We’re NOT giving away a Dyson Slim!

Everyone loves Dyson and everything they offer. And we like to make people happy. So we’re giving away one Dyson Slim DC18 Lightweight Vacuum to one lucky winner. No purchase necessary, so go ahead and enter already: Enter the Dyson Slim Giveaway.

The Dyson Slim is the latest offering by wildly popular Dyson. It’s lightweight, it’s versatile, it’s bagless and uses the same great non-clogging cyclonic technology — it’s just way lighter.

Learn more about the Dyson Slim DC18 Lightweight Upright

Update: We’ve had to end the contest early, due to threats of dealership cancellation from Dyson (and we can’t afford to lose Dyson business). We’re not sure why they object to this contest, but we will comply. We will be announcing the winner in the next GoVacuum newsletter.

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