New Nascar Robotic Vacuum attacking!

Introducing the Nascar Robotic Vacuums. It has been a while since I have been so excited about a new product. We have carried robotic vacuums now for several years, including the original robots on the block, the Roomba Robotic Floor Cleaners.

With the success of Roomba (over 3 million units sold since 2002) there was bound to be new competition in the robotic vacuum industry. The Nascar Robtic Vacuum was some really cool features to it. The company that makes them, Vesture Inc., was nice enough to send us a sample unit after we called and expressed interest in their product. Like most new products, I get to be the guinea pig and test them out.

I took the robot home, and began to play with it. The vacuum is complete with real Nascar sounds. When you turn the robot on, the machine says “Gentleman, start your engines”. The machine comes with a remote control, I know the ultimate lazy persons gadget, you can sit on the couch and vacuum at the same time! When choosing the vacuum option, the robot makes a noise of engines starting.

There are 5 different automatic cleaning options, from a spiral pattern, to a back and forth pattern. You can also just use the remote control to point the robot in any direction you choose (I decided it would be fun to chase my dog around the house with the machine). I actually found myself finding dirt to throw on on my carpet, just so I could vacuum! This robot is more then just a toy, it is actually a very decent vacuum. There is a brush roll inside that helps loosen the dirt, and the vacuum inside the robot picks up everything (you’ll need to pick up all big pieces of trash manually)! It made it’s way underneath my bed, which hasn’t seen a vacuum in many months, then casually made it’s way back out.

I used the machine for over an hour, and then the robot says “we need to pit”, informing me that the batteries were running low, and needed recharging. All around I was very impressed by this machine, and highly recommend it. The only draw back I saw was that the robot does not make its way back to the charging station automatically. You have to carry the robot (very easy to carry, there’s even a handle on the robot) back to the charger.

The Nascar robotic vacuum comes in four different models, the #24 Jeff Gordon car, the #48 Jimmie Johnson car, and the #3 Dale Earnhardt car. You may also purchase the Black Nascar rainbow logo car . These will make great gifts for Nascar fans, or anyone for that matter.