GoVacuum Redesign!

We’ve redesigned our site in an effort to make your user experience more pleasant. We’d heard from most of you that the huge amount of links on the front page were overwhelming, so we took those away and tucked them neatly into the left-hand navigation (among other things). We hope you find this new design cleaner and easier to use. We’re still working to add more resources and tips, and this will be a constant process of improvement. If you have any questions, comments or complaints, please leave them here in the comments section or email We’d love to hear from you!

GoVacuum Redesign

Riccar vs. Miele, Jay vs. Chris

It’s time to order some new business cards around here, and we thought it’d be fun to do something a little different. We had a little photo shoot in our Herndon location, with Chris and Jay play-fighting with some of their favorite vacuums. I’ve posted some of my favorites below, for your amusement.

Riccar vs. Miele, Chris vs. Jay - Showing off their favorite toys
Here they are happy and smily with their favorite toys.

Riccar vs. Miele, Chris vs. Jay - Still debating politely
Still calmly discussing the pros and cons…

Riccar vs. Miele, Chris vs. Jay - Attempting to get physical
Chris actually almost fell over right after this was shot.
Maybe he was laughing too hard?

Riccar vs. Miele, Chris vs. Jay - Really going at it
And then things got dirty (ha!). I think they’re still friends…

Ask GoVacuum: What can I use to vacuum my cat?

I would like to get a small vacuum to use on the cat. I have used my big vacuum with a long hose and a soft brush on the end on the cat and that was acceptable to the cat ;-) so I would like to get a small QUIET hand held one that wouldn’t freak the cat out. I tried a Shark? one that was advertised as quiet but it was everything except quiet! Obviously I only need one with fairly low suction, don’t want the cat stuck to it.. /Peter

Dear Peter,

Well, believe it or not, you probably already found the best handheld vacuum for your needs. There are a few quieter ones, but they are also somehow much stronger, and would probably only serve to anger your cat. As an alternative, I recommend something that is sort of an in-between option: the Sanitaire SC3683A. It’s not a full-sized vacuum, and is meant more for quick and easy kitchen clean-ups, in the car, etc. That means it won’t be as loud as a full-sized beast, nor will it be as strong. It has a very light touch, especially when used with the brush attachment. Plus, since it has a longer hose than comes with most standard uprights, you can place the machine on the ground away from the cat and bring just the hose and brush attachment near. That’s gotta be way less intimidating than even a small and quiet handvac (the loud motor is that much further away) and less suction and noise than a full-sized vacuum. Especially useful is the variable suction control — if kitty starts complaining, you can just turn it down a notch and keep cleaning. After you’re done, it’s actually useful as a regular vacuum for cleaning around the house, around the litter box, in the garage, in your cat’s car, etc. I hope that helps! Let me know how it goes with Princess.

And for the other readers out there who don’t believe Peter is actually vacuuming his cat, Peter was kind enough to send us a link to a video of Princess being vacuumed. Enjoy!

Princess being vacuumed

The Airpods Are Here!

We just got our shipment of Blueair AirPods in, and I’m way more excited than I should be about something as boring as an air purifier. They’re way cute and they’ve even managed to coax out a girly squeal or two. They make me want to decorate and clean at the same time. Anyway, they’re useful too (of course) — they make breathing in an otherwise stale and musty environment (I work in the warehouse, where all the vacuums are) more pleasant, and I bet they’ll make sleeping easier too. I’ll take it home and let you know. They’re kinda like smoothies — supposedly healthy and good for me, but fun! Also, I was happy to discover (as you may be) that it’s the filters themselves that are the decorated part — those waves and paisley-designs and stuff are what you replace every 4 months. So, if you get bored of the blue wave, you’re not married to it. Dump it and move on to another scheme. Maybe Blueair will come out with some new designs as well, to keep up with the times?

Cheesy photo below.

Blueair Airpod with our little guys