Being Green When You Clean

Changing your lifestyle to become more “green” or eco-friendly has become a norm amongst many households. We’ve even seen it from our customers who ask us regularly about green cleaning products and eco-friendly vacuums.

Being green, however, encompasses a ton of different factors so it is hard to accurately determine the “green-ness” of a product. But I was fascinated when I came across a vacuum that is made up of 50% recycled auto parts. As it turns out, like most people could have predicted, the vast majority of American and European consumers want eco-friendly products, a fact researched by the Electrolux company.

Green Electrolux Vacuum

When we inquired about this machine, however, we were told that the machine was only built for a limited release in the European market, leaving the American market looking for other alternatives. I was sad to hear that we could not sell this machine to our customers (who are majority American). I can only hope that the limited release was to test out the profitability of the machine and that in the next year or so the Electrolux company continues to tweak the vacuum so that it can provide the world market with both a commercially viable and a eco-friendly vacuum.

Pets Fearful of Your Vacuum Cleaner? Look No Further

In our highly popular “Ask GoVacuum” post about vacuuming your cat, we discussed the best vacuums available for cleaning your pet with a vacuum. Many pet owners who may wish to use a small vacuum to clean their pet may have a pet who is wildly afraid of vacuum cleaners.

I recently came across an article discussing how pet owners can help their pets overcome fears of loud noises. The example used as a training exercise, lucky for us, was training your pet not to be afraid of the vacuum cleaner. I will reprint the relevant part here. Enjoy!

For a noise you can control, like a vacuum cleaner, first put the unplugged vacuum cleaner in the middle of the floor and put a few treats around and on the vacuum cleaner. After your pet has eaten those treats, while you are next to the vacuum cleaner, call your pet to you, give her a treat for coming and give her a command and give her a treat when the command is performed.

Continue the command and treat process until you see that your pet is focused on you with the treats. For the next step, turn on the vacuum cleaner and continue issuing commands and giving treats to your pet as she is near the vacuum cleaner. If your pet does not come close to the vacuum cleaner after it is turned on you can gradually get her closer by simply calling her to you and giving her treats as you move closer to the vacuum cleaner. If your pet runs and hides when the vacuum cleaner is turned on, wait a few minutes and try again.

Super Mario Brothers Aficionados and Cleaning Fanatics – Welcome to Geeky Happiness

I don’t usually consider myself a gadget freak but sometimes during my long hours perusing the internet I come across a gadget that makes me downright giddy. Normally, I leave the gadget dorkiness to my sister, who was the originator of this blog, but this time I couldn’t help myself and had to share this genius invention.

Somewhere in the cubicle of a bored office worker obsessed with video games, who became fed up with the crumbs from his mid-day snack littering his desk, a brilliant idea was born. This idea comes in the form of the Mushroom Desk Mini Cleaner , a hand-held, cordless vacuum that helps you clean up the small mess on your desk and also shares a strong resemblance to the mushrooms seen in the Super Mario Brothers games.

Mario Desk Cleaner - GoVacuum

We do not currently have any of these cult worthy vacuums available for sale, as the company that invented appears to be Hong Kong based, but we are trying. When we do have them in stock, you will be the first to hear!

Wall-E Versus the Vacuum Cleaner

I have to admit, I haven’t seen the movie but the people at Pixar put together a pretty funny promotional video showing the robot Wall-E fighting an extremely worth adversary, the vacuum cleaner.

I think my favorite part is at the end when Wall-E makes an attempt at literally “covering his tracks.”

Considering the popularity of this film, it makes me wonder whether a few videos of dueling vacuums would spice up our GoVacuum Video Series

Faulty Vacuum Cord? Beware of the Consequences.

I generally try to be humorous in my approach towards writing about vacuum cleaners but today I came across an article that has changed my tone today, at least for this post. It appears that an unlucky family in Kannapolis, North Carolina suffered extensive damage to their house due to a faulty cord on their vacuum cleaner.

