“Operation Clean Air” – IQAir Helps US Olympians by Providing Ultra-High Efficiency Air Cleaning Machines at the Beijing 2008 Olympic Games

The Olympic Games represent an international tradition where the spirit of competition and sport supersedes borders and promotes unity among nations. The 2008 Olympics have been a topic of intense discussion for citizens around the world because of the decision of the International Olympic Committee to host the games in Beijing. Many have questioned the Committee’s decision to host the games in China’s capital city due to a variety of factors, including concerns over human rights and the environment.

As a company who has a keen interest in air quality, the GoVacuum team was interested to hear that IQAir, our leading brand of air purifiers, was supporting the U.S. Olympic team by providing them with high quality air purifiers to be put in the athlete’s housing accommodations and training facilities. Considering the high level of pollution in Beijing (see graph below), the air purifiers will be a true gift for the American athletes. Having met the President of IQAir, Frank Hammes, personally, I am not at all surprised of his commitment and generosity towards improving the air quality of athletes at such an important event.

My only question, however, is how come, as an international company, IQAir didn’t make a broader effort to improve the air quality of the entire event by housing air purifiers in all the major stadiums and event grounds for the Olympics?

Air Pollution in Beijing Graph (Source: BBC News)

Air Pollution in Beijing - GoVacuum

I’m posting the IQAir Press Release that GoVacuum received earlier today for your viewing pleasure.

IQAir Press Release

IQAir Top News
IQAir to Provide U. S. Athletes With Ultra-High Efficiency Air Cleaning at the Beijing 2008 Olympic Games

SANTA FE SPRINGS, Calif. July 29, 2008 – IQAir announced today they are providing the U. S. Olympic Committee (USOC) with ultra-high efficiency air cleaning for USA athletes at the Beijing 2008 Olympic Games to help create the optimum performance environment.

“We are very proud to be able to support the performance efforts of the USOC in Beijing,” says Frank Hammes, President of IQAir. “The USOC is always looking for new and innovative ways to assist their athletes. This project will be the first time ultra-high efficiency air cleaning is used on a large scale to provide performance enhancement at an athletic event.”

In November of 2007, a team of IQAir experts and the USOC traveled to Beijing to examine indoor spaces that would be used by USA athletes.

“Our goal is to ensure that we do everything possible to provide the very best training and performance advantages we can for our athletes,” says Margaret Hunt, medical director for the USOC. “We feel that while all athletes will appreciate our efforts with IQAir, athletes with asthma will especially benefit.” The project, dubbed “Operation Clean Air,” will utilize IQAir’s HealthPro Series room air purifiers in athletes’ bedrooms. For large training areas, IQAir has designed special facility-sized portable and installed air cleaning systems. IQAir will also be adding ultra high efficiency filtration to the heating, air conditioning and ventilation (HVAC) systems in buildings. The air cleaning systems are tested and certified to filter ultra-fine particles down to 0.003 microns, smaller than the smallest virus. They are based on technology IQAir uses in hospitals around the world to filter particles as small as the SARS virus, MRSA, and tuberculosis.

In addition to eliminating ultra-fine particles, IQAir’s systems will also provide comprehensive gas and chemical filtration.

“All large cities suffer from a wide range of gaseous pollutants. These are byproducts of traffic, manufacturing, industry, and other sources,” says Hammes. “Gases and chemicals require a different type of filtration than particulates. And while most consumer products do not address this important aspect of air cleaning, IQAir systems contain the most advanced gas-phase filtration available.”

IQAir’s air cleaning systems are currently being stored in Beijing for installation and placement for the USOC later this month.

IQAir North America, Inc. is a member of the Swiss-based IQAir Group which has over 45 years experience in the design and manufacturing of ultra-high efficiency air purification systems. IQAir offers clean air solutions for a wide range of applications, from commercial air cleaning systems for hospitals and other critical environments to products for homes, offices, and hotels. IQAir is the American Lung Association’s exclusive educational partner from the air purifier industry. IQAir products have earned the Best Buy recommendations of Consumers Digest, Consumers Guide, Reviewboard Magazine, Consumer Search, as well as the top recommendation of the prestigious German government product testing organization, Stiftung Warentest.”

How to Replace a Belt on a Kirby Generation Vacuum Cleaner – GoVacuum Video Series

Kirby Vacuums are durable machines with powerful cleaning capabilities. Few vacuums can compete with the variety of features on the machine, a fact that the Kirby salesman at your house did not fail to tell you at least 10 times.

What the Kirby salesman might have left out of his sales pitch, however, was an explanation of how difficult it would be for you to do your first belt repair on your new Kirby Generation. Even the most experienced repairmen on the GoVacuum team will admit that replacing the belt on the Kirby is one of the most difficult repairs they face.

As a result, we’ve decided to create a video showing you how to make this Kirby Generation vacuum belt repair yourself.

We go step-by-step through the process of dismantling the powerhead and swapping out the belts on the rollerbrush. And we even give helpful advice on how to properly maintain your Kirby machine along the way.

First Funny Billboard Advertisement Ever

I generally dislike the billboard advertisements that litter the highway system across the United States. Mainly because they usually lack humor and are distastefully designed with enough tacky colors to make a clown feel sick.

Recently, however, I came across a billboard advertisement that I found hilarious and extremely convincing at the same time. While I don’t think that the advertisement is real (it’s rumored to be the design of a student of graphic design), I think it proves that some advertisements can do a good job at what their supposed to do: sell.

Check it out here.

I hope that Miele actually creates a billboard advertisement like this.

If you have any questions about what Miele is right for you, check out our Miele Research Library at GoVacuum.

What is the Best Upright Vacuum? Sebo X Series Upright – GoVacuum Video Series

“GoVacuum, this is Chris speaking, How may I help you?”

When you’ve been in the vacuum industry for as long as I have, you can almost predict what the response is going to be on the other side of the line. More often than not, the question is something usually like “What is the best vacuum you sell?”

The thing is, however, that “best” is subjective to each individual vacuum owner. So I usually have to ask them questions about their flooring situation and cleaning preferences. But most often, I need to know whether the customer would prefer a canister or an upright vacuum, the eternal debate of the vacuum purchaser.

I can tell those in search of an upright vacuum, however, that I unequivocally have a favorite upright vacuum that I would not hesitate to label the “Best” in the industry. That vacuum is the Sebo X Series Upright Vacuum. In the X Series, there are two different models, the X4 and the X5. The only difference between these two is the length of the roller brush. The X5 is 15″ and the X4 is 12″

In order to explain my love for this machine, I put together a video (a rather long one too) demonstrating the features of this vacuum.

To sum up the video in text, I’ll briefly explain three main features of this machine that prove its superiority. These are:

  • Lifetime Warranty on the Belt (which is almost unheard of in the vacuum industry).
  • Automatic Height Adjustment on the head of the machine, letting you easily change between different floorings.
  • Durability – With proper maintenance, the machine can last you up to 25 years.

    - Chris Jones

  • How to Maintain a Miele Canister Vacuum – GoVacuum Video Series

    Like a car, vacuum cleaners are dependent on proper maintenance for peak performance. Without proper maintenance on a vacuum, not only will you see a drop in the machine’s ability to clean, you risk having more allergens be expelled into the air, the engine overheating and reduced machine life expectancy.

    In the newest addition to the GoVacuum Video Series, we show you how to do proper maintenance on a Miele Canister vacuum. Included in these maintenance tips are steps showing you how to change the vacuum bag and replacethe pre-motor and HEPA filters. The maintenance shown in this video is applicable to any Miele Canister.

    Our choice of showing the maintenance on the Miele Canister is an important one. Proper and regular maintenance on a Miele can help the motor on the machine last up to 30 years. Many customers ask us why they should spend the extra money on a Miele when they can buy a cheaper vacuum, most likely a Kenmore, in Sears. When you consider that an inexpensive vacuum, say around $100-$200, has a life value of at most 2-3 years; spending anywhere between $400-$1000 for a Miele that lasts up to 30 years is actually less expensive.

    Proper maintenance is key to any vacuum cleaner. We will continue to provide you videos in the GoVacuum Video Series that show you how to do maintenance on a wide variety of machines. If you have any requests, feel free to leave a suggestion.