What is the best vacuum, really?

Since I just realized that not all of our blog readers are newsletter subscribers, I thought I might as well post a snippet of our latest newsletter that got a lot of positive feedback. If you’d like to subscribe to our monthly newsletter, please click here or email ShaliniGoVacuum@gmail.com.

Since the deep-cleaning and gift-buying season has now arrived, we’ve seen a sudden increase in the same kinds of questions around here. On the phone, through our website, and in our stores, everyone wants to know: What IS the best vacuum, really?. The simple answer? In canisters, we recommend Mieles. For uprights, the SEBOs. If you’re tired of messing around with a mediocre or downright frustrating vacuum, check out the Mieles or SEBOs, and finally experience what a REALLY clean home feels like.

Best Canisters   Best Uprights
Miele Vacuums - Best Canisters   SEBO Vacuums - Best Uprights

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Of course, every home is different, every situation is different, everyone has different needs, and no one vacuum will suit everyone’s needs. But, when money is less of a concern and you want the easy answer, there it is. If you have specific questions, feel free to leave them in the comments, email me, or call one of our knowledgeable sales staff at 1-866-468-2288 (9am – 7pm, Monday – Saturday, EST or 9am – 6pm on Sunday, EST).

The Vacuum Kid on the Ellen Show

If you haven’t already seen this clip, you really should. The kid is adorable and his vacuum knowledge is uncanny. What an admirable thirst for cleaning in someone so young! And, if you just MUST have the Bissell Flip-It that he was so excited about, feel free to check it out on our site.

Believe it or not, this kid reminds me of someone who frequents our Herndon store. How is there more than one of these vacuuming wunderkinds?

Talk Dirty To Me

Recently, I was reminded of an incident in college (story below) that I’m not proud of. But, it inspired me to hold a contest for our readers. Share your grossest cleaning/dirtying story with me! Writer of the most revolting story wins a $100 GoVacuum Gift Certificate. Stories will be judged solely on the icky-ness factor (so don’t worry if your writing isn’t perfect) and will be chosen by all us folks here at GoVacuum. We might have a little poll on our site, if the competition is particularly fierce. You can leave your stories here in the comments for all to read, or email them to me directly at ShaliniGoVacuum@gmail.com. All entries must be received by December 1st, 2006. We’ll announce the winner shortly thereafter.

Talk Dirty To Me -- GoVacuum Story Contest

My story:

When I was in college, my housemates and I had a long drawn-out prank war with our neighbors, that involved (among many other things) a house lockdown via rope, re-wiring of routers, and some switching of salt and sugar containers. They stopped responding after we erected a wall of snow in front of their only exit, and we took that to be their admission of defeat. It should have been a warning sign that they seemed to be losing gracefully.

Less than a month later, we were having our own household problems. Simply put, our house stank. This wasn’t entirely unexpected; we weren’t the cleanest bunch. But this reeked. This was beyond anything we’d ever experienced and we couldn’t handle it anymore. We finally tackled the house with force one beer-fueled Saturday. The house was from the turn of the century, and probably hadn’t been cleaned like that in its entire life. But alas, the kitchen still had that unholy funk. We were baffled; there wasn’t anything left to clean.

Fast forward several smelly months later: it was time to deal with our landlord and the security deposit situation. Knowing that we were apprehensive, our oh-so-clever neighbors came forward with their confession. There was a slight gap between the tops of our kitchen cabinets and the ceiling. They had stuffed some three pounds of raw meat in there after we snowed them in months ago. That’s right: raw rotting meat, hanging over our heads, festering in our kitchen for months. Would it even be possible to describe the maggots, the blood, the weird rotting meaty juices, the ghastly stench? We didn’t think any amount of bleach, vinegar or baking soda would be able to destroy the bacterial wonderland they had created. We eventually had to replace the entire cabinet top.