GoVacuum Introduces Customer Product Reviews!

As many of you can tell from our GoVacuum Review Series, we are dedicated to providing the most honest reviews and opinions about vacuums, with the ultimate goal being that you are always completely satisfied with your purchase.

In trying to provide our customers with as much relevant information for their vacuum research, we are also opening our website’s doors and inviting GoVacuum visitors and customers to leave their feedback and review of our products. Since we are a small team here at GoVacuum, it took us some time to get this feature developed without significant glitches. But, now, we are proud to announce that the customer product review feature can be found on every product page.

For a quick example of a product page, let’s take a look at the Sebo Air Belt C-Series Canister. If you look below the large, red “Add to Cart” button, you will see a green section titled “Product Reviews.” This is where the magic happens.

In order to submit your review, you must first click on the stars below the sentence “Click to Rate This Product.” When you click the number of stars you want to give the product, you will be prompted by a new window to leave the title of your review, your name and the actual review itself. We invite you to leave a review of any product you desire, whether the review is positive or negative.

Once your review is submitted, it may take up to 3-4 business days to be posted, so don’t be shocked if it doesn’t appear immediately. Because of the possibility of spammers taking advantage of this feature, we must have a GoVacuum editor review all the customer reviews before they are published on the site. GoVacuum’s policies about editing customer reviews are as follows: we will only edit a customer review for common spelling and grammar mistakes and will never change the content or opinion of the review.

We hope you enjoy this feature! Feel free to send us any feedback by leaving a comment in the blog!

Vacuum Cleaners: Do You Buy ‘Off The Shelf’ Or From Experts?

When it comes to buying vacuum cleaners, you have a choice: you can effectively buy ‘off the shelf’ from general retailers, or you can find a retailer that specializes in vacuum cleaners.

The difference can mean a lot to your final purchase and your continued use of the product. General retailers often have little knowledge of vacuum cleaners they sell and when it comes to repairs or maintenance, they either don’t want to know, or take your vacuum cleaner and have it ‘sent away’ – this can takes weeks before it is returned to you.

Specialist vacuum cleaner retailers are trained in the products they sell. They can provide advice on which products are best suited to your needs along with tips on how to get the most out of your new purchase. When it comes to repairs or servicing, they often have the expertise ‘in house’ and the turn around can be as short as ‘while you wait’ or ‘same day’.

Specialist can be divided into two categories, independent and brand specific. Brand specific vacuum cleaner retailers will only promote the one brand. The choice becomes limited and often you are not going to be purchasing the best equipment for your needs.

Independent retailers promote several brands. As such the range is much broader so you are more likely to receive a vacuum cleaner that matches your needs and lifestyle. are independent retailers with ‘in house’ expertise on a wide range of vacuum cleaners along with accessories and spare parts required to keep your vacuum cleaner in top condition. They can also provide advice and tips on how to get the best out of your vacuum cleaner.

The Vacuum Cleaner For Small Jobs – Handy Little Hand Vacs

Hand vacuum cleaners are considered by many to be toys. In reality, they are indispensable little vacuum cleaners for the home, office and workshop.
Some of the hand or portable vacuum cleaners come with wet/dry functions and HEPA filters. Whilst not made for large jobs, they are ideal for any small spills, wet or dry.

In the home, the hand vacuum cleaner can be ideal for quick little spills in the kitchen, small jobs like picking up fluff and for hard to reach places like window sills, bench tops and bathrooms. Battery life is only 5-12 minutes depending on he model, however that is all your need for those quick jobs. The rechargers provide a quick recharge of he battery.

In the office, the hand vacuum cleaner is ideal for cleaning up small jobs and for getting into unusual places. They are great for cleaning computer keyboards and for removing paper dust from printers and other office equipment. If you use a shredder and get the occasional overflow, the hand vacuum can quickly clean up the excess.

In the work shop, the hand vacuum cleaner is good for quick cleans of the car floor and seats, cleaning up small amounts of sawdust and for cleaning up work bench areas. Hand vacuum cleaners with HEPA filters are ideal in areas where you intend to paint new work. A quick clean of the workspace and you can be confident that no dust is settling on the job prior to painting.

There are a million and one uses for a hand vacuum cleaner. Because they are battery operated they can be used anywhere, on patios, in tree houses and even to clean dirt and debris from letter boxes. Hand vacuum cleaners are the kind of devices that become a necessity once you have one.

