GoVacuum Review Series – Carpet Pro CPU-1 Heavy Duty Household Upright Vacuum Cleaner

Carpet Pro CPU-1 Heavy Duty Upright

I had almost forgotten about the Carpet Pro CPU-1 Heavy Duty Household Upright Vacuum Cleaner until someone asked me what I thought was the best vacuum cleaner under $200. The Carpet Pro machine is made by Tacony USA, who also makes Riccar and Simplicity vacuum cleaners. This model is made under the Carpet Pro name brand. The CPU-1 has metal in all the right places including the motor, the handle, the bottom plate, and importantly the roller brush.

The thing that makes this vacuum so durable is the patented clean air bypass motor system. This means that everything that is vacuumed up goes directly into the vacuum bag first, instead of going through the fan and motor first like many other vacuum cleaners. This makes the motor on this machine much more durable since all of the dirt is captured in the bag first and then clean air is passed through the motor. As long as you keep the filter underneath of the bag clean (it’s washable) your motor will last you 15+ years without any problems.

Most other vacuum cleaners use a plastic roller brush. The plastic roller brush will actually melt if anything is mistakingly vacuumed up in the brush like a sock or tassles on an oriental rug, for example.

The Carpet Pro machine has a completely metal roller brush, and metal bearings. The brushes themselves are made of Teflon, and slide out of the brush roll, allowing you to replace just the brushes, instead of replacing the entire roller brush assembly completely. Since the brushes are made of Teflon, they really do a nice job of deep cleaning carpets, as well as eating pet hair for lunch!

The really only downfall to this machine is the fact there are no attachments on board the vacuum, and the color of the vacuum might even hurt your eyes (bright yellow)! Previously, people complained that the attachment hose would fall out while using it, however, they have recently improved the hose to fit more securely in the vacuum and not fall out. The deluxe set of attachments is nice because it comes with a 15 foot hose, which allows you to leave the vacuum at the bottom of your stairs and work all the way up without moving the vacuum cleaner.

Most people have never heard of Carpet Pro, and become worried about being able to find bags for this machine. This is not a problem as the machine will either take Riccar 4000 bags (slightly harder to find) or you can use Panasonic upright bags which are widely available in your local grocery store, or home improvement stores or with us here at GoVacuum!

This machine is by far the best vacuum available for under $200. You can’t find this type of quality at this price. The sister companies Riccar and Simplicity sell similar machines for $400-$700.

Central Vacuums Are So Convenient

Central vacuums are similar to your central heating system. A fixed motor is connected to a series of pipes which run to each of the rooms in the house that you wish to have connected to the system. Each of these rooms have a valve connection where the vacuum hose is attached.

Vacuuming could not be easier with a central vacuum. Take the vacuum hose into the room, plug it into the wall socket and clean the room. When you finish, unplug and move onto the next room. No canisters or uprights to carry around, just the hose and any attachments.

One of the side benefits in using a central vacuum cleaner is the lack of recycled air. Conventional vacuum cleaners suck air (and dirt or dust) into the vacuum where the dirt or dust is filtered out and the air sent back out into the room. With good vacuums this normally not an issue, however, with a central vacuums it is non issue as the air is expelled in the basement or garage, wherever the main motor is situated.

Central vacuum cleaners tend to be much quieter than traditional units whilst still maintaining a strong cleaning action. Other benefits include the increase in home values, once installed you will never need to purchase a vacuum cleaner again.

There are two types of central vacuum cleaners:

  • Filtered: these use a variety of filters to clean the air taken in by the vacuum. The filters will still need to be cleaned and replaced.
  • Cyclonic: these use centrifugal tornado-like force and gravity to separate the impurities from the air being taken in by the vacuum and deposits the dirt into a canister. can help you out with any questions related to central vacuum cleaners, their installation, and any attachments required.

GoVacuum Review Series – Sebo X4 Extra Upright Vacuum

Sebo X4 Extra Upright Vacuum

Out of all the vacuum cleaners GoVacuum sells, the Sebo X4 Extra is by far our best upright vacuum. Sebo is a German company that has been making vacuums since 1969. Sebo also makes vacuum cleaners under the following name brands all over the world; Karcher, Tornado, and Windsor. These machines are built to last forever.

One thing that really sets the Sebo far apart from any other upright on the market is the filtration system. The European term for HEPA filtration is S-Class filtration. What makes the Sebo unique is that the main filter to the vacuum is actually before the motor. Every other vacuum cleaner, the main filter is after the motor. Most have some kind of pre-motor filter which is usually made of foam, and really only stops large particles from going in the motor and damaging it. Because the Sebo’s S-Class filter is before the motor, this means that ALL dust particles are stopped from going in the motor, even the very fine dust particles that can’t be seen by the naked eye.

In 6 years of selling Sebo vacuums, GoVacuum has yet to do a warranty repair. What’s impressive is that even if you took a 5 year old Sebo, the inside of the motor housing would still be 100% dust free because of the sophisticated filtration system.

Most upright vacuums don’t perform on bare floors very well. Upright vacuums are really designed to clean carpets. The Sebo is the exception to the rule. The automatic height adjustment on the X series automatically adjusts the head of the machine to match any type of flooring. Even delicate oriental rugs are no problem. Most other machines you have to fight with the rug, and try and straddle the rug while you vacuum at the same time.

In terms of customer satisfaction on uprights, the Sebo X4 Extra ranks number one. We highly recommend it for anyone looking to get over the junk vacuum habit and looking to really experience what German engineering can do for cleaning your house.

A Short History Of The Vacuum Cleaner

The vacuum cleaner as a technology is only just over 100 years old. Prior to the vacuum cleaner we had to cart our carpets outside and beat the dust out of them, give then an airing then drag them all back inside. It is understandable that this didn’t happen all that often, in fact, this is became part of the spring cleaning routine.

The first vacuum cleaner was actually a blower. It blew the dust out of the carpet, into the air where it gently settled back where it came from, or all over the furniture. Hardly a success. The next model used suction to draw air, and dirt into a filter. The unit was so big it had to be parked in the street.

We have come a long way since those days. The upright, still popular now, was the first truly commercial vacuum cleaner and was sold by door to door salesmen. The Goblin brand, one of the first manufacturers, had over 2500 sale people throughout the UK in the early 1920′s.

Since then we have evolved first to the barrel type vacuums, then to canisters and on to portable and backpack style vacuum cleaners. The latest are the robotic style of vacuum cleaners that propel themselves around your room extracting any dirt and dust along the way.

Filter technology has made the biggest leap where vacuum cleaners originally relied on large cloth bags hanging off the side of uprights to the latest HEPA triple filter air cleaning pollen reducing filters that leave the air as pure as possible.

We often take our modern vacuum cleaners for granted, however one thing I do know, I am sure glad we no longer have to park them in the street to clean our carpets.

Get Attached To Your Vacuum Cleaner

Sometimes your vacuum is just a little to big for some of the jobs around the home or office. Portable vacuum cleaners can be a little to small as well. These days there are attachments for just about every conceivable tricky spot that needs cleaning.

Take your computer, particularly the keyboard and some of the sensitive places inside; or the printer filled with printer dust. Your standard vacuum doesn’t quite get the job done and whilst you can buy little computer vacs, do you really want another vacuum cleaner around the place.

The answer is the Mini Attachment set that is designed to fit most vacuum cleaners with round hoses. The set includes a curved extension, straight extension, oval brush, round brush, crevice tool and the adapter. There is sure to be a tool there for all your little jobs with the bonus of using the full power of your vacuum cleaner.

How about tricky spots like your ceiling fans. You could always stand on a chair with a bucket of water and old rag and give them a wash. Perhaps climb a ladder with the vacuum strapped to your back. The answer is the Ceiling Fan Attachment set that helps you clean both the underside and top of your ceiling fans safely and quickly. No more chairs or ladders.

Do you drag your refrigerator out on a regular basis to clean around, under and behind it. How about a handy little Under The Refrigerator Cleaning Wand to make life easier. Simply attach it to your vacuum cleaner and the wand will reach under and behind your refrigerator to clean out all the accumulated dust. Life is getting easier.

These are just some of the attachments that are available and the best thing about them – they are designed to fit nearly all vacuum cleaners. Actually, that is the second best thing about them – the best thing is the amount of work, time and effort they save. have these plus many other attachments and cleaning accessories so check out our range; while your there feel free to ask any questions particularly when it comes to fitting any of these attachments to your vacuum cleaner.

The Ideal Vacuum Cleaner For The Ultra Busy, Lazy or Those Who Simply Hate Vacuuming

Some people lead very busy lives and the last thing they want to do is vacuum floors. For others, it is not an option. Take the elderly or frail for example…they are often not physically capable of pushing (or pulling) a vacuum cleaner around. However, there is an answer. The Robotic Vacuum Cleaner.

Robotic vacuum cleaners can do a thorough job of cleaning the floors as they are equipped with sensors. Some models even doing spot cleaning until the area is spotless. Many robotic vacuum cleaners use sensors to identify when they are at the top of the stairs, thus preventing an disasterous flight down. Being robotic, they are able to work around all obstacles on the floor without getting stuck.
Most robot vacuum cleaners sit under four inches in height and can often fit beneath objects that are missed by conventional vacuum cleaners. For some, a side brush is fitted to clean the baseboards and get into those hard-to-reach corners. With all these features it is surprising they have not made it into every household but their time is coming.

Our range of robotic vacuum cleaners are safe around children and animals as they have a cut out device to stop the action if picked up or turned upside down. Newer models can be controlled by remotes and self charging stations. Top of the range models even empty their own dust containers.

If you would like more information on Robotic Vacuum Cleaners then check out our range at – we are always happy to discuss your vacuum cleaning needs.

Chemical Free Cleaning Using Plain Water

Yes, you read that right. You can clean your home using plain old water and no chemicals. You are probably thinking that there has to be a catch and there is. You are using water but turning it into steam and around 240 degrees, that is hot steam.

steam mopSteam cleaning has been around for a long time and it has proven to be very efficient. Steam has the ability to clean away dirt, grease and even mold or mildew. It is safe and of course, chemical free.

Steam can be used to clean most surfaces depending on the type of steam cleaner you use. Steam mops are used to clean all bare floors including sealed wood and ceramic.

The Reliable ™ Steamboy Steam Floor Mop T1 uses a powerful 1500 watt heating unit with a water tank that together can provide up to 30 minutes of continuous steam – very hot steam. The cleaning pad is 11″ and sits on a swivel head so you can get into the tightest corners as well under furniture.

If you suffer from allergies – particularly from cleaning chemicals, then a steam mop is ideal. The steam from a steam mop not only cleans everything to a spotless finish, it also sanitizes as it goes. Steam has been used for many decades to sterilize hospital equipment so why not use to clean and sanitize your floors?

If you are looking for more information on steam mops, visit us at – we have a steam mop that is perfect for every floor.

What Are HEPA Filters And Why Do I Need One?

HEPA logoHEPA stands for High Efficiency Particulate Air which is quite a mouthful and I am sure you are none the wiser. Rather than looking at the name, let’s have a look at what it is.

HEPA filters are filters that contains tiny screens designed to trap the tiniest particles; so tiny they are measured in microns. To give you an indication of size, a human hair measures around 70 microns and pollen measures between 5 and 100 microns. Quality HEPA filters are designed to trap particles as small as 0.3 microns – now that is tiny! HEPA filters with an 0.3 micron rating can trap and remove 99.97% of all particles – now you’re talking clean air.

These filters are recommended for those suffering with allergies; particularly if they live or work in high allergy areas. One the quirks of HEPA filters is that the more they are used, the more efficient they become. The more efficient they are, the less allergens remain in the air providing allergy sufferers with some respite.

HEPA filters are noted for removing pollen, dust mites, animal hair and dander from all surfaces without leaving any residue in the air. There is nothing worse than vacuuming a floor for example and then spending the rest of the day sneezing because of the dust thrown into the air.

Good vacuum cleaners will have their HEPA rating listed in their specs. Look for those that have an 0.3 micron rating and you will know that you have a great vacuum. HEPA filtered vacuum cleaners come in both canister and upright versions so there are plenty of options to choose from.

If you want cleaner healthier air, then perhaps a HEPA filtered vacuum cleaner should be considered when you next purchase a vacuum cleaner. If you need any further information on HEPA filters, feel free to contact us at

Quality Vacuum Cleaners Need Quality Parts

Good quality vacuum cleaners will last years, particularly if you carry out regular maintenance. We also advise taking your vacuum cleaner into a certified dealer for maintenance at least once every twelve months.  This will keep it top condition and deliver optimum performance.

Some maintenance tasks can be done at home, especially if you’re a pretty good handyman. The service manual is a great place to start and we at are always available for advice particularly when it comes to getting the right parts for your vacuum cleaner.

There are so many different vacuum cleaner parts available these days so it is hard to list each and every one of them on our site. If you are searching for a particular part and cannot find it, ask us. We are bound to either have it in stock or be able to advise you where to obtain it. Just remember – parts are not just parts.  Make sure you get the right part for your particular brand and model.

At, we can supply:

Vacuum cleaner bags: we carry wide range of vacuum cleaner bags so check out our catalog or call us for more information.

Vacuum cleaner filters: good quality filters will help keep the air clean and fresh. If you need to replace your vacuum cleaner filter, then check our catalog first.

Vacuum cleaner belts: belts keep your machine throbbing so you need the very best quality – and we have the best in vacuum cleaner belts.

Remember, we here at are happy to help you find the right part for your vacuum cleaner.

What is the difference between a canister and an upright vacuum? GoVacuum Explains.

When considering purchasing a new vacuum, many factors come into play. But the most commonly asked question is whether you will be purchasing an upright or canister. If you were to shop in one of our retail stores in northern Virginia, one of our professional salespersons would find out your cleaning habits and needs. When choosing between a upright and canister, the type of flooring in your house is the most important consideration. Traditionally, homes with wall to wall carpeting are most easily vacuumed using an upright. This is because uprights generally have a strong beater bar that always spins when the vacuum is on. The beater bar is then able to dig deep into your carpet to get the dirt and grime out.

Canisters, on the other hand, are better for homes with both carpets and hard floors. Canisters generally have power heads that can be turned on and off depending on whether you are vacuuming carpet or hard floors. Power heads are turned off when vacuuming hard floors so to avoid scratching or damaging the surface.

Most people who have any kind of experience vacuuming have an opinion on canisters and uprights. This is usually because people feel one way or another about how maneuverable uprights and canisters are. Some enjoy the fact that uprights utilize direct maneuverability, where one unit is simply pushed where you want it to go. People say canisters can be cumbersome because they feel like they have a dead weight dragging behind them when they vacuum. Others enjoy canisters because holding the power head part of the vacuum is lighter than holding an entire upright machine with one hand.

The good thing about canisters and uprights is that that the technology has improved tremendously over the years. In terms of maneuverability, some canisters have seen improvements through the introduction of new wheel systems. For example, the Miele Canisters have 3 independent wheels that let the vacuumer push or pull the machine around in any direction without any friction. Check out the maneuverability of the Miele Callisto Canister wheel system in the video here.

Uprights have also seen significant improvements. The Sebo X series uprights automatically adjust the head of the machine to accommodate different types of floors. The machines actually automatically lower and raise the head of the machine depending on what type of floor it is vacuuming. The problem of breaking belts is no longer a concern on these machines. If something gets vacuumed up into the machine that isn’t supposed to (a sock or small toy, for example), the machine automatically shuts off the beater bar to avoid damaging the belt, and potentially overheating the engine.

In the end, the final decision between a canister or upright can really be about personal preference. Some people hate uprights and swear by canisters, and vice versa. Interestingly enough, canisters are the most popular machines worldwide; meanwhile, uprights remain king in the United States.

If you can’t decide which upright or canister you want, feel free to check out our GoVacuum pages for both categories with research and comparison tables available.

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