What is the best canister vacuum, really? GoVacuum puts the Miele Callisto and the Kenmore Canister to the test.

How often do you turn to places like Consumer Reports for advice on what to purchase? We know many consumers do this, as evidencedby the number of customers who come into our retail stores in Northern Virginia with Consumer Reports in hand, asking us if we carry the # 1 rated Canister or Upright. For the most part, the Consumer Reports number one ranking for any vacuum category is largely different than what we’d recommend to our customers. I can’t comment on why we have such differing opinions with Consumer Reports. But I can say that for us it leaves us with greater piece of mind to sell a vacuum that will last a long time and truly make the customer happy (as a result of a clean house) rather than simply sell a vacuum that Consumer Reports claims to be the best.

Since our view on what the best Canister is in the market is contrary to the “mainstream” opinion, we decided to put together a video demonstration comparing Consumer Reports’ best canister and what we consider to be best vacuum canister available.
The Canister that we recommend is the Miele Callisto S5280 . For years the Consumer Reports magazine has rated the Kenmore Canister number one. The Miele Callisto S5280 has been ranked by Consumer Reports at 5 or 6 over the years.

Having many, many years of industry experience, the Consumer Reports ranking has left us baffled because theMiele Callisto is one of our best canisters because of its high quality, unbeatable performance and long life.

In order to compare the vacuums, we are performing three tests with the machines. First, the machines’ filtration systems are being tested with the use of a laser particle scanner which calculates the number of particles being emitted from the exhaust filter on the canisters.

Second, the machines are tested on their ability to side clean, meaning how well the machines’ power heads can clean when against a wall or any other surface.

Lastly, the machines are tested on their maneuverability. One of the things that people complain most about when considering canisters is how difficult they are to maneuver, especially when you have the feeling that you are dragging a dead weight behind you.

All in all, the Miele Callisto S5280 definitely came out on top as the winner. But you will have to check out the video below to see the results yourself.

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  1. I love my S5280. So easy to use, light, it was my first foray into the canister vacuums and I am really impressed. GoVacuum’s service is second to none, the salesperson showed me all the functions and I really use the device in a better way now than if I just bought it somewhere randomly.

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