Ask GoVacuum: How do I clean up long hair?

Howdy blog-readers! Did you miss me? I was on vacation and neglecting my blogging duties. I hope to make it up to you with a helpful answer to an interesting and quite common question. On to your favorite column: Ask GoVacuum! Bum-Ba-BUM!

Are there any vacuum cleaners that can deal with lots of long human hair? I have fairly long hair, and apparently the need to shed it all over the house. Every vacuum I’ve used quickly ends up with a brushroll clogged with hair, and taking apart the vacuum every two minutes and cutting all the hair off is really getting to me. So, do you have suggestions for a vacuum that wouldn’t have this issue? For use mostly on low-pile carpet. Cost isn’t a big issue (the Dyson Animal would be fine if I didn’t suspect it only works on short pet hair), but I want to do regular carpet vacuuming without needing to anything more than empty a dirt vessel.

- Long Haired Lady

Dear LHL,

Rather than a suggestion for a specific new vacuum, I’ve got a simple solution. It’s slightly more complicated than just a once-over with some miraculous (read: non-existent) vacuum, but way easier than stopping to pull out your hair every two minutes. I could just suggest any vacuum without a brush-roller, but any experienced vacuum-er knows that won’t leave you with a very clean home.

So, what should you do? If you have an upright (which I assume you do, since you’re talking about a brush-roller at all), get some attachments to plug into the straight suction of your unit. Pick one that you think will be easy to run over your carpet (probably something with a wide base, and no bristles like this Miele Rug/Bare Floor Nozzle — use the “Rug” setting to prevent future scratching of your hard floors), plug it into a hose, plug your hose into the back of your upright and go to town. Suck up all the hair you can find with that, and then follow up with a quick and painless “regular” vacuuming with your upright and brush-roller on.

If you have a canister, simply make sure you’re not using an attachment with a roller, like this Powerbrush from Miele. You can, of course follow up with a regular deep vacuuming with a roller-using attachment.

Either way, you get your wish. You only have to empty that one dirt container in your vacuum — and no more long hair everywhere.

Miele’s New S5 Series Vacuums — Really Usable, Really Clean

Miele launched its new S5 Series of canister vacuums this week. They’re even more sophisticated than before, with a huge focus on increased usability. As always, they’re designed to minimize escaping dirt particles and ease daily life for allergy-sufferers and neat-freaks. And the German brand design style means they’re sleek, shiny and impressive to have around.

I’m impressed that Miele actually seemed to take the user experience to heart and spent considerable time and effort improving their products. Check out the new S5 series and see for yourself. Also, for your convenience, I whipped up a little chart that compares all the new models, so you can see which one has all the features you need (and none of the ones you don’t).

Miele S5 Comparison Chart