but two vacuum cleaner products in the Best Buy family,” said Paul McCormack, Senior Marketing Manger for Miele, Inc. “We’ve always felt that our high standards of quality, performance and filtration added up to a great value. Now there’s absolutely no doubt.”

Bill Anand, our CEO at GoVacuum, AKA, the Godfather of Vacuums, was delighted but not surprised upon hearing the good news. “This is precisely why we have so much success selling their products as a Miele Diamond Dealer,” Anand said. “Miele is dedicated to offering consumers the best vacuums on the market. Earning ‘Best Buy’ awards is par for the course for Miele.”

Consumers Digest defines a product as a “Best Buy” as offering outstanding value for its price and that merits special attention from consumers. It is awarded to nationally available products.

The Miele S163 universal upright is a small but potent vacuum that works great on carpets, rugs, and smooth surfaces.

Miele s163 Universal Upright

The Miele Callisto canister is Miele’s best canister vacuum, as its combination of power and efficiency made it a logical choice for the Best Buy award.

Miele Callisto - GoVacuum

The Sebo Felix and Disco – The Easy Home Cleaning Solution

The latest installment of our GoVacuum Video Series breaks down the Sebo Felix, easily the most versatile vacuum we offer. It’s basically an all-in-1 vacuum, or to put it another way, a total home cleaning system. By incorporating the benefits of an upright, canister, and hand held vacuum and floor buffer, the Sebo Felix can meet all your cleaning needs.

What we noticed first about the Sebo Felix, what truly sets it apart from its competitors, is its compatibility with the Sebo Disco floor polisher. The Sebo Disco floor polisher is the only one on the market that also employs a vacuum while buffing bare floors. Anyone who’s ever tried this knows how irritating the dust accumulation can be, so it’s nice that a manufacturer took notice as well and also offered a solution.

But make no mistake; the Sebo Felix is a powerful, easy-to-use vacuum too. The swivel head is a must-have, and it, combined with the general maneuverability of the body, makes it the most convenient vacuum we’ve gotten our hands on. It also has an adjustable handle to match the height of anyone using it.

Another feature of the Sebo Felix that really speaks to its versatility is the adjustable speed mode. With a simple slide, you can as easily vacuum a thick carpet as you can gently clean an expensive oriental rug. Some vacuums can be particularly harsh on delicate surfaces, but this isn’t a concern with the Sebo Felix.

This vacuum also does something that most of its competitors do not: it turns into a portable hand vacuum. It comes attached to the body, so all you have to do is remove the head and voila, your stairs and couches are able to be cleaned.

It’s easy to sell a product when it’s superior to the competition. There simply isn’t another product on the market that offers the power and versatility that it does. We have yet to find a vacuum that compares to this, but rest assured that when GoVacuum finds it, we’ll let you know. But thus far, the Sebo Felix is in a class of its own.

Confused about Vacuum Cleaners? Just Ask GoVacuum.

Can’t figure out how to fix the broken belt on your 80′s model Eureka vacuum? Looking for a new vacuum with super filtration to help your allergies? Want your vacuum to stop making that weird noise that drives you crazy?

There are many questions to be asked about vacuum cleaners. Whether you are curious about your old machine or are interested in finding a modern alternative, we are here to answer your questions. Last week, we introduced a new section on our site called “Ask GoVacuum.” In this section, we display all the questions that have been submitted to us, and the appropriate answers. Our team of vacuum experts does their best to answer your question, no matter how obscure. Many of the answers include links to schematics for your machines or pictures and videos illustrating how to do that impossible repair.

At the bottom of the page, you are able to submit your own question. Most questions will be answered within 24 hours.

As more questions come in, we will begin to organize the Ask GoVacuum section by brand and theme. We hope this helps.

Ask GoVacuum today!

iRobot Roomba Vacuums – Do They Live Up To Their Hype?

As much as we would all like to have the time to clean regularly, that simply isn’t the case. Despite our best intentions, one way or another things always seem to push cleaning to the back of the to-do list. This is the main reason why the iRobot Roomba vacuum is such a popular product on the market. But does it live up to the hype? The GoVacuum team investigated, and the results are in.

Depending on what you’re looking for, a Roomba could be the perfect vacuum for you. Its appeal isn’t hard to understand. The Roomba operates by itself, meaning there’s no need for you to even be in the house, let alone push it around, during cleaning. Liken it to a remote-controlled toy truck that runs around without you having to move the joystick.

Some Roomba models can even be time-programmed, meaning you can have it clean your house or apartment while you’re at work or out of the house everyday.

Of course, none of that really matters if the thing can’t clean. Here’s where your expectations come into play. If you’re looking for an industrial-strength vacuum with bells and whistles that will leave your floor spotless, the Roomba won’t fulfill your cleaning needs. But if you’re looking for an everyday sweeper that will keep your floor looking clean when you’re too busy to vacuum yourself, look no further than your friendly robotic vacuum. It might not pick up every single particle of dirt, but it does an adequate job.

The Roomba machines are perfect for:

- People who hate vacuuming or simply don’t have the time to clean

- The elderly or those who don’t want to strain their body pushing around a traditional vacuum

- College students who aren’t going to clean after themselves

While the Roomba may not be the most powerful vacuum on the market, it’s unrivaled when it comes to those in-between maintenance cleanings to keep your place tidy. It’s also helpful for those who, frankly, aren’t going to clean otherwise. Trust us; pressing a button is far less daunting than spending an hour vacuuming every inch of your floor. Fortunately, with that single press of a button the Roomba will do it for you.

Stan Kann: No One Loved Vacuums More

The GoVacuum family was saddened to hear about the passing of Stan Kann last week, at the age of 83. For those of you who are unfamiliar with him, Kann was a world-class organist who honed his skill in St. Louis. But he also made a name for himself as possibly the world’s biggest vacuum cleaner aficionado.

Kann was an antique vacuum collector, his fascination with them stemming from childhood when his parents were too poor to afford one. But it was a chance encounter with Phyllis Diller, the famous stand-up comedian, that thrust Kann and his collection into the national spotlight. The two met when she was in St. Louis for a guest appearance on The Charlotte Peters Show (Kann was the co-host and musical director). After Kann showed her his collection, Diller introduced him to Johnny Carson, who invited him to showcase them on The Tonight Show on June 8, 1966. He was an instant hit with Carson and the audience, and Kann and his vacuums would subsequently make 76 more appearances on the show.

Kann’s childhood love of vacuums resulted in some humorous stories. Amazingly, he developed the ability to identify different models of vacuums by sound alone, and was known to knock on strangers’ doors if he heard one he didn’t recognize. And according to Kann, his parents used to bribe him to finish eating his dinner by promising that a neighbor would turn on her vacuum for him if he did.

At the time of his passing, it was said that Kann’s vacuum collection totaled over 180 machines.

While he’s sure to be remembered for his contributions to the world of music, we here at GoVacuum will remember Stan Kann for his love and passion for vacuums, both of which are surpassed by none.

Improved Search Engine on GoVacuum

Nothing is more frustrating than not finding the specific thing you are searching for when shopping for anything online. It is even more frustrating when the product you are searching for is only described with a specific model or part number, as is the case with many of the accessories we sell on GoVacuum.com. As a result, we’ve improved the search function on our site, users now are able to find those detailed parts, accessories and vacuum cleaners and even sort their results by price and relevancy.

We are actively monitoring our search results so that we can continue to improve our site’s usability on a daily basis. If you have any questions or comments about the search feature or the site in general, feel free to e-mail us at info@govacuum.com or leave a comment below.