Although the machine was turned off, the faulty cord caught fire since it was still plugged into the wall. The electrical cords are scary parts of the machine to repair, simply because of the fact that messing it up can result in a vacuum on fire. We prefer our vacuums to be normal temperature and not burning the furniture in our houses.

Many times customers come into our store and ask if they can simply buy the cord for their machine, presumably to avoid paying the cost of the repair. We usually ask them if they have experience repairing vacuums, or other electronic devices because the repair is not as simple as it may seem. Generally, we offer customers to do the cord repair for free simply to avoid any disasters as seen in Kannapolis.

As a word of caution to all vacuum owners out there, make sure whoever is repairing your vacuum is skilled enough to risk an electrical fire!

Vacuums as Babysitters?

Recently, I came across this obscure article about the idea of a vacuum cleaner also serving as a baby stroller of sorts. The idea being that instead of having your child chase you around the room when you are vacuuming, you could have them sit on the canister of the vacuum and let them enjoy the ride as you try to clean the room.

Baby Stroller Vacuum? GoVacuum Ponders...

With so many people already complaining about the feeling of weight dragging behind them when they use a canister vacuum, the idea of having your child add to this weight, while presumably also screaming in fear of being sucked up by the vacuum, makes this machine a scary prospect for me. Luckily, I think it is only a funny idea by a bored parent and it hasn’t come to fruition.

New Ideas Everyday…But Are They Really New?

In my infinite search for new wisdom, I am subscribed to an interesting site called Idea a Day. Today’s idea was something of obvious interest to me: vacuums. The author of the site made an interesting suggestion for a new kind of vacuum. Check out the idea below:

“Manufacture a vacuum cleaner with an integral carpet freshener function. An adjustable switch or trigger on the handle would dispense the user’s preferred brand of carpet deodorizer through a series of wide-spray nozzles on the front of the device. A dial mechanism (similar to those used on steam irons) would allow the user to adjust the intensity of each burst of the good stuff.”

After summoning the more mechanically and technically inclined members of the GoVacuum team for an emergency vacuum invention meeting, I realized that this technology already exists. Actually, I didn’t realize anything, I was reminded by GoVacuum’s CEO Bill Anand that this technology already existed. He reminded me of his early days of entrepreneurial activities where he sold Rainbow vacuums.

As it turns out, through the use of the Rainbow’s water filtration system, you can add fragrances into the machine so that your vacuuming efforts leave your carpets clean and smelling like your favorite fragrance. I believe the only part missing from fulfilling the “Idea a Day” dream is a nozzle that controls the level of fragrance output.

In the end, it was nice to see a dream come to fruition, albeit a partial fruition. It did leave me wondering, however…do any of our readers out there have their own vacuum invention dreams?

Vacuum Technology to the Rescue (kind of)

This week we’ve seen the vendors of many of the products we sell stepping up their efforts to make the world a better place. Earlier this week the GoVacuum team was impressed by IQAir’s commitment to providing clean air to the Olympics in Beijing.

Now, we found a new story. iRobot, the makers of the Roomba robotic vacuums, have upped their efforts in using robot technology to help solve many of the world’s complex problems.

iRobot Negotiator

Most recent is their unveiling of the iRobot Negotiator, a “low-cost tactical robot designed to meet the basic reconnaissance needs of public safety professionals.” To be delivered in the fourth quarter, this robot is aimed at “police departments, fire departments and domestic security experts.” Currently, the robot is estimated to be priced at $15,000 with certain options (including stair climbing capabilities) pushing that price to upwards of $20,000.

In researching the development of this negotiator technology, I also found out about some of the other interesting projects that iRobot has embarked on in the past few years. Most notably have been robots that can be used by the military to detect the presence of chemicals in the air and an underwater robot that can be used for research in high pressure underwater environments.

While we have been giddy to watch the Roomba scoot around our showrooms and houses, the fact that the company who gave us this cleaning technology is also helping save the world with their patented technologies makes us all the more excited to be Roomba dealers.