How Often Should You Service Your Vacuum?

As dirt, dust and lint passes through your vacuum cleaner you get a buildup in the bearing housings. This causes the bearings to slow down the brush roll causing wear on your vacuum motor and belt.

Over time, your brushes may also become soft and lose their effectiveness and need replacing.. A worn out brush may still look completely fine however, if not replaced, it will simply turn, hardly touching the carpet.

These are all maintenance problems that may not be obvious to the untrained eye. So how often should your vacuum cleaner be serviced?

If your vacuum cleaner is performing poorly then you know it is time to have it serviced. Otherwise, when in doubt; ask. Your vacuum cleaner professional is in the best position to advise you on how often to have it serviced.

Generally speaking, you should undertake regular inspections yourself cleaning any areas that are easily accessible. If your vacuum cleaner uses bags, change them regularly. Canister models need emptying on a regular basis, before they become full. You should also check tubing for any blockages such as paper or tissues.

To avoid any potential problems, you should have your vacuum cleaner professional service your vacuum every 12 to 18 months. This will ensure your vacuum cleaner performs at its maximum cleaning efficiency.

The Perfect Household Cleaning Kit

If I had to select a range of vacuum cleaning equipment that would be suitable for every home then this kit would fit the bill perfectly.

My first choice would have to be a heavy duty upright vacuum cleaner. They are the hardworking cleaners that are suitable for the big jobs. Start at one end of the home and work your way through the house. If there was any alternative, it would be a central vacuum cleaning system. They are not always suitable for established homes so the upright vacuum cleaner gets the nod.

The second piece to add to the kit would be a lightweight canister that can do the quick jobs. Clean the cars interior, get into some of those hard to access places, stairs, curtains and furniture. They are great for quick cleans.

Of course vacuum cleaning is one part of house cleaning. I would have to add an all purpose floor cleaning unit. These units can shampoo the carpets and clean hard floors.

That has all the floor cleaning taken care of. From shampooing to heavy duty vacuum cleaning.

Add to the kit a good air filtration unit and the house is set for every condition, particularly if you are an allergy suffer. Clean air, clean floors and carpets = clean and comfortable home. can help you out with all of these appliances including putting together the perfect household cleaning kit.

Vacuum Cleaners Are Not Just For Floors

Vacuum cleaners, particularly canister models, are not just for cleaning floors; carpeted or not. Most vacuum cleaners come with a range of tools and extra tools can be purchased to undertake specific jobs. Some of the tools available include:

Telescopic Extensions
Extensions provide greater reach and can be used for example to reach higher areas in a room to remove dust or spider webs.

Crevice Tools
Crevice tools are ideal for furniture such as lounges and armchairs. The crevice tool can get down between the cushions and remove dust, dirt or any other debris. Crevice tools are also handy for removing dirt and dust from wall areas where carpets meet skirting boards.

Small Brushes
Small brushes are often provided so you can vacuum blinds and small areas around windows and doorways. They are also ideal for removing dust from furniture such as bookcases and around televisions and video equipment.

Ceiling Fan Brushes
Together with and extension, the ceiling fan attachment allows you remove dirt and collected grime from ceiling fans safely without the need for ladders or chairs.

There are other attachments such as powerheads that are designed to remove more dirt and dust from carpets quickly and easily.

If you have any hard to reach places that you need to vacuum clean, contact your a reliable supplier like us at We may be able to find you the right attachment to get the job done.

Are You Worried About Your Homes Air Quality?

With the incidence of asthma increasing a lot of people are worried about the quality of the air inside their home.

Air pollutants are everywhere now either drifting in from outside the home or coming from within. External pollutants range from natural pollens to man made pollutants such as vehicle fumes or pesticides. Internal pollutants include dust mites, fumes from heating or cooking and even low level fumes from chemicals used to preserve and protect new furniture and clothing.

Removing these pollutants from the home is sometimes difficult, particularly when there are weather extremes. Having a wide open home with doors and windows open can help; they can however aggravate problems if pollen is one of the allergens.

Buying an air filter may be one of the options to consider. These units are capable of removing almost all of the air pollutants in the home depending on the type of filter purchased. HEPA filters will remove as much as 99.97% of airborne pollutants at 0.3 microns or larger.

