Bissell 6900 DigiPro Canister Vacuum – GoVacuum Review Series

The Bissell Digipro Canister (manufactered by Samsung of Korea) has numerous repair problems. We are starting to see these machines in for repair, more and more frequently. The main issues are with the electrical hose, electrical wands, and the circuit boards. We tend to see this happen on Korean made vacuums, the circuit boards seem to overheat, and a lot of them even melt! With these sorts of electrical problems, we do not imagine that the machine would last more than 3 years.

One way you can prevent problems with the hose is to push the canister with your foot instead of pulling the canister around by the hose. This will prevent any unnecessary stress from being put on the hose and subsequently breaking it.

One other common problem that can be avoided is by picking up all big items off the floor before vacuuming. This may seem like common sense but because of the Bissell DigiPro’s small opening in the power-nozzle, relatively small pieces can become stuck and prevent the machine from doing its job.

- Chris Jones

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