One Free Large Space Bag – Just Pay $4.99 for Shipping and Handling

We’re giving away one free large Space Bag to anyone who wants them.  You do have to pay for shipping and handling ($4.99) but we figure it’s still a great deal.  That’s the cheapest price we’ve seen so far for a single Space Bag, offline or online.  It’s especially handy if you’ve been wanting to try them out without having to commit to those large combo packs.  Grab one while supplies last.  (Also, feel free to leave a message in the comments if you know of a better deal — or if you, you know, just want to comment or something.)

The 4 Easy Payments Plan – Get a Quality Vacuum Now

Sometimes, you want something, but it just isn’t practical to get it right away. Well, if you’re one of those people that’s finally understanding the importance of indoor air quality and good cleaning habits, we have an idea that we’ve implemented that just might help you out. A clean home is a healthy home and your health is important; buy that quality vacuum you’ve been eyeing today with our easy payment plan. Get the vacuum now, at just 1/4 the cost, and pay us the rest in 3 more easy payments. More information about the easy payment plan can be found at our commercial site. This plan is only available for select Miele, Lindhaus, Dyson and SEBO vacuums.

Choosing a Vacuum: Bagged vs. Bagless

Everyone’s always asking, so I’ll try to help clarify matters: Vacuums that use a bag or bagless vacuums? Which kind is better?

It depends on your needs but it comes down to one basic question: Are you a clean-freak? Or, do you have allergies? Does dirt’s very presence in your home completely squick you out? Do you wish you could pretend that every dust particle you sucked up in your vacuum was magically being transported to a fairy-tale land where kittens considered dirt to be vital nourishment? Yeah? Well, then don’t even bother with a bagless vacuum. Bagless vacuums just won’t suit you. Dust, dirt, and debris (not to mention nasty allergens) will escape and it will most likely be terribly messy. Sure, some bagless vacuums make it less of an ordeal to empty the dirt container ( e.g., Dyson’s push button release), but even the best designs can’t compete with a quality paper bag system (or even better: paper bags with HEPA filtration).

If you’re not worried about a little extra dirt being released back into your environment, there is one advantage to bagless vacuums: You don’t have to buy replacement vacuum bags. That’s good for two reasons:

1) Cost. This is the advantage bagless vacuum manufacturers talk about the most, claiming it’s more cost effective. Honestly, it’s not all that cost effective, considering that most bagless vacuums come with more expensive filters that have to be replaced more often. But, it can be less of a hassle, not having to keep a constant supply of bags at hand (not that it’s very hard with GoVacuum’s vacuum bag subscription plan) and that’s always nice.

2) Environment. It’s environmentally friendly, obviously. And if you’re the environmentally conscious sort, you’re probably used to dealing with less-than-sterile conditions and a little extra effort. Again, however, the filters still have to be replaced more regularly. You can try to prolong the life of your filter by washing it often but carefully and always letting it dry thoroughly in the sun (otherwise some customers complain of a mold/mildew odor).

If you have any more questions, please ask them in our comments section, and we’ll do our best to answer them promptly.

5 Easy Steps to Keeping Your Vacuum in Great Shape

Maintaining your vacuum is an oft-neglected but important step towards keeping your home clean. When your vacuum is well-maintained, your home stays cleaner and you feel healthier. Follow these five simple vacuum maintenance steps and get your money’s worth out of that vacuum.

Note: Make sure your vacuum is unplugged and cool before performing any of these steps.

  • Check out the dust container every time you use it. If your vacuum is bagless, empty the bin every time, even if it’s not full. If it uses disposable bags, you don’t actually have to use a new bag every time, but if it’s 2/3 full (up to line), you definitely should. Shake out the casing around the bag, and wipe it down, to keep it dust-free.
  • If your vacuum is of the wet variety (water filtration or cleans up spills/liquids), rinse out its tanks and clean it with a disinfectant solution periodically.
  • If your vacuum has a hose, reverse the direction you insert it in periodically to change its wear pattern and prolong its life.
  • Clean and replace your filter regularly. Check your specific model’s owner’s manual for details on how regular is regular for your vacuum.
  • On uprights: make sure the beater-bar belt (say that 3 times fast) is properly adjusted and positioned correctly. Check your model’s specific owner’s manual for diagrams that explain what is correct. If the belt is broken or coming apart, it’s time to replace it. Be sure to remove string, hair, and other debris from the bar and other attachments after every use. It may sound tiresome, but it’s easier than dealing with long-term build-up sporadically.

It’s best to keep all the bags, >belts, filters and parts on hand at all times for easy maintenance. Most brands and models are available for purchase online.