Air filters can sit in a corner and do their job quietly and efficiently with many capable of cleaning all the air in a room once every 10 minutes. This is generally sufficient to remove all airborne pollutants leaving the air clean and fresh for most people suffering from air borne allergens. has a series of articles that go further in to the subject of Indoor Air Quality and Air Purifying Buying Guide. These articles should answer most of your questions. If you do have more questions then contact us for more information. We have a wide variety of air purifiers on sale so check out our range at

GoVacuum Summer Sale Press Release – Check it out!

GoVacuum Celebrates Summer with Launch of Summer Sale on Vacuums and Air Purifiers

GoVacuum celebrates the beginning of Summer with a new Summer Sale, offering customers discounts of up to 30% on most products. Sale is open to DC area residents and online shoppers nationwide.

Sterling, VA (PRWEB) May 29, 2008 — GoVacuum, an online leader of vacuum and air purifier sales, announces a new Summer sale offering. After significant reorganization of their warehouse in Sterling, Virginia, in order to accommodate growth in product selection, GoVacuum has decided to offer their customers special discounts in a “Scratch and Dent” sale. The Scratch and Dent list showcases a wide variety of machines that are brand new but with packaging that is either damaged or previously opened. All machines, however, are individually tested to ensure that they work perfectly.

In addition to the “Scratch and Dent” list, GoVacuum has a sale running on the majority of the brands carried with discounts of up to 30%. The sale is only available over the phone at 1-866-468-2288 or in person in our vacuum retail stores (Vacuums Unlimited) in Northern Virginia. Content of the sale can be checked out at

Customers interested in vacuums, air cleaners, and floor care products for their summer cleaning needs can take advantage of the Summer sale either in person at GoVacuum’s retail store locations (Vacuums Unlimited) in the DC area or by calling a sales representative any day of the week at 1-866-468-2288. The sale will be available until June 15, 2008.

For additional information about GoVacuum and its Summer Sale, contact Chris Jones at 1-866-468-2288 or visit Free, no-pressure demonstrations and advice are also available at any of Vacuums Unlimited’s four retail locations. No appointment is necessary.

About GoVacuum and Vacuums Unlimited – Vacuums Unlimited is a family-owned small business that has been serving Northern Virginia’s cleaning needs for more than 30 years. They have retail locations in Fairfax, Vienna, Herndon and Sterling; all four locations are Authorized Miele Diamond Dealers. Vacuums Unlimited also operates a thriving store online at has been in existence since 1996, and ships everything from hard-to-find replacement parts to popular vacuums all over the United States (and to military bases around the world). Customers love the site’s ease of use, huge inventory, and unbeatable prices. GoVacuum, like Vacuums Unlimited, has an impressive record of friendly customer service and great frequent-buyer-discounts.

Vacuums Unlimited and GoVacuum sell a full range of vacuum cleaners, air cleaners, bags, belts, filters, parts and accessories for Dyson, Riccar, SEBO, Kirby, Electrolux, Hoover, Eureka, Powr-Flite, IQAir, Blueair, Roomba, AirFree, Bissell, Bosch, Dirt Devil, Earlex, Karcher, Koblenz, Ladybug, Love-Less Ash Fireplace Vacs, Lindhaus, Oreck, Royal, Rainbow, Sanitaire and more.

Unlike “Big Box” or department stores, Vacuums Unlimited has genuinely knowledgeable salespeople that specialize in nothing but vacuums and air cleaners. They are able to offer real advice, frank comparisons and tailored recommendations for even the most obscure needs. Call 7 days a week at 1-866-468-2288.

Oreck XL – GoVacuum Review Series

Yes, David Oreck, founder of the Oreck company, will be remembered as one of the finest salesman of our times, there is no question about it. You see this guy everywhere!

Through his superior sales skills, and an extraordinary marketing team, the Oreck vacuum, specifically the Oreck XL, became a household name across the United States. Many people fondly remember the lightweight vacuum picking up the bowling ball in his TV commercials. The Oreck XL became one of the most popular machines on the market. The machine itself, however, has left a lot to be desired in terms of its ability to actually do what vacuums are supposed to do: clean.

The Oreck XL sells for nearly $500. Especially with way things are going in the economy, $500 is a lot of money to be spending. What you need to be sure of when making a decision to buy a high quality vacuum, however, is the machine’s quality. The old adage that “Quantity does not mean quality” makes sense in this case. One would suspect that a $500 vacuum would be quality.

What most customer’s don’t realize, however, is that the $500 spent on an Oreck XL isn’t going towards the quality of the machine but instead the quality of the machine’s advertisements. And the advertisements are good, we admit that. What lacks is truth in advertising, i.e. a good vacuum. Through the power of advertising, David Oreck has taken what should be $150 vacuum, and turned it into a $500 vacuum. Oreck isn’t alone in the industry, we find the same to be true about Dyson vacuums. Case studies will be written in business schools across the world about Dyson and Oreck and their genius in advertising, but unfortunately customers, not the CEOs, will be left with the hefty price tag.

Most other residential upright vacuums have a 12 AMP motor in them, it’s almost standard in the industry now. Whereas Amps don’t necessarily explain how much suction a vacuum has, you can usually get get a good estimate of suction from this measure. Oreck XL uprights have a 4 amp motor in them. Better yet, the top of the line Oreck XL21, the $700 Oreck, has a 3.5 amp motor in it!

We find that a lot of customers come in asking for this machine simply because it is light. But, honestly, a machine that’s 8lbs will be somewhat limited in its cleaning ability. So unless you are over 65, or physically unable to push a full size machine around, consider a full size upright or canister. They can do a better job, and many are still comparatively lightweight. You don’t need a 100lb vacuum to do a thorough cleaning.

If light weight is still the way you want to go, the Riccar RSL-4 (also 8lbs) was tested against the Oreck by a leading consumer magazine, and the Riccar Supra-lite, had 40% better suction then Oreck, and it sells for about 1/2 the price.

The Oreck XL vacuum was created for hotels, as evidence by their slogan “The Hotel Vacuum for your Home”. I think the idea being that a hotel vacuum must be strong and versatile so it would do well in your home. But the slogan is a bit misleading. Carpets in hotels are usually a low pile commercial grade which don’t require a lot of suction to get most dirt and debris out, hence the use of a low suction vacuum like the Oreck. But deeper carpets in your home, for example, require more suction and a much more aggressive vacuum to properly clean your carpets and rid them of the dirt, dust mites, pet dander, and allergens that infest your carpets.

One funny thing about the Oreck is that they created a place for an extra belt to be stored on the machine. While this is a very handy feature for when your belt breaks, it makes me nervous that a company is so unsure of its own product that they build in a replacement mechanism into the machine. It’s like buying a new bicycle with a extra compartment to place a replacement chain.

Overall, my impression of the Oreck XL’s performance is low. If I were to spend that kind of money on a vacuum (which I have, I own a Miele), I’d make sure that it could do more in my house than just pick up a bowling ball.

- Chris Jones

GoVacuum Guide To Buying HEPA Vacuum Cleaners

Selecting a new vacuum cleaner can often be a daunting prospect, as all major vacuum cleaner manufacturers appear to offer the similar features. It is only when you take a closer look that you can see the fine differences between manufacturers and models.  The advice of an expert can be very valuable. Vacuum cleaners are also one expense in which a few extra dollars on a good unit can be pay dividends in the long run.
If you are an allergy suffer then you choice of vacuum cleaner is more important. Modern science as brought the HEPA filter to vacuum cleaners. We have several posts relating to HEPA vacuum cleaners including a post that explains HEPA filters.

When selecting a vacuum cleaner with a HEPA filter, the first decision is whether to use a canister or upright. Both vacuum cleaners have their benefits and it will often come down to personal choice.

HEPA upright vacuum cleaners are the traditional style of vacuum cleaner and still have a popular following. They use bags that are either replaced when full. These are popular amongst allergy sufferers as they dust collected remains in the bag for disposal.
HEPA canister vacuum cleaners are, relatively speaking, the new kids on the block and have a growing popularity. They are generally light and easy to maneuver and come with a range of tools to enable you vacuum just about every square inch of your home. The down side to some canister is that you need to empty the contents into the trash which for allergy sufferers can be a problem.

When looking to buy a HEPA vacuum cleaner  you need to take in consideration why you specifically looking for HEPA. If it is due to allergies then your next consideration is whether to buy a bag or bagless system. This may depend on who is emptying the cleaner. If you have a severe dust allergy then a vacuum cleaner that uses bags may be more suitable.

Always discuss your needs with a reputable HEPA vacuum cleaner retailer. have staff members who are highly skilled at assessing your needs and making recommendations.