Hoover sold to Dirt Devil

Yes, it’s true. Whirlpool sold its Hoover vacuum business to Hong Kong-based Techtronic Industries Co. Ltd. (makers of Royal, Dirt Devil, and Regina vacuums). That is BIG news in our little vacuum world. We can’t wait to see what happens either. Are you excited by this? Nervous? Ideas, opinions, comments? Leave a comment and let us know.

We have a winner!

Well, that was just nasty. We really didn’t expect to read so many horrifying tales of mess-making and cleaning gone awry. Judging all the stories entered into our “Talk Dirty To Me” Story Contest was very difficult, so we had to devise an elaborate scoring system in order to be fair. We judged based on sheer disgustingness, difficulty in cleaning, and uniqueness of situation. And we finally came up with one winner. The winning story had it all: feces, blood, garbage, rotting food, vermin and more. Congratulations Tabitha, for not only writing the winning story (and winning the $100 GoVacuum Gift Certificate) but for surviving that disaster. Tabitha’s story is below, for your reading horror. We appreciate everyone else’s stories, which were all really quite horrid. Thanks to everyone for sending them in!

The most disgusting cleaning ever was when I helped my current landlord clean up another house he owned. He had just evicted the family of four that was living there.

I thought it would be standard cleaning, but I realized when I stepped into the front door I was wrong. There were literally piles of rotting garbage, pizza, beer cans, dirty diapers, bloody tampons, the most disgusting things ever all mixed in with dirty clothes, newspapers and bills stuck to the wood floors. We spent the first 3 days shoveling out the rooms, just getting the “debris” out. Then it was time to start cleaning, the bathroom had become some sort of otherworldly outhouse from hell. There was human feces smeared all over the floors, the walls, and the bathtub. The kitchen was home to maggots and flies like I’ve never seen. The bedrooms all had their fair share of nastiness, more human feces, a dried puddle and a yellow stained wall that I’m sure was used as another “toilet” for someone.

Two weeks later, and a lot of bleach, power washing, and sanding, and we finally had most of the filth out. There were still walls that needed to be replaced, and the appliances were all replaced, but we did eventually clean it until it was worth living in.

That is without a doubt the grossest thing I’ve ever done.