A Hair Cutter That Sucks!

Attention all aspiring barbers, neat freaks, hair aficionados and vacuum fanatics!

During a recent conversation about strange videos on Youtube, I was introduced to a product that I realized was a necessity for our site: The Flowbee. A brilliant tool that combines the forces of a hair clipper and a vacuum, the Flowbee allows you to cut your own hair without having to clean up the mess that is usually left behind. The product itself was developed in the late 1980’s by Rick Hunt, a San Diego carpenter who was frustrated by the inability of his industrial vacuum to serve as a personal grooming tool. As a vacuum lover, I was impressed by the simplicity of use of this product. The Flowbee site claims that the product is compatible with 90% of vacuums with a hose capability.

The Flowbee itself is simply a hair clipper with a hose that can attach to a vacuum cleaner (with hose capabilities) that cleans up all the hair being cut off your head. By attaching the Flowbee unit to your vacuum, you can give yourself a haircut in the comfort of your own home without having to sweep up afterwards.

Previously only sold on late night TV, or through As Seen on TV mail order and brick and mortar stores, the owners of the Flowbee are beginning to make a bigger internet sales push. A quick Google or Youtube search reveals that in its time, the Flowbee has attracted a significant cult following. People who buy the product seem to love it. A friend even recently confided to me that her father was actually a Flowbee addict…

Interested in checking out how fun (and clean) cutting your own hair can be? We are now offering the Flowbee for $79.95.

Thus far, this is my favorite video of how the Flowbee